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There Will Be Blood
Season 2, Episode 2
Revolution 2x02-2
Air date October 2nd 2013
Written by Paul Grellong
Directed by Phil Sgriccia
Production Code 2J7702
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"Love Story"

"There Will Be Blood" is the 2nd episode of Season 2, and first aired on October 2nd 2013.


Miles finds himself in danger when he ends up in the clutches of Titus Andover , Charlie searches for Monroe and Rachel and Dr. Porter desperately try to revive Aaron, while Neville devises a plan to infiltrate The Patriots.


Aaron gasps back to life, much to the shock of Rachel, Cynthia and Dr. Porter. It is impossible! Hours later, Aaron's wound is completely healed but he is a nervous wreck. Rachel tells Aaron that his heart stopped for over two hours. Both know the nanotech played a role, but Aaron begins to sob. What the hell is happening to him?

Somewhere in the Plains Nation , Monroe is held captive by two bounty hunters named Sergei and Adam . Charlie sneaks in to their encampment, hoping to capture Monroe herself. She knocks out Sergei and makes her way to Monroe, but before she can get there, Adam wakes up and shoots her in the shoulder with his shotgun.

At the Andover Camp, Miles and Sheriff Mason are in deep: locked in a warehouse like cattle, watching tribesmen periodically take other prisoners through a mysterious red door at the end of the hall. A dejected woman in a cage tells Miles no one comes back after entering that room. Suddenly, a tribesman comes in and takes blood samples from the Sheriff and Miles. He tests the blood and then indicates to his henchmen that Miles is all they need. A tribesman shoots Sheriff Mason dead without a moment's hesitation.

That night, in Willoughby , the guards at the outside gate stop a horseman from entering. But as they approach, they soon realize the figure is Sheriff Gray strapped to his horse, dead. The tribesmen are sending a message. Inside the courthouse, the whole town is under lockdown; they do not want to take any chances of being caught by the Andover Tribe. Rachel begs her father to pull some strings so she can assemble a small crew to find and save Miles, but he adamantly refuses. He is thankful Miles brought her back, but he doesn’t want to lose her again. And besides, chances are good that Miles is beyond saving.

Adam shot Charlie with rock salt, blasting her arm with painful wounds but nothing serious in the long run. She awakens, tied up next to Monroe in an old swimming pool. Patching up Charlie's wound, Adam warns her not to try anything fishy or else he'll have to use a real shell next time. He tells Charlie that he and Sergei are bounty hunters working for the U.S. Government, and they have been tracking Monroe for two years. They have orders to bring him back alive. Charlie knows this is dumb; if they had any brains they would shoot Monroe on the spot. She knows his tendencies and is worried he will escape.

Back in the Andover Camp, Miles manages to find a rusty wire and use it to pick his cage's lock. But on the way out, Sara Wilkerson looks at him from her cage, desperate. Miles releases her, but is attacked by three tribesmen. He manages to kill two in the tussle, but the third one grabs Sara and threatens her life if Miles makes one more move. She is placed back in her cage and Miles is sent to speak with Titus ...

At the refugee camp in Savannah, Georgia , Neville has been kissing up to the Patriots who have taken over the camp. But in reality, Neville is planning something much more sinister. Convinced these Patriots helped drop the nukes, Neville is dead set on assassinating Justine Allenford .

Miles sits in Titus' creepy office as the leader of the war clan rambles on about his time as a headmaster in the "old world." He was on the verge of being arrested for child porn on his computer when the Blackout occurred, and Titus interpreted this as a sign from God telling everyone to do as they pleased. There were no rules. Miles thinks his Lord of the Flies routine isn't all it's cracked up to be, but before he can figure out what Titus and his clan are doing in Texas, Titus takes a hammer to Miles' sword hand. That will keep him in line.

Aaron is still coming to grips with the reality of his miraculous healing. In the courthouse, Aaron spies Ben Matheson bleeding out on the floor in a hallucinatory moment. Cynthia finds Aaron on the ground, moving his hands through air as if he is working to save someone's life. When she talks Aaron back into reality, he is more confused than ever before. He could swear he just saw Ben. Cynthia is convinced God has played a role in his healing, but Aaron assures her that what healed him is the same thing that caused the Blackout. In a flashback, Aaron relives the final moments leading up to the bombs dropping on Atlanta and Philly . Right before he can redirect the missiles, his computer crashes. Suddenly, Neville's men burst in and everything goes dark in The Tower—the power has gone off again.

Later on, as Allenford and her men walk through camp, Neville and Jason's friend, Greg , set their assassination plan in motion. The two share a knowing glance as Greg pulls a gun in front of Allenford and prepares to shoot. But suddenly Neville pulls a gun of his own and crosses to Greg, shooting him right between the eyes. He will get to Allenford, but not yet, not here. For now, he is the hero.

Monroe is taken out of the empty pool that served as his holding cell and is transferred into a wagon. Looks like Sergei and Adam are going somewhere. Meanwhile, Adam decides to let Charlie go; they have no use for her anymore. On the road, however, Monroe uses a broken-off piece of pool tile to cut himself loose and escape out the back of the wagon. When Sergei and Adam run off after him, Monroe corners Sergei and chokes him to death.

Charlie comes up on the abandoned wagon and realizes there is trouble. She finds Adam and Monroe fighting in the woods, as Adam is distraught that Monroe killed his partner. Charlie intercedes and saves Adam's life, but Monroe punches her and runs back to the wagon and escapes off into the night. Charlie can only watch helplessly, knowing this would happen.

A tribesmen guard pens a letter and seals it with a wax insignia - the Eye of Providence commonly seen on the back of the American dollar bill. Later, Justine Allenford opens a letter written in Arabic emblazoned with the same insignia - are the Patriots connected to Titus' war clan? Allenford sits down with Neville to ask why he saved her life. Continuing his act, he insists he is extremely proud of his country and wants to be an American again. Allenford vows to keep her eye on him moving forward.

Since no one will help Rachel rescue Miles, not even her old pal, Ken Dawson, she prepares to take off on her own. At the last minute, her dad and a couple of his friends join her. On their way, they are stunned to find themselves swarmed by fireflies in an endless field of dead rats. Meanwhile, Miles is taken beyond the red door, where Titus lovingly attends a pale, sickly woman who is receiving a blood transfusion from someone lying on a table nearby. What the heck is going on here?



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  • Last appearance of Sheriff Mason.
  • First appearance of Ken Dawson.
  • The title of this episode is most likely a nod to the 2007 film of the same name.


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