Knives and Swords

Maggie Foster, Charlie Matheson, and Jason Neville all are in possession of knives. Ray Kinsey was able to mortally wound Maggie with an anodized Bowie knife. When Jacob Wren was confronted by Tom Neville, he attempted to attack with a kitchen knife, but was overpowered. Miles Matheson's grandfather carved the hilt to a large hunting knife before he was deployed to Korea; when his son took it to Vietnam and came back safe, it became a family heirloom and good luck charm. Miles gave it to his student Alec Penner as a gift, but was later forced to kill him with it. Slotnick used a Gut Hook knife to threaten Michael. Strausser wielded Gil Hibben throwing knives as well as a throwing axe and what looks like a black Bowie knife. All Texas Rangers carry a Bowie knife as a melee weapon; the Bowie knife, invented by Jim Bowie, is an important symbol in Texas. The last knife Jason every uses is an M7 Bayonet knife in which Charlie uses to stab him in the leg. In the same episode, Charlie is seen in Austin with a Ka-Bar knife on her belt. Apparently most of the Monroe Militia was equiped with what looks like a M7 bayonet.

The Monroe Militia apparently issues brass-knuckled swords to their troops as a standard close-quarters weapon, and several other people, namely Miles Matheson and Jacob, use them as well. Their design greatly resembles a World War I trench knife. Nora Clayton is shown to be rather skilled with them. Tom Neville used one during his early years with the Militia. In his fight with Miles, Sebastian Monroe uses two of these swords. Rachel Matheson used one to stab Sergeant Strausser through the chest, killing him. Miles Matheson also uses what appears to be a Cold Steel Bowie Machete along with his old Militia sword. Charlie has been seen wearing what appears to be a Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber on her right leg. Later her sword is changed to a World War 2 Japanese Type 30 bayonet. The Georgia Federation military police seem to use D-guard swords as their melee weapon. Jim Hudson seems to wield an Artillery short sword.


Bow & Arrow

Jason Neville used a longbow made of steam-treated maple with a leather grip when he traveled with Charlie under the guise of Nate Walker. He later used the same weapon when he defected to the Rebellion. Ashley, a member of the Rebellion, used one to silently kill Militia guards outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She later attempted to kill Joseph Wheatley with it as well, but he killed her first.


Charlie Matheson uses a compound crossbow, initially for hunting game back home, but also to great effect against enemies. Several Militia troops are also seen with this weapon. Miles Matheson used several miniature crossbows during his fight with a Militia squad in The Grand hotel. Charlie carried one as well during her search of Atlanta, Georgia.




Jeremy Baker used a Smith & Wesson Model 65 with only one bullet to interrogate and execute a captured Rebel. Aaron uses a Smith & Wesson model 66 to protect some of the citizens when the Andover Clan starts to attack.

Inline pistols

Miles Matheson and Sebastian Monroe took sidearms with them when they left Parris Island, South Carolina for Chicago, Illinois, most likely M9s. They later used the same type of pistols during the Trenton Campaign. Tom Neville uses a semi-automatic chromed .50 caliber Desert Eagle. Later, he used an M9 when he joined the Georgia Federation. Sebastian Monroe possessed one as well, but opted not to use it in his fight with Miles. George owned a Colt New Service, which he used to mortally wound Fletcher. Wheatley used a Glock 19 to kill the other rebels in the SEPTA tunnels when he revealed himself to be a Militia agent. Charlie Matheson used a Colt Mustang Plus II to threaten the then-defected Major Neville into sparing Dr. Camp's life. Sheriff Mason uses a Beretta Inox when the Andover clan kidnapp citizens of Willoughby and then taken and used to execute him by Titus Andover and his clan.


The standard firearm used by the majority of Monroe Militia troops is the Enfield 1862 cap-and-ball rifle. They are seen in the possession of Drexel's guards and the Halloran family as well. Caleb owned a Hawken black powder rifle in violation of the Baltimore Act.



The prison warden and later Trevor used an M40A3 or A5 7.62-mm single-shot bolt-action sniper rifle to great effect against enemies. Jason later used one with a carbon fiber stock in his attempt to kill President Carver, and Charlie was forced to shoot him with it as a result.


Many of the troops under Sergeant Strausser's command used M16 assault rifles during their hunt for the Pendant; Miles mentions that they came from the armory in Philadelphia. Miles later used an M16A4 with a sniper scope to cover Connor in Willoughby, Texas. Several soldiers in Kimberton and Philadelphia were seen with what appear to be M4 carbines. Miles Matheson used one with an ACOG scope to great effect against Militia guards at Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. At Echo Base, Charlie used one with a foregrip and ACOG scope to kill or wound many Militia soldiers during their escape. The M4 carbine was standard-issue for Militia soldiers until the Trenton Campaign, when modern ammunition became scarce. They are standard-issue among the troops of the Georgia Federation, and they are becoming common among the Rebels as well. They are also standard-issue among Patriot troops, the Texas Rangers, and Mexican border guards. When Monroe's helicopters attacked the Rebel base in Annapolis, Nora Clayton used an Ruger M77 Gunsite with an ACOG scope. During the Rebel attack on a Militia operation in Finley Pennsylvania, Miles and Nora used  SCAR-H rifles, although he opted not to deploy the rear sight. A Kalishnakov-type rifle was seen among the weapons that Charlie scavenged from dead Militia troops. The foreman in Puesta del Sol carried an AK-47 as well, and it was later taken by Sebastian Monroe. Gene Porter carried what appears to be an M1 Garand rifle while investigating the Patriot wagons that were headed to Willoughby.


Grace Beaumont owned a hammered double-barrel 12-gauge shotgun. At least one of the Texas Rangers used a double-barrel shotgun when they arrived in Willoughby. George owned an Ithaca 37 pump-action shotgun, in violation of the Baltimore Act. Several Texas Rangers use various pump-action shotguns as well, like the Winchester 1897 and Winchester 1912. Adam, and later Charlie and Monroe, used a pistol gripped Winchester Model 1300 pump-action, loaded with rock salt.

Mounted Weapons

All of the UH-1 Iroquois helicopters under General Monroe's command are fitted with various automatic weapons. At least two were seen mounting twin 7.62mm XM-134 miniguns, while at least one was seen equipped with quad 7.62mm M-60C machine guns. Another gunship was seen to be carrying what appear to be either M-60 or M-240 machine guns on 'Sagami' mounts, one on each cabin door. Several of these were used at a guard post in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Multiple boxes of .50 caliber ammunition were seen in the basement of Independence Hall. One of the Patriot wagons in the convoy escorting the captive Sebastian Monroe was outfitted with a 7.62mm XM-134 minigun, modified to operate like a Civil War-era Gatling gun.

Energy Weapons


Randall Flynn used a cattle prod, re-activated by his Pendant, during his search for Grace Beaumont. She was able to alert her contact of his arrival before he began to threaten her with it.


John Sanborn used a sonic cannon to incapacitate Miles and Rachel Matheson, but they regained consciousness shortly afterward.

Dr. Jane Warren uses her pendant to power a microwave emitter that she used to literally fry two Milita soldiers who were attacking Rachel Matheson and Aaron Pittman. A coilgun is a weapon that uses electromagnets instead of cordite to propel projectiles. Dozens of these weapons are stored at the Tower and were used by the inhabitants to defeat the Monroe Militia forces that came inside.


Conventional, Placed

During the Trenton Campaign, at least one Improvised Explosive Device devastated Militia forces in the pitched fighting around Trenton, New Jersey.

Nora made a bomb hidden inside a hollow log, with the intent of using it to destroy the Militia train at Noblesville. However, Miles was able to throw it from the locomotive before it detonated.

Nora and Charlie used pipe bombs to create a distraction while they rescued her sister in Freeport, Pennsylvania. She later gave Aaron several of them in order to cause a distraction and facilitate their escape from the Willow Grove power plant. Nora and Miles used several of these to sabotage Dr. Camp's anthrax laboratory.

The Rebellion used a large IED to destroy a Militia convoy that was headed to Finley Pennsylvania. The blast was powerful enough to flip the M35 truck that was carrying the pendant amplifier and Neville's Humvee, killing his driver.

Conventional, Thrown

Rachel Matheson threw what appears to be an M67 fragmentation grenade in an attempt to kill Monroe which failed.

An M84 stun grenade was used by the combined Ranger/Patriot forces to capture Sebastian Monroe in Willoughby, Texas.

Conventional, Launched

The helicopter that the slaves were pulling through the woods near Chancellorsville, a UH-1C 'Huey' gunship, was armed with an XM-5 nose-mounted 40mm automatic grenade launcher. Several Hueys at Willow Grove were seen mounting either 7-shot or 19-shot 2.75 inch rocket pods.

When he and Rachel arrived at John Sanborn's house, Miles Matheson was enthused to see an operational AT4 anti-tank missile with an optical sight. Danny Matheson later used it to destroy the helicopter gunship that was carrying the Pendant amplifier. This weapon is a single-shot missile launcher, and is not reloadable or reusable once fired.

Monroe's Predator drones attacked the combined Rebel/Georgian forces at Ashland, Kentucky with what appear to be AGM-114 Hellfire anti-tank missiles.

Nuclear, Placed

Alec Penner was charged by Monroe with smuggling a suitcase-sized nuclear bomb into Atlanta, as a means to destroy the capital or force the surrender of the Georgia Federation. His plans were foiled, however, when Miles was able to kill Alec and remove the pendant powering the bomb. After that, he disposed of the uranium so as to keep it out of Georgia's hands.

Nuclear, Launched

The Tower has a control panel which Randall Flynn used to launch ICBM nuclear missiles from 4 silos towards Atlanta, Georgia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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