Titus Andover
Portrayed byMatt Ross
First appearanceBorn in the U.S.A.
Last appearancePatriot Games
Biographical information
ResidenceWilloughby, Texas
ProfessionWar Clan Leader
Headmaster (formerly)
AffiliationPlains Nation
Andover Clan
Family membersJessica Andover - Wife

Titus Andover was a psychotic, former school headmaster and leader of the Andover Clan attacking Willoughby, Texas.



In There Will Be Blood, he reveals that prior to the Blackout he was the headmaster of the Jessup Academy For Boys and he was going to be arrested for "artistic images" of children on his computer, with the implication they were child pornography.


After the power went out, he took this as a sign from God that the world had changed for the better, and the rules no longer applied. Since most of his students were very far from home, he took it upon himself to take care of them, eventually forming the war clan.

Meeting Miles

After Miles and Mason were captured and brought to his camp he ordered them be imprisoned and have their blood taken. He later meet with Miles after he was caught trying to escape with Sara Wilkerson. Titus told him his history as a headmaster and how he formed his War Clan. He told of Miles his belief that he and all his clan members were free to do whatever they want whenever they want to. When Miles asked what he was doing in Texas, he ignored it and instead had his second in command drag him onto his desk and took a hammer and broke Miles sword hand.

Attack on Willoughby

He later ordered Miles be brought behind the red door. Once inside he told Miles that his wife Jessica was sick and in order to save her he needed to replace her blood with new blood daily. He had Miles strapped to a bed and began draining him of his blood. After he left Rachel, Gene, and a townsmen arrived to rescue Miles. They were able to escape with Sara and Jessica who planed to use her as a bargaining chip. Once Titus found out he led his clan on a mission to get his wife back and slaughter the town. When they arrived his second in command Garrett was reveled to be working for The Patriots. Miles made a deal with Titus allowing the townspeople to escape in exchange for his wife and Miles. After he found out Jessica committed suicide he snuck into Willoughby and ordered the Clan to attack. A tribesmen shots the wagon driver bringing people to safety allowing the Clan to invade. The townspeople ran to safety while Miles, Rachel and other townspeople fought the tribesmen. During the fight Garrett captures Titus who is crying over the loss of his wife, and Rachel is also seriously wounded.

The Clan is eventually stopped by The Patriots who save Aaron, Rachel, and Miles killing numerous tribesmen saving the town.


Afterwards he and the remaining tribesmen are packed into a train being betrayed by Garrett and The Patriots. Titus was able to escape and make it back to his camp. Miles showed up later causing him to freak out and pull a gun on him. He and ramble about his Loses and what The Patriots did. He blamed Miles for the death of Jessica and the "Judaist packing of his kids into the trains. He said he failed as a protector to his wife and his kids. He then tried to shoot Miles only his gun was out of bullets. The two then erupted into a scuffle over Miles' sword, but Miles eventually got the upper hand and stabbed Titus in the stomach killing him.

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