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Three Amigos
Season 2, Episode 10
Air date January 8th 2014
Written by David Rambo & Anne Cofell Saunders
Directed by Charles Beeson
Production Code 2J7710
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"Everyone Says I Love You"
"Mis Dos Padres"

Three Amigos is the 10th episode of Season 2 and first aired on January 8th 2014 on NBC.


The episode starts with Miles leading Monroe and Rachel south of the border; they're met with much more than they bargained for as Neville and Julia dance a delicate dance. Meanwhile, Charlie and Gene continue their search for Aaron.


It is late at night when Shaw and Truman step through piles of bodies left behind by Aaron and Nanite Boy to locate Horn 's charred corpse. Furious, Truman insists that it is time to do things his way; Willoughby must be cleansed and processed by the end of the month. Meanwhile, Charlie and Monroe rescue Porter from the diner where he has been imprisoned. They rush him to an old farmhouse where Miles' life hangs by a thread. Porter quickly gets to work, tending to Miles' festering arm with herbs and maggots. The next day, Aaron stands over Cynthia's grave and recalls the words of Nanite Boy, who mentioned Spring City, Oklahoma . When Porter tries to apologize for turning Aaron and Cynthia over to the Patriots, Aaron will not hear of it.

Everyone runs into the farmhouse when Miles stirs. An impatient Monroe sends everyone out of the room and demands that Miles divulge the location of his son. They had a deal, after all. Miles capitulates, offering to take Monroe to his son, Connor . Rachel is pleased to think Monroe is leaving them, but Miles insists he is still useful. Furthermore, he wants Rachel to accompany them on the trip to find Connor.

At a White House cocktail party, Neville and Jason stand by their new boss, Roger Allenford , as Deputy Secretary Victor Doyle introduces his wife, Rebecca (whom we know as Julia Neville ), to Chief of Staff Bill Harlow . Later, Neville finds Julia alone and shows her a vial of colorless liquid with which he intends to poison Harlow - it will look like a heart attack. When Julia fears Neville is hesitating, she assures him that her husband is next in line for Harlow's job. Once Doyle is in place, she will persuade him to promote Neville.

Charlie wakes up and discovers that Aaron has disappeared, so she and Porter split up to try to find him. With Aaron long gone, Porter notices two Patriot wagons laden with cargo pulling into Willoughby; apparently there is a third wagon on the way. After asking Charlie to help identify the cargo, Porter is stunned when she kills the driver without blinking. Even more surprising- why are the Patriots carting oranges into Willoughby?

Monroe is not happy to find that Miles sent Connor to live with family in seedy Puesta del Sol, Mexico . After learning that Connor's relatives died eight years ago, the group retires to a bar to question the locals. When a leader of the town's Nunez cartel approaches Monroe, Miles immediately recognizes Connor, who resembles his father in bad attitude if nothing else. Nunez calls Connor away, but Monroe refuses to leave without talking to his son. Late that night, Monroe asks Connor to join him on a quest to get the Monroe Republic back together... which is when Connor takes his father captive. Nunez wants to meet Monroe.

At another White House reception, Neville is just about to poison Harlow's drink when Allenford calls him away. Later that night, Allenford returns to his room very upset, carrying a folder stamped with the Patriots' Eye of Providence . When he leaves, the room's sentry, Jason, sneaks in to look at the file's very disturbing contents. Meanwhile, Julia scolds Neville for blowing their chance to poison Harlow. She is going to get the life Neville promised her. Serious as a heart attack, Neville promises Julia she will get what is coming to her - but she better remember to whom she's speaking. Once this is all over, Neville will delight in gutting Julia's husband. Moments later, Neville sneaks into Harlow's room and jams the poison down his gullet.

The next day, Truman calls the residents of Willoughby into the town square. The supply lines have opened up, and he has oranges to prove it. Life will only be getting better under Patriot rule. Little do the townspeople know, Shaw and his men are injecting some of the oranges with something. Aaron makes it to Spring City, which seems to be nothing more than a ghost town. Haunted by memories of Cynthia and Nanite Boy, Aaron calls out to the empty town: why bring him here? What does any of this mean? The episode ends with a voice calling out his name, and Aaron turns to see Grace .



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  • The title of this episode is most likely a reference to the 1986 American comedy of the same name.
  • This episode marks the return of Grace after being absent for 9 episodes. She was last seen in "The Dark Tower".
  • First appearance of Connor Bennett.


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