Willoughby Gate

Willoughby is a small town located in Texas.



Before The Blackout, Rachel lived in this town with her father Gene Porter.


Willoughby is a small, peaceful town located in the sovereign nation of Texas. It is home to many craftsmen and hardworking farmers. Even with its isolated and vulnerable location, it has managed to stay relatively untouched by the surrounding chaos thanks to the work of several town leaders, including Rachel's formerly estranged father, Dr. Gene Porter. The town's policing force is led by a Sheriff who has some deputies working for them. Thanks to its leaders, Willoughby has survived the Blackout, bandits, and two cholera outbreaks.[1]


After the Blackout, the town eventually rebuilt a safe, albiet much smaller, community behind a large wall constructed mainly of oil drums and old tires.

After the Patriots arrived in town, they set up their headquarters in an abandoned paper mill. This was where they brought Aaron to Dr. Horn for study.


  • Ken's Butcher Shop
  • Lasky's Mill (Abandoned)
  • Willoughby High School (Abandoned)
  • Willoughby Municipal Pool
  • Willoughby Patriot Headquarters
  • Willoughby School
  • Willoughby Sheriff's Office





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