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Will Strausser
Portrayed by David Meunier
First appearance "Chained Heat"
Last appearance "Nobody's Fault But Mine"
Appearances 5
Biographical information
Status Deceased
Residence Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Profession Soldier
Affiliation Monroe Militia

Did you ever consider maybe society was sick, not me
— Strausser to Miles in Ties That Bind

Will Strausser was a Sergeant in the Monroe Militia. He delivers the Pendant to Sebastian Monroe after obtaining it from Mia Clayton.


Prior to his service in the Monroe Militia, Strausser was incarcerated in a mental institution. He is briefly seen in Kimberton, Pennsylvania interrogating and about to torture a rebel prisoner, when he is interrupted by Sebastian Monroe, who asks Sgt. Strausser to leave so he can interrogate the prisoner in his own way. ("Chained Heat")

After reviewing the action reports of both Tom and Jason Neville, Monroe hand-picks Strausser to go after the Pendant that Jason saw Aaron holding.

Jason is upset because Strausser is known for not leaving any survivors. Monroe is unmoved, as all he wants is Miles Matheson and the Pendant. Strausser is shown sharpening knives for his assignment and reminiscences about his father, whom he admired as a meat-butcher of great skill. ("The Children's Crusade")

Out of all the members of the Militia, Strausser was the only one who ever scared Miles while he was in charge. Strausser admits to a being a sociopath, and says that the Militia a good place for him due to being able to kill with impunity.

Strausser and his men set a trap at Freeport, Pennsylvania to catch Miles and the Pendant. He possibly commanded elite troops, as they were armed with M-16 assault rifles instead of the standard muskets. Miles and his family sprang the trap, but managed to escape thanks to some quick thinking. Strausser's plans were foiled when Miles managed to rescue Nora 's sister, whom they were using as bait, and the rest of them hid in the ruins of the town. In retaliation for failing to find them, Strausser stabbed Corporal Lawrence to death.

Later, his men managed to corner Miles and his group near the river, but Nora flanked them and killed most of his troops. Strausser was able to escape, however, because Miles' rifle was out of ammunition.

He was later seen with General Monroe at the power plant in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, where he was charged with making sure that Rachel Matheson completed the Pendant amplifier. He eerily threatened to torture or kill Charlie or Danny, or both of them. This was the last straw for Rachel, and she faked affection for Strausser just long enough to hit him with the hammer that she was using. Then she stabbed him through the chest with his own sword, killing him.


  • Strausser is an anglicism of the word Straβe, which means 'Street' in German.