The White House was the seat of government for the United States of America.


The White House as it was restored by the Patriots.



Before the blackout, The White House was the President's residence and workplace. 


The White House

The Patriots arrive

After the Blackout the White House was overrun with vegetation and abandoned. Over 15 years later the President of the United States and the Patriots moved back in, setting up cells in the lower levels. The White House was fixed up and a reception was held here for dignitaries.

In Revolution (DC Comics series), when Texas successfully wiped out all the Patriots, the Texas Rangers eventually took control of the White House.



  • There appears to be the long-overgrown wreckage of a helicopter on what remains of the front lawn. This could very easily be Marine 1, which would have been rendered inoperable by the Blackout.
  • In the title sequence for Season 1, the White House was shown to have suffered fire damage. Strangely, in Season 2, it does not appear to have burned.

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