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Tom Neville
Portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito
First appearance "Pilot"
Last appearance "Template:Ep/1x22"
Appearances 42
Biographical information
Status Deceased
Also known as Edger Crane
Residence Allentown, Pennsylvania (pre-Blackout)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (formerly)

Profession Head of Intelligence and Interrogation (formerly)
Militia major (formerly)
Insurance adjuster (formerly)
Affiliation Monroe Militia (formerly)

Georgia Federation (formerly)
The Patriots

Family members


"Look I know what kind of man I am. I have done every bad thing in the good book. I have lied; I have stolen; I have killed and worse. I don't care if you're the devil himself. Everyone draws the line somewhere, and leaving my only son alone to die? I guess that's where I draw the line."
— Neville to Jason in The Longest Day

Major Tom Neville (1980-2029) was a major in the Monroe Militia who searched for Miles Matheson and turned in Danny Matheson to Sebastian "Bass" Monroe as a prisoner. He has now defected to the Georgia Federation. As of episode 20 of season 1, "The Dark Tower", Tom is in charge of Monroe's Militia until the bombs where dropped in Monroe Republic and the Georgia Federation by Randall Flynn.



Tom Neville was born in 1980. Neville was an insurance adjuster living in Allentown, Pennsylvania. At some point, he got married to Julia and they had a son named Jason.

On the day of The Blackout, he was in his boss' office, who was looking over a file Neville had sent him. His boss demanded an explanation for why Neville had the insurance company pay for smoke damage. Neville tried to explain about the Connelly family's fire but his boss just ignored his excuses since Neville had made one too many in the past, and therefore fired him from his job.

On the night of The Blackout, Neville walked home and saw his neighbor, Rob, having a huge party. Neville asked Rob if he could turn it down as it kept Jason awake. Rob completely ignored Neville about the music. Neville went inside where Jason hurried over to him with an Optimus Prime action figure and embraced him. Julia was making dinner and he asked her if he had time before dinner to punch the punching bag in the basement. She confirmed and he went downstairs and repeatedly punched the bag with great force. He noticed Jason watching him and askd him if he wanted to try. As soon as Jason punched the bag, the power went out. Neville called to Julia.


Six weeks later during the night, he and Julia were talking in bed. Julia suggested they leave the city; Tom did not agree, saying there could be looters out there. A noise came from downstairs and Neville went down with a golf club to check it out. He saw his neighbor, Rob rummaging through a drawer that held kitchen utensils. Neville asked why he was doing this. Jason, hearing the noise, came downstairs and saw Neville holding up the club in front of Rob. He told Jason to go upstairs and Rob told Neville to go too or he would beat him down in front of Jason. Angered, Neville attempted a swing at him with the club, but Rob grabbed it and tossed it away. He then knocked Neville down and repeatedly punched him in the face. He saw his son and losing control, grabbed Rob and managed to get him off. Neville beat Rob to death as Julia and Jason watched.

After the fight with Rob, Neville knows that they were not safe at home anymore, and have to leave. Before they go, he tells Jason he is going to teach him how to use a knife, and a gun later. Jason expresses that he was scared. Neville says that he loved him, but they have to be strong because looking weak will make them easy for others to kill. ("Soul Train")

Tom Neville becomes a soldier in the newly formed militia and soon acquires the rank of Captain. Eleven years after the Blackout, he is summoned to Monroe's office in Philadelphia. Monroe explains to him that Miles attempted to kill him earlier in the night, but escaped. He then orders Tom to track down those responsible for helping Miles, starting with the guards outside his office.

An unknown amount of time later, he visits a brothel in order to interrogate one of the prostitutes there. He notices the look on her face when he mentions Miles' name, and she gives him the names of his co-conspirators.

Another unknown amount of time later, he tracks down one of Miles' conspirators, Private Jacob Wren, who opened the city gates for Miles. Tom and the soldier struggle a bit, but Tom overpowers the man, who says that he did not run because his son is sick; this strikes a chord with him. Private Wren goes on to insist that Monroe has gone mad with power, but Neville refuses to believe him.

Later, he reports to Monroe at Independence Hall that only Private Wren was captured, and scoffs at the idea that Monroe could be going mad with power. He is curious about Monroe's supposed attempts to get the power back on, and investigates the basement. There he finds stacks of .50 caliber ammunition boxes and several locked rooms, one containing an unknown prisoner. Then, he is held at knifepoint by a lurking guard.

When he is brought before Monroe to answer for his actions, he is greatly alarmed when Monroe readies his pistol, before he offers Tom a drink. Neville then plays to Monroe's ego, reminding him of his accomplishments in the Republic. Now promoted to Captain, he is given orders by his commanding officer to go to a village in the woods and find Ben and Miles Matheson; since they seem to be the only ones who know why The Blackout occurred.

He arrives at the village on a horse with a squad of soldiers and asks for Ben and Miles. Ben, after answering some questions, announces who he really is. Neville gets off his horse and orders for Ben to be arrested. Before they arrest him, Ben's son Danny comes out with a crossbow. He does not want them taking his father. As Ben tries to calm Danny down, Templeton gets fidgety and shoots at Danny, but accidentally hits Ben instead.

The shot sparks up a battle when the villagers grab crossbows and pitchforks to try to defend their village. After a short scuffle, Neville ends the battle when he kills four villagers in mere seconds with his pistol. He arrests Danny in hope he would tell them where Miles is and they leave the village.

After hours of hiking back to their main camp, the Militia squad stops to rest for the night. After a failed attempt at getting answers from Danny, Neville smacks Danny in the face and leaves him tied to a bar inside a wagon and leaves a soldier stationed there to guard Danny.

During the night, Danny manages to unscrew the bar and uses it to knock out the guard and briefly escapes.

Danny & Rebels

Neville and the squad searches the countryside for Danny when they come up to a house.

Before going to the front they discover footprints of a teenage boy coming up to the backdoor of the house. Neville knocks on the door and a black woman answers. He politely explains that they are searching for a prisoner who is a teenage boy and asks if she had seen him. She lies to him, saying she had not seen anyone in weeks.

Neville tells her about the footprints and takes out his pistol and asks again where Danny was. Defeated, she tells Neville Danny was upstairs resting.

Neville hurries upstairs and bashes into the bedroom, just as Danny is about to escape through the window. He quickly grabs him by the ankle and slaps the handcuffs on him. He and the militia continue on to their main camp.

Rebel Gun Bust

Now that Danny is back in custody, Neville begins to lead the way back to the main camp. However, on the way they hear a gunshot. Neville's troops track the noise to a house in the woods. They find in the backyard a freshly killed buck, Neville shouts for the owner. The man comes out and after Neville makes a few remarks about how his mother made the best deer in his home town, he informs the man that possessing any firearm is illegal and punishable by death in the Monroe Republic, according to the "Baltimore Act". The man gives up a pump-action shotgun, but as Neville directs the troops to search the rest of the house, the man quickly grabs a hidden pistol and shoots one of Neville's soldier's, to which Neville abruptly returns fire, killing the man. Neville kneels beside his wounded man and a couple of his troops come out carrying an American Flag, which Neville orders to be burned; revealing the landowner to be a Rebel, or Resistance Fighter.

Back at the convoy, the wounded militia soldier is laid onto one of the wagons. Knowing he isn't going to make it, Neville gives the soldier a bottle of poison, so he can die peacefully and with no pain. After his death, Neville and the rest of the troops give the soldier an honorary Christian funeral. Danny snickers and Neville wants Danny to express himself honestly, saying he was only trying to do his part to help the militia; saying it was the only thing keeping the world from turning into total anarchy. Danny says Neville is only in the militia because he likes to kill, calling him a psychopath. Neville responds by grabbing Danny by the throat and whispers that he appreciates the honesty, he then lets him go.

Later on, the squad makes camp for the night beside a large river bed. Neville is reading a book outside his tent when Private Richards teases Danny by handing him a bucket of water and purposely spilling it. Danny shouts to Neville that he needs him alive, therefore demanding some water. Neville orders Richards to do so.

That night, Neville goes into town to possibly look for any useful supplies. In the morning he is on his horse with three other officers and watches Danny nearly strangle Richards to death with his chains, demanding for him to leave him alone. Neville does nothing to stop Danny as he finally lets Richards go.

As they continue to make their journey to Noblesville, Danny announces that a storm is coming, and suggests they find shelter quickly. A soldier insists to Neville that they would be able to reach the next town by dawn if they need shelter. However, Neville sides with Danny and they find an abandoned barn to make camp inside. A soldier leaves Danny sitting on a bench on the side of the barn and tells him not to move. Neville is trying to calm down one of the horses who is frightened because of the huge storm as it has become more fierce. During the debacle with the horse, Neville notices that Danny has escaped once again. However, he hadn't gotten far because of the intensity of the storm and Neville catches up to him and hauls him to the ground. Right then though, a tornado starts to form and Neville and Danny quickly enter the storm shelter under the farmhouse through a door.

They wait for the storm to pass, and Neville helps himself to a drink of liquor. After a conversation with Danny gets to the subject of his father, Ben, being a killer just like Neville is, Danny insists that his father has never killed anyone. Neville scoffs at the idea that Ben had not killed a single person since The Blackout occurred. When the tornado is over the farmhouse, it quickly breaks apart. Danny is about to go up to see if the storm passed when Neville shouts hallelujah and the roof crashes in and traps Neville under a heavy beam that is holding up a heavy metal sink up almost crushing Neville. Neville asks Danny to help him before the sink falls and crushes him. Danny hesitates, Neville begs Danny to be just like his father and not letting him die in cold blood. Finally, Danny hurries over and along with Neville lift the beam up, freeing him. As soon as the beam is off of him Neville bashes Danny against the wall. Danny calls Neville a deceiver as Neville puts the handcuffs on Danny's arms.

Noblesville, Indiana

After days of traveling, Captain Neville's group has finally reached the town of Noblesville, where there is a train docked in the train yard that the militia have been getting to work. Neville plans to use it as early as tomorrow where he will be able to reach Philadelphia, and finally be able to give up Danny to Bass Monroe. During the night, he and his fellow soldiers have a fistfight competition to see who could bring Neville down. After beating down on a soldier, the soldier quits and no one else wants to fight him. He spots Danny chained up nearby and wants him to fight. He has a soldier uncuff him and drag him over. He wants Danny to toughen up and become a man, but Danny refuses to fight him. Neville responds by punching Danny in the face mercilessly to get him coaxed. Danny finally loses his nerve and tries to fight back, managing to punch Neville in the side. However, Neville knocks Danny down and repeatedly punches his face, breaking Danny's nose in the process. After hesitating, Neville gives Danny a knockout blow.

In the morning, Neville is questioning the conductor when the train is ready to leave. The conductor says they are still gathering lumber, and they have gotten the tracks together. Neville interrupts him and states the train is due to leave tomorrow morning. The conductor says it will be ready by morning. Neville goes to a bank where he is keeping Danny in a vault. He drinks a bottle of whiskey and tells Danny he used to work at banks for money, and that he never saw what he made. Danny tells him to shut up and how he is tired of his threats and speeches. Neville warns Danny to stop when Danny mocks him about beating up an eighteen year old kid. After leaving the bank and grabbing an apple at a local market, he spots Charlie Matheson looking through a window at a building. Neville walks over and demands to know what she is doing, and suspects that she is planning to rob the place. Charlie quickly lies and says she was watching her boyfriend through the reflection with another girl and says he is cheating on her. Neville asks what her name is and Charlie says "Sarah McGill". Neville asks if she is here for the train that is leaving for Philadelphia and Charlie simply replies that everyone is. Neville tells her to have a good day and comments that her boyfriend was a fool to betray her. After turning his back, Charlie nearly throws up in disgust.

Neville walks to the back of a nearby building purposely, knowing Charlie is following him. And so he ambushes Charlie from behind a dumpster and pushes her against the wall with a knife against her neck. Neville demands to know who she is, but Charlie does not respond. Right when Neville appears to prepare to slit Charlie's throat, Miles Matheson pushes Neville away and tells Charlie to run. Neville, now getting the whole picture upon seeing Miles, knows that the girl is Danny's sister. Charlie runs and Neville and Miles begin to battle with knives. They manage to get both knives pointed at each other's throats and Miles asks how Julia was. Neville says she is doing well, and how he has not seen her in a year since he has been out searching for Miles and his brother, Ben. Miles asks about Danny and Neville compliments that he is a spirited young man. Miles manages to thrust Neville's knife away and they begin a standoff. Miles asks where Danny is located, but Neville refuses to answer. Miles then suggests a trade, Danny for Nate Walker, one of Neville's scouts who was in charge of finding Miles. After much hesitation, Neville refuses the offer as he has new orders from Monroe, and he needs Danny more than him. A bunch of Neville's men spot Miles and hurry to help their captain. Miles insists he has to go, Neville tries to punch him, but Miles manages to pick Neville up and shove him to the ground. Neville watches Miles escape with his men chasing after him.

Neville, knowing that Noblesville was no longer safe, hurries his men to get Danny on board the train. He surprisingly reunites with his son, Jason Neville, who posed as Nate Walker and had the job of finding and capturing Miles. He explains that they had captured him but he escaped and would surely make an attempt to rescue Danny. Neville tells the train conductor that they were pushing ahead of schedule and that they are leaving right now. The conductor doesn't believe the train is ready, but Neville says those were the orders. The conductor walks off to prepare the train. Jason tells Neville that Miles and the others would be here and questions his father's decision of running away. Neville does not respond and he and Jason enter the train. Neville stays in the cabin that Danny is held in to personally make sure nobody makes a move to rescue him.

Unknown to Neville, Miles and Charlie have already boarded the train to stop a bomb that was planted in the wood pile by Nora, a woman in the Rebellion. As his back is turned, Danny jumps on Neville and wrestles him down. However, Neville soon gets the upper hand but the timely arrival of Charlie saves Danny from being beaten down again. She takes out a knife and attempts to stab Neville, but she misses and Neville shoves Charlie against the wall and begins to choke her. Danny grabs a glass bottle from behind him and strikes Neville in the head, rendering him unconscious for short period. He soon gets back up though, and holds his modern pistol against Danny's head and sees that Jason has hold on Charlie. Neville tells Jason to bring her to him as he wants to shoot her. Jason runs and opens the door and throws Charlie out. A couple of men bring Jason back inside the cabin. Neville is cuffing Danny to a pipe and looks at Jason with mistrust as he disobeyed him.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Neville, Jason, Danny, and the rest of the squad arrive in Philadelphia. His mission successful, he prepares to deliver Danny to Monroe. On the train stop, Julia Neville arrives to greet her husband and son. Neville embraces her and Jason tells her he is glad to be home. Neville gives Jason a look of mistrust for the debacle on the train, and walks off, Julia following.

Later in Sex and Drugs, Neville escorts Danny to Monroe's office. Monroe explains to Danny that he had no desire for his father's death and assures him that Neville will be punished for the event. After Monroe hinted to Danny of knowing his late mother, Rachel Matheson, he orders for him to be brought to his room. A soldier escorts Danny out and Neville stays behind in Monroe's office. Neville quickly apologizes for Ben Matheson's death but Monroe quickly dismisses the apology and instead promotes the Captain to the rank of Major as an award for capturing Danny. Neville would now run interrogation and intelligence for Monroe as he was actually trying to achieve that position for many years. Neville gloats that Julia will be happy to have him home again, as he would not have to leave her or his son anymore. Him and Monroe then began to read the report that was handed in by Jason about the debacle on the train. Jason walks in and quickly salutes Monroe. Monroe tells Jason that he did a fine job with the report. However, Neville thought differently; he thought it was too light, especially the part when Jason was held captive by Charlie Matheson, when he could have easily escaped with his training. Jason fires back at Neville and says that the report was already complete. Monroe tells Neville to calm down and take it easy on Jason. Monroe asks Jason about a girl named Nora who was a part of Charlie's group and asked if she was Latin. Jason says she was and Monroe immediately knew it to be Nora Clayton. He asks Jason one more question and hands a piece of paper to Neville who passes it to Jason, the paper had a drawing of a pendant with a symbol on it. Monroe asks if Nora had it on her. Jason tells Monroe the "fat guy" has it, to which Monroe thanks Jason and dismisses him. As Jason leaves, Monroe tells Neville to give Strausser the last known whereabouts of the group. Jason quickly turns to which Neville quickly insists that he is dismissed. Jason ignores Neville and says Strausser never leaves survivors. Monroe doesn't care about anybody else except Miles. Neville becomes more agitated with his son and says again that he was dismissed. Jason shouts "Sir" in Neville's face and leaves the room.

In The Children's CrusadeMonroe orders for Rachel Matheson to be sent in later on and Neville and Monroe question her about where the remaining Pendants are.She claims that she told him where they were already, but Monroe knows that somehow every time his men get to the spot where Rachel said her colleagues were, it always ends up being an abandoned house or building. However, Monroe points out they did manage to capture one of Rachel's former partners. A man named Dr. Bradley Jaffe. Neville says Jaffe has been relentless at resisting interrogations for his entire three week capture. Rachel begs for Monroe to stop torturing Bradley. Neville is pleased with Rachel's pleas and tells her if she can get Jaffe to tell her where his hidden Pendant was, he will stop being tortured. At night, when Jaffe was brought to Rachel's room and discovers Rachel has been working for Monroe, Neville listens to their conversation. Rachel tells Jaffe that they will kill him and that Monroe has her son and that they will torture him unless he reveals where his Pendant is. Jaffe declines, saying he simply cannot give up the Pendant to Monroe so he can have an entire army that will wreck havok on the world for one boy. Neville comes in and says to Jaffe that it is easy to disobey when it is not his child who they are going to torture. Neville says it would be wise of him to listen to Rachel, except she was wrong when she said they would kill Jaffe. He signals his men to bring in another prisoner and she is Jaffe's daughter. Jaffe takes a swing at Neville who easily avoids the hit and shoves Jaffe away. Jaffe shouts at Rachel as Neville's men grab hold of him. Neville tells Jaffe not to worry because she would be kept safe for now. Rachel begs Neville to stop who proclaims that she was the one who told them about Jaffe in the first place, and locating his daughter was very easy. Neville then shouts for his men to take Jaffe and his daughter to their cells and he exits along with them and slowly closes Rachel's bedroom door while giving her a loathing look.

In Ties That Bind, Neville walks into the interrogation room and sees Jason being brutally tortured by Militia soldiers under orders from Monroe. Neville tells them to stop and a soldier claims that they were just following orders. Neville demands to know who gave the orders and the soldier said it was from Monroe. Neville looks down at his son and wants to know what he did to which Jason askes why he even cares. Neville runs into Monroe's office quickly and sees him discussing something with Colonel John Faber. Monroe tells Neville of what they were discussing, a lighthouse in Ohio was turned on for more than 40 seconds. He tells Monroe he needs to speak to him alone, which Monroe states that Faber does not need to go anywhere. Neville demands to know why his son was being tortured. Monroe says that he bribed the stable hand to get information on Strausser's location. Monroe tells him that Strausser's mission was very important to getting the Pendant from Miles Matheson, and he wants to know why Jason wants to know about it. Neville knows instantly and claims it is because of Charlie, whom his son is fond of. Neville says he could handle Jason's punishment but Faber states his idea. It was to send Jason on the expedition to California. Neville knows the dangers that awaited his son. When they sent men across the mountain's, they are usually returned in boxes. Monroe says that it is either California, or execution for treason. Neville knew he could not argue and leaves Monroe's office. But a housekeeper tells Tom and Julia Neville that it is actually Faber's son working for the Rebels. Faber is interrogated while Monroe tells Neville that Jason will not be sent to California.With Jason recovering, Julia tells Tom that since Miles has left the Republic, Monroe has been mentally unfit to be leader. Neville protests against this, but eventually agrees with Julia when she thinks he should be leader.

In Kashmir, Rachel begins to finish her device. She explains to Neville that it is a Pendant Amplifier. Each Pendant gets every device to power up again within a range of 9 to 10 feet, but with the Amplifier, it gets every device to power up again within half a mile. Later, him and Monroe walk in along with Dr. Jaffe to check out Rachel's device. He reveals that it is actually a bomb targeted at Monroe and the Pendant acts as a detonator. Jaffe reveals this as apparent retaliation for what Rachel did to him and his daughter. Monroe threatens to kill Rachel and Danny and doesn't need her anymore to build the real amplifier, he has Jaffe. Rachel is forced to stab Jaffe to death before saying to Monroe "Now you need me".

In Nobody's Fault But Mine, Miles shows up at the Neville home, threatening to kill Julia unless his friends are released. Neville brings him Aaron and Nora and tells Miles that Charlie and Danny are at the power plant. The trio leaves and begins to lock both Julia and Neville in a closet, but not before Neville swears his revenge on Miles Matheson, "I will kill you for this, you know that right?"

Annapolis, Maryland

In The Stand, he is ready to go tell Monroe about the rebel headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland. However, his son Jason Neville tries to stop him, pointing out that what they are doing with the helicopters amounts to butchery. Jason tells him he did not sign up for this; he then gets into a fight with his son, beating him quite savagely, but instead of killing him he tells him never to come home. This leads Jason to leave the Militia.

Return to Philadelphia

In Ghosts, Tom Neville pays Monroe a visit in Philadelphia. Neville heard about the mission to capture Rachel and is disappointed he was not asked to lead it. Claiming Neville needs time to grieve Jason Neville, Monroe insists Randall has everything under control. When Tom points out they barely know the man, Monroe agrees but assures Tom he doesn't trust anyone. Nevertheless, Tom cannot help but feel as if he is slowly being replaced.


In The Song Remains the Same Neville goes to Monroe's office and Monroe introduces him to Randall Flynn. Monroe tells Neville to respect Flynn. Monroe then sends him on a mission to locate another rebel camp.

On the road to the camp he is listening to music on a working iPod Touch, he asks the driver about the music -- he replies "Its Ok". Immediately after that, the Humvee hit a mine and was flipped. A barely conscious Neville crawls from the wreckage and is captured.

At the rebel base Neville is chained to a chair and Miles costanly beats him up and tells him he Charlie and the rebels will continue to beat him up unless he tells him everything.


At the end of Home Neville meets Kelly Foster wearing a Georgia Federation uniform President Foster asks him ready to get back to work he is then given the task to work with Miles Matheson.

Fighting the Militia

Miles is initially uneasy with working with his old colleague, but accepts him because of his need for the Georgian troops. Neville then tells Miles about a doctor who is weaponizing anthrax for Sebastian Monroe, and of his plan to catch him. The mission goes well and the chemist is captured, but Charlie is uncomfortable with Neville's treatment of the prisoner. She brings it up with Miles who dismisses it, and then traps him in his room. Neville hears the commotion and is about to investigate when he is knocked out by Jason. Together, Jason, Charlie, and Nora hijack the boat and reunite the chemist with his family and prepare to make their escape.

Before the can escape, Neville awakens and takes over the ship once more, threatening to shoot Charlie. Miles comes to the rescue, punching Neville and Neville orders his men to shoot all of them. However, they are interrupted by a militia attack on their boat which allows Miles, Charlie, Jason, Nora, and the family of the chemist to escape, leaving Neville to fight the militia on his own. Neville manages to get away at the cost of his men, and confronts Miles, threatening to leave with his troops. Miles tells him that all the President Foster cares about is winning, and Miles is doing that just fine.

Sometime after that, Neville and Miles were walking around the coalition base when a drone strike from the Monroe Republic was executed, taking out 270 of the 300 men stationed there. Neville joined Miles and Nora in trying to find Jason and Charlie before the Militia do. After finding Jason, Neville offered to take Jason to safety while Miles went after Charlie. Jason asks why his father is helping him after all the fights they had, to which Neville replied he didn't want to cross the line of leaving his son to die. Neville got Jason back to the Georgia Federation and he was treated for his injuries. Neville also witnessed Charlie kissing his son afterwards.

Plains Nation

Neville boards a Helicopter with Miles, Charlie, Jason, Nora Hudson, Sandborn on their way to The Tower but the copter runs out of gas and they land in Plains Nation. Soon later he thought that Jason had killed Wayne Ramsey, he became angry at his own son but later him and Charlie protected Jason to prevent Miles from shooting him.


Tom Neville once worked a desk job at an insurance company. Neville has deep anger issues resulting from his secret hatred for his old job, but he thrives as an enforcer in The Monroe Republic and Neville also displays a deep-seated hatred of CEOs. Other than his anger issues, Neville is deeply loyal to his family and has a true love for his wife, Julia Neville. After his conversation with Danny during the storm, he seems to hold a higher opinion of Ben Matheson, and regrets his death; while he is ruthless, he is not without humanity. He is loyal to the men under his command and this is evident in his sincerity in taking over the Monroe Militia. However, Neville can also be calculating and ruthless.

Skills and Abilities

Tom is a skilled combatant, marksmen and knife-wielder, as he was evenly matched against Miles in a knife-fight until Miles managed to throw him down and escape. He also has honed senses, as he was able to notice that Charlie was following him. In addition, he is able to easily tell when someone is not telling the truth, a holdover from his days as an insurance adjuster.


"This poker face is my normal face"

"Now we're partners, Miles"

"Look: I know what kind of man I am. I have done every bad thing in the good book. I have lied, I have stolen, I have killed and worse. I don't care if you're the devil himself, everyone draws a line somewhere and leaving my only son to die alone"

"You gotta toughen up, son"

"I am gonna take the Patriots down one corpse at a time. I am gonna cut a path to Washington and put a bullet in the president's face. Make Sherman's march feel like a 10k fun run. Is that the sort of work that you'd be interested in?"

"You had me at mustard gas"

"Come on. The rest of these bootlicks are too afraid to hit hard. But I know how you feel about me"

"No one here has any desire to harm you. Trust me"


  • His name could be a nod to the protagonist of the 1954 novel I Am Legend by Richard Matheson.
  • Neville uses a nickel-plated .50 caliber semi-automatic Desert Eagle as his personal sidearm. It was given to him by Sebastian Monroe eleven years after the Blackout.
  • He wears his wedding ring along with a small silver cross on a chain around his neck.
  • Neville was a big fan of Aaron Pittman's work at Google before the Blackout.
  • He is a fan of Lionel Richie.



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