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Ties That Bind
Season 1, Episode 8
Revolution 1x08-2.jpg
Air date November 12, 2012
Written by David Rambo & Melissa Glenn
Directed by Guy Norman Bee
Runtime 42:14
Production Code 2J7108
Flashbacks Nora Clayton
Timeline 2012, 2013, 2027
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"The Children's Crusade"

"Ties That Bind" is the eighth episode of Season 1, and overall the eighth produced hour of Revolution. It originally aired on November 12, 2012.



San Antonio, Texas

2 months after the blackout, Nora Clayton and her younger sister Mia hide under their bed as an intruder breaks into their home. The next morning, Nora finds that the intruder has murdered their mother, but lies to Mia about it, saying that she left a note telling them to go to their father's home in Galveston, Texas.


Galveston, Texas

4 months after the Blackout, Nora and Mia reach Galveston only to find their father missing and his house abandoned. This is when Mia is told that their mother is dead.


Freeport, Pennsylvania

Miles, Charlie, Aaron, and Nora are nearly killed by the Militia, a plan conducted by Will Strausser, one of its most ruthless members. They also learn that the Militia is holding Mia captive and will kill her unless Miles and The Pendant are both given to them. Miles attempts to destroy the Pendant with no success, having been made of something stronger than any known metal. The group saves Mia and they all escape.

Mia tells Nora that she found their father living in San Antonio, and plans to go there, and Nora eventually decides to go with her. But it turns out that Mia was lying about everything that she said and did and is doing a favor for the Militia. Strausser appears and takes the Pendant from Mia, who previously pickpocketed it from Aaron. Nora cannot believe how Mia betrayed her and her friends and runs off to help them, abandoning her sister.

Miles, Charlie, and Aaron continue traveling to Philadelphia when Aaron realizes the Pendant isn't in his pocket. Just then, the Militia attacks them. However, Nora is able to steal an assault rifle from one of the soldiers and flank the rest. When she gives the rifle to Miles to shoot Strausser, it is out of ammunition. As the group runs from the militia, they are forced to jump into a river to escape.

Philadelphia, PA

Jason is brutally beaten by Militia soldiers, under orders from Bass Monroe. Tom Neville questions Monroe, who was told by fellow member John Faber that Jason bribed a stable hand for information on Strausser's whereabouts and Monroe threatens to send him to California. A housekeeper tells Tom and Julia Neville that Faber's son working for the Rebels. Faber is interrogated while Monroe tells Neville that Jason will not be sent to California. Strausser gives Monroe the Pendant, who in turn gives it to Rachel who is working on an engine-like device. With Jason recovering, Julia tells Tom that since Miles has left the Republic, Monroe has been mentally unfit to be leader. Neville protests against this, but eventually agrees with Julia when she thinks he should be leader.

Randall briefly releases Grace and shows her that Ben's Pendant has been taken to Philadelphia and believes Monroe has it. When Grace asks what he's going to do about it, he replies that he'll do nothing, she will. It is revealed that they are both standing on a balcony of a gigantic room that has electricity.



Guest Stars


  • Last appearance of Colonel John Faber.
  • First (and last) appearance of Mia Clayton.
  • The episode was originally titled "Speers, Pennsylvania."
  • Sebastian Monroe quotes Boromir from the Lord of the Rings trilogy at the end of the episode.


  • Four Unnamed Militia Men