Revolution Wiki

Revolution Wiki relies on user contributions. There are many ways to contribute. Below is a list of the many ways you can help make Revolution Wiki better.

Become familiar with Wikia

This will be helpful so that you don't get confused or lost on Revolution Wiki. We reccomend visiting the Getting Started, Tutorial, and Help pages.

Wanted Pages

These are pages that are linked to but do not yet exist. Before making a page that is wanted make sure it will actually be a useful page. Sometimes people link to pages that aren't actually needed. Click here to visit the Wanted Pages page.

Orphaned Pages

These are pages that exist, but are not linked to from any other wiki articles. You can help by finding something related and linking to the orphaned page where appropriate. Click here to visit the Orphaned Pages page.

Add Images and Videos

Images and videos can positively affect the information already supplied on the page. If you find a page without any images or videos, it will be very appreciated if you add some! Make sure to check the Unused Images page.

Dead Ends

Some articles do not link to other articles. Linking to other articles is important because it improves the accessability of the reader to find out more information. Click here to visit the Dead-End page.

Remove spam and vandalism

Feel free to undo any spam or vandalism that you find.