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Why We Fight
Season 2, Episode 17
Air date March 19th 2014
Written by Rockne S. O'Bannon
Directed by Frederick E. O. Toye
Production Code 2J7717
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"Exposition Boulevard"
"Austin City Limits"

Why We Fight is the 17th episode of Season 2 and aired on March 19th 2014.


While Miles and Dr. Gene Porter search for allies, Monroe tries to surprise The Patriots; political maneuvering puts Neville and Jason in danger.


With recruit Dillon back in the Patriot fold, Doyle and his men easily find our heroes' safe house. Luckily, they have already decamped to an abandoned chemical factory, where tensions brew between Miles and Monroe. When Monroe insists they need to bring the fight to the Patriots, Miles accuses him of trying to win back his Republic. Sick of the bickering, Porter states his intention to return to Willoughby to recruit help, and Miles decides to help. They are surprised to find most of the town has declared for the Patriots. What they can't know is that Neville is intent on becoming Truman's puppeteer and is encouraging him to seize control of Willoughby from Victor Doyle. After their meeting, Neville is abducted by some soldiers on the street.

With no quarter, Porter and Miles retreat to the bar, operated by Marion Reilly, an old flame of Porter's. Marion tries to run for it, but she is stopped by Miles. Once caught, she lays into Porter. How could he team up with the crazy Mathesons, whom the Patriots say are out to get Willoughby? Miles and Porter try to convince Marion that it is the Patriots who are out to get Willoughby, by brainwashing the town's kids. The story of Kim Carson finally sways Marion, who agrees to hide the duo in her basement until she can get them out of town - just as Truman knocks on her door. Now Marion's fiance, Truman has come for dinner. Unfortunately, Miles' sword is in plain view in the bar. Miles is positive Marion will sell them out, saying, "People always do the selfish, stupid thing, 10 times out of 10." Disgusted, Porter realizes that Miles is merely fighting against his own demons. No wonder he keeps losing! Upstairs, Marion serves Truman dinner, then asks about Kim Carson and her father. They're missing - has Truman seen them? No, he has not...

That night on patrol, one of Duncan 's men notices a bivouac of his fellow soldiers. A guy named Scanlon tells Monroe that the Patriots killed Duncan and many of her men. Scanlon has brought what's left of the tribe to join up with Monroe. Within minutes, Scanlon and Monroe have hatched a plan to hit the training camp, which Rachel knows will put the children of Willoughby under fire. Monroe doesn't care, and since Connor 's going, Charlie's going too.

Neville wakes up in Doyle's office, tied to a chair next to a badly beaten Jason. Doyle knows about Neville's plan to poison him, but Neville tries to foist blame onto Truman, then starts mouthing off. Doyle grabs Jason's head, pulling down his eyelid to display the number that made Jason tell him everything about Neville. Doyle takes off his belt and starts strangling Neville. That's when shots ring out - Monroe and his men are attacking the camp!

As Monroe relishes being back in his battlefield element, the Nevilles strangle Doyle with his own belt, then escape. Connor is stunned to see his father walking among the wounded Patriots and finishing them off with a shot to the head. With four cadets missing, Monroe looks for intel and finds a notebook filled with Arabic writing.

After dinner, Marion convinces Truman to go for a walk, which is when the first wagonload of wounded Patriots wheels into town with news of Monroe's attack. When Marion spies a dead cadet, she tells Truman about the guys in her basement. Miles realizes something has gone wrong when the doors slam open and Porter is shot in the chest. Unarmed, Miles fights his way out of the basement with a broken bottle and hauls Porter back to the factory. There, he angrily punches out Monroe for putting them at risk. But Monroe knows the townspeople never would have joined their fight. People do the stupid, selfish thing every time, right? That's when Scanlon hurries up with the translated notebook: the Patriots are sending the cadets to Austin to wipe out the Texas government. Meanwhile, Neville checks in with Truman, who quickly surmises it was Neville who killed Doyle. Neville advises him to tell Washington the truth; Doyle couldn't handle the terrorists, Truman can.



Guest Stars


  • Final appearance of Victor Doyle
  • First appearance of Scanlon
  • First appearance of Marion Reilly
  • The name of this episode is a reference to Frank Capra's heavily biased World War II propaganda newsreel series of the same name.


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