The Tower, as seen in "Clue".

The Tower is a secret Department of Defense base in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Apparently, it is where The Blackout started. The Device, which controls the Nanites, is located here.

While above ground it appears only to be a small bunker, it actually goes half a mile underground and has twelve floors. ("Clue") Without his knowledge, the Tower uses an operating system developed by Aaron Pittman. ("The Dark Tower")

After the Blackout, military personnel and maintenance staff that were stationed at the Tower had taken up residence within. They lived on the inaccesible lower levels. It is unknown if this isolation was intentional or accidental.

There is a safe room which the Vice President of the former United States used in case of an emergency. There is also a lab and an armory where coilguns were kept. Apparently the global satellites that control the nanites are still up and scenes from around the world can be viewed inside The Tower through monitors. The Tower has an Exam room as well as a storage area on level 11. ("The Dark Tower")

The Tower has a room on level 12 that Randall hid in and launched ICBM's at Philadelphia and Atlanta . He declares he is a patriot and is doing it for the country. He then proceeds to kill himself.


The Tower was built in 1959 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower and was known as the "Underground Pentagon".


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