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The Plague Dogs
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date October 8, 2012
Runtime 44:07
Production Code 2J7104
Flashbacks Various
Timeline 2012, 2019, 2027
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"No Quarter"
"Soul Train"

"The Plague Dogs" is the fourth episode of Season 1, and overall the fourth produced hour of Revolution. It aired on October 8, 2012.


After Charlie and Nora rescue Miles from Militia, they set off to meet Aaron and Maggie. Tracking Miles and Charlie at every turn is Nate. As the gang reunites and continues on their journey, unforeseeable challenges await.



When the blackout happened, Maggie was in Seattle, Washington talking to her two sons back in England via Skype. After the Blackout, she walks all the way across the country to Buffalo, New York because she was told that she could find a ship there that would take her home. She is then told that all of the tall-ships and steamers have been destroyed, but continues to walk up and down the East Coast looking for a boat.


Eventually, Maggie gives up hope of finding a way to England. By a beautiful lake in Wisconsin, she intends to commit suicide by drinking poison, but is stopped when she meets Ben Matheson, who invites her to join his family for a meal.


The show opens with Charlie running from a militia soldier, tricking him so Miles can question him about Neville and Danny's whereabouts. On learning that they're headed for Noblesville, Indiana, he, Charlie, and Nora head to meet Aaron and Maggie in Lowell. Upon finding the pair, who were previously discussing the pendant, they tell them where they can find Danny and start walking. Suddenly, a pair of dogs come and attack them, and they start running away. One of the dogs catches hold of Aaron's leg as he scales a fence. Maggie shoots the dog down before it can do any serious damage.

Tom Neville and his group are on their way to Indiana when Danny informs Tom that there is a storm coming and it will be bad. Another soldier tells Neville that Noblesville is only an hour away.

Rachel is drawing something in a notebook but quickly covers it when she hears Monroe come in. He asks her what Ben was working on. She says she has no idea what he's talking about and Bass brings Strausser into the room. He opens a case of what appears to be torture equipment. He says, without sincerity, "I apologize in advance".

Back in Lowell, Indiana, the gang is walking through an abandoned amusement park and Miles confides in Nora that he plans on leaving. Nora tells him he needs to uphold his promise but he says "family or not, I'm not doing this anymore". As Charlie hears this last part, she flashes to a time around three years after the Blackout when her mother left to "go look for supplies" and never returned. A young Charlie is devastated but her mother insists she must go.

Tom's regiment hustles into a barn and the dangerous storm approaches, as Danny predicted. An unknown soldier seats Danny on a box and tells him not to move. Danny notices a broken window high up on the wall.

Miles notices a slight movement and sneaks up behind Nate, who has been following them. They fight for a bit and Miles is about to kill him, but Charlie pleads with him, arguing that he might know about Neville's plans and could be useful. Miles grudgingly agrees and ties his wrists.

As the storm near Noblesville quickly grows worse, there is chaos in the barn as the soldiers try to calm the horses, and Danny uses this opportunity to create a diversion and escape out the window. He doesn't get far before Tom catches him and they jump into a nearby cellar to escape the tornado that is right above them.

Miles tells Maggie that he plans to leave because Charlie is better off without him. While Maggie agrees, she tells Miles that he is not better off without Charlie. She then tells him about her struggle to get back to their kids and how she, eventually, gave up. She also tells him that she almost committed suicide but Ben came along and invited her to eat with them and that she fell in love with Ben and his kids. She resolves her point by saying that they saved her and, if he gives Charlie the chance, she can do the same for him. Getting back into town, they run into the pack of dogs again. They all escape, except for Maggie, who trails behind and is caught by the dogs' owner and master. After a struggle, he stabs her in the leg and Miles carries her into the restaurant where they are hiding out. The wound hit an artery and Maggie tells the shaken group that she is bleeding out.

Neville tells Danny that he isn't much different than Ben, and that Danny reminds him of his own son. He tells Danny about how chaotic the days after the Blackout were.

Nora and Miles go onto the roof to make the man call off his dogs. Maggie tries to get Charlie to leave her, but Charlie refuses.

Just as it looks like the storm is passing, the upper floor collapses onto Tom.

Maggie informs Aaron and Charlie that they will have to stitch up the artery, and Charlie looks for alcohol to sterilize the equipment. The dog owner reaches through an opening and grabs Charlie. Miles comes back and Nate tells him what happened. He cuts him free and they go after Charlie.

Tom is now trapped under the wreckage and he tells Danny that if he leaves him, he would be murdering him. He asks him what his father would do and Danny saves him just before Tom would have been crushed. Tom immediately holds Danny against the wall and re-arrests him.

The man, Ray Kinsey, has Charlie tied up and he tells her about how his daughter died. He tells Charlie that she reminds him of her and says she can stay. Charlie hears Nate's voice and calls for help but he duct-tapes her mouth and sets up a crossbow that will go off if someone opens the door. He leaves and Miles kills him and finds Charlie, she moves out of the way just as the arrow plunges into the chair. They return to the restaurant where Aaron has performed the surgery but Maggie has lost too much blood. She tells Charlie that she saved her and asks for her phone. She remembers her children and smiles as she dies.

Monroe comes to Rachel once again and asks her what kind of mother she is, leaving her children. He wonders out loud if she will talk when he is torturing Danny. She begs him to leave Danny alone, saying she will tell him everything. He replies that he knows she will because her son will be with him. Rachel flashes back to when she left her family, and she is clearly distraught. She walks to a barn and turns herself in to Miles, who was still the commander of the Militia at the time. She asks him to promise that she will see her children again but he turns away and lets a Militia soldier handcuff her.



Guest Stars


  • Last appearance of Maggie Foster.
  • First (and last) appearance of Ray Kinsey.
  • The episode was originally titled "Lowell, Indiana."
  • We learn that Aaron Pittman owned a King Charles Cavalier dog before the blackout.
  • The title may be a reference to the 1977 book and 1982 animated movie of the same name.