800px-Victor Doyle
Victor Doyle
Portrayed byChristopher Cousins
First appearanceEveryone Says I Love You
Last appearanceWhy We Fight
Biographical information
ResidenceGuantanamo Bay Cuba (Formerly)
The White House, Washington D.C.
ProfessionDeputy Secretary (Formerly)
Cheif of Staff
AffiliationThe Patriots
Family membersJulia Neville

Victor Doyle is the member of the Patriots and Julia's new husband. He was responsible for brainwashing innocent people into members of the Patriots.


Prior Blackout

Before the Blackout, Victor Doyle worked at the D.O.D as an interrogator. He came up with the process of brainwashing people into Patriot soldiers.

White House

Sometime after Victor arrived from Cuba he meet and married Julia Neville under her alias Rebecca. The two of them then boarded a train bound for The White House. Once he and the other patriots arrived at The White House they attended a cocktail party. He spoke with chief of staff Bill Harlow before meeting with the President. After his meting he told Roger Allenford that the president wanted to see him next. He was later awoken by Allenford who told him Harlow was found dead and the president wanted to meet with him immediately.

The Break in

After he was promoted to chief of staff someone broke onto his office. After he found out it was Jason Neville he had The Patriots arrest him . When Julia questioned him he became suspicious of her allege cue. The next day when Tom went to meet with Doyle to find out where Jason was he found Julia at gunpoint by Doyle. Doyle tells Tom Jason never spoke and said they must of thought he was stupid because he also had tabs on Julia and told them he knew they were married and they looked at each other. He then said the three of them would chat separately and orders them say goodbye because they would never see each other again.


Doyle later traveled to Willoughby, Texas to make sure the plans for the re-education center were on schedule. He then led a group of Patriots in search of Miles. After chasing Miles off, he met with Truman and Tom Neville who requested more men. He excused Truman and told Tom that he wanted Tom and his family dead. He said he planed on handing Monroe over to President Davis himself and then would take pleasure in executing Tom and his family. After Tom, Jason, and Truman failed to capture Monroe he told Truman he was not to make a move from now on without his permission, and said he would kill Julia if Tom got in his way again.


He later had Jason brought to him and after saying the number on his eyelid asked a hypnotized Jason what his father was up to. After having learned everything he had to two captured so he could interrogate them. He said Jason told him everything even up to how Tom planned to poison him. He told Tom he wanted him to know after he killed him he would have Davis kill Julia, and use Jason anyway he wanted. He then told him that He wasn't responsible for destroying Tom's family. Doyle then took of his belt and prepared to strangle Tom. However gunfire erupted outside due to the Page Clan attack led by Monroe. Tom was able take advantage of this and strangled Doyle to death with his own belt, by snapping his neck.

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