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The Pendant
First appearance "Pilot"
Owners Ben Matheson
Aaron Pittman
Grace Beaumont
Randall Flynn
User 8397/37
Bradley Jaffe
Monroe Republic
John Sanborn
Rachel Matheson
Jane Warren
Miles Matheson
Related The Blackout
The Device
The Blueprints
The List

The Pendant is an item which enables any electrical device to once again function as it did before The Blackout.


Each pendant has a limited range of 9 to 10 feet, but will affect all electrical devices in that areas.  ("Kashmir"). 12 total pendants exist. ("Soul Train"). Internally, each has a male USB port, with a portion that detaches like a flash drive. ("Pilot"). They also each send out tracking and activity signals that may be monitored remotely. Three pendant models exist, A, B, and C, with only one model C pendant  ("Ties That Bind"),

Rachel Matheson was successfully able to build an amplifier, extending the range of a pendant to one-half mile.  ("Nobody's Fault But Mine") Monroe then used it to reactivate a UH-1 Huey helicopter gunship.


Grace Beaumont was responsible for creating the Pendants. ("Children of Men") There are seven pendants in the former United States according to the tracking monitor used by Randall. It is unknown if the other pendants are disabled, jammed, or outside the range of the tracking monitor. Below is a summary of pendants verified to exist due to their direct use by someone.

Pendant #6334547

Original Owner: John Sanborn Model A Current Status: Destroyed

Carry History

John used his own pendant to create weapons. When Rachel and Miles arrived, he used it to power a sonic cannon, which he used to quickly incapacitate the two. Miles and Rachel took his pendant when they escaped from him, and later used it to power an AT4 anti-tank missile launcher. The Pendant was in Rachel's possession until she destroyed it.

Pendant #7554343

Original Owner: Ben Matheson Tracking 755.79.4343 Model C Current Status: Destroyed

Carry History

Until his death at the hands of the Militia, Ben Matheson has kept a Pendant hidden from prying eyes since the Blackout occurred. But upon the arrival of Tom Neville and his accompanying militia soldiers he was forced to entrust it to Aaron, thus preventing the Pendant from getting to the militia's hands. Upon handing it to him, he gravely tells Aaron to keep it hidden from anyone.
While investigating Grace's abandoned home, Aaron sees his Pendant mysteriously turn on. He is then able to listen to music on Grace's CD player. Maggie is able to turn on her iPhone and see the pictures of her children once again. Both are overwhelmed emotionally by the return of modern technology and the possibility of ending the Blackout. The Pendant then mysteriously deactivates, returning the Blackout to them.
The Pendant Topview 1x07.PNG
Despite Aaron trying to stop it, the pendant also activated on its own at the Martins Ferry lighthouse, restarting the generator long enough to power the lighthouse for a full rotation. Then, as before, it mysteriously deactivated. Aaron later reveals the pendant to Miles. Miles wants to destroy it immediately to prevent Monroe from getting it.
Mia Clayton pickpocketed from Aaron. She turned it over to Will Strausser in exchange for her letting her and Nora go for free. Strausser delivered the pendant to Monroe who turned it over to Rachel for weaponization under his direction. ("Ties That Bind")
It is destroyed by Rachel Matheson after she discovers it being remotely activated by Randall Flynn.

Pendant #unknown

Original Owner: Grace Beaumont Model Unknown

Carry History

Grace is seen using one to restore a computer and use it to communicate with someone else.
The person on the other end of Grace's communication possibly has a Pendant with which to restore their own computer or they are located at the Device. It is unknown if a successful communication requires them to be present at their respective computer at the same time, but it appears to be like a internet chat room, with instantaneous communication.

Pendant # unknown

Original Owner: Bradley Jaffe Model Unknown

Carry History

He has hidden his pendant to keep it safe. However, under the threat of torture to his daughter Eve Jaffe he gave the militia the hiding location with promise of both his and Eve's safe release. The Monroe Militia now has possession of this Pendant.

Pendant # unknown

Original Owner: Randall Flynn Model Unknown

Carry History

Randall uses his own pendant to power a cattle prod when he first abducts Grace. Later he uses it to power a device that tracks the other pendants

Pendant # unknown

Original Owner: Jane Warren Model Unknown

Carry History

Jane used it to create & power a microwave emitter.

Pendant # unknown

Original Owner: Miles Matheson Model Unknown

Carry History

The Monroe Militia used it to power a nuclear bomb in Altanta, Georgia. Miles took it after disabling the bomb.

Pendant # unknown

Original Owner: Calvin Horn Model Unknown

Carry History

While Dr. Horn was examining the two burnt bodies, a pendant was seen nearby. Thus far, he has not actually used it for anything in particular.

Unassigned Pendants

  1. 3534793 Model A - inactive - not on map
  2. 1425342 Model A - inactive - not on map
  3. 6634632 Model A - inactive - not on map
  4. 2346894 Model B - inactive - not on map
  5. 1204632 Model B - inactive - not on map
  6. 274.23.8235 - in central Plains Nation, near Denver
  7. 644.74.1784 - in western Monroe Republic, near Madison
  8. 564.24.7425 - in south-western Monroe Republic, near Springfield
  9. 995.34.1163 - in south-western Monroe Republic, near St. Louis
  10. 192.16.3774 - in north Texas, near Wichita Falls
  11. 633.42.1405 - in east-central Georgia, near Charleston


  • Aaron reveals to Maggie that Ben gave him the pendant. Also, he mentions who he needs to deliver it to: Grace.
  • The U.S. Government had some role in the creation of the Pendants. Bass Monroe mentioned that Ben Matheson had worked for the Defense Department before the Blackout.
  • Randall Flynn, the Assistant Secretary for the Department of Defense, before the Blackout, had some knowledge of the impending apocalypse and took some steps to prepare.
  • Randall Flynn is seen tracking the pendants at the end of Ties That Bind.
  • J.J. Abrams hinted in an interview that there are interesting events occurring outside the continental U.S. in the show's universe. Perhaps the unaccounted-for pendants are somewhere outside of America. Indeed, the fact the Calvin Horn, one of the Patriots, has one strongly indicates that the Patriots from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have the five that are not on the map.
  • A screen on Ben's laptop before The Blackout has shown a symbol similar to the picture (top right), along with a map of Michigan. He was downloading something to the Pendant just before the blackout occurred.
  • In the beginning episode of Season 2, Aaron is seen carrying a pendant. It is unknown which one it is, or how he came by it.