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First appearance"No Quarter"
Last appearance"No Quarter"
Biographical information
ResidenceSt. Anne, Illinois
ProfessionResistance Fighter

Trevor is a member of the Rebels who is a skilled sniper.

No Quarter

When Jeremy Baker's unit attacked the rebel camp, he took to the roof with an M40A sniper rifle to buy the others time to find a way out. In the fading light, he downed Militia troopers one at a time with center-of-mass shots. He is a skilled marksmen and was able to pick off men just as they left cover, killing almost half of the attacking Militia forces. What happened to him after Baker's troops took the building is unknown.

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Trevor, using a sniper rifle.

His tactics were a little unusual, as snipers generally work in pairs with spotters. This could have been due to a lack of manpower, however.