The Patriots
First appearance The Dark Tower
Appearances 11
Group information
Base Guantanamo Bay Cuba (Formerly)
Around the United States of America
Patriots' secret headquarters
The White House
Washington D.C.
Members Calvin Horn (Deceased)
Randall Flynn (Deceased)
Justine Allenford - Secretary (Deceased)
Adam - Bounty Hunter
Edward Truman - Director (Deceased)
Vincent Cooke - Deputy Director (Deceased)
Garrett (Deceased)
Ken Dawson (Deceased)
Scott (Deceased)
Gene Porter (Formerly)
Jack Davis - President (Deceased)

The Patriots is a mysterious, political group of people, who were members of the United States government. This group is a far-right, military junta and a neo-fascist, totalitarian faction. They serve as the main antagonists in Season 2. However, in Season 2 finale, President Jack Davis was arrested for being a war criminal and Texas goes to war against the Patriots. In the Revolution (DC Comics series), the Patriots were all exterminated by Texas.



After the Blackout, half of the surviving US government retreated to the United States Colony in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Jack Davis, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, had plans to use a "New Order for the Ages" to start a neo-fascist, authoritarian, totalitarian regime and create their own version of the pre-Blackout United States. Davis then launched a military coup to assassinate and overthrow the U.S. Vice President, who was the only highest-ranking official still alive, allowing Davis to become president.

The Patriots first step of conquest was to send Randall Flynn to both instigate a war between the Monroe Republic and Georgia and get into the Tower to use the tech there to launch ICBMs at Philadelphia and Atlanta so they could take over the east coast much easier. After the bombs were dropped, they returned to the United States and began taking over the East Coast, starting a cruel dictatorship. The Plains Nation was annexed by the Patriots, who began wiping out all the war clans and tribes. Duncan Page was one of the victims. The Patriots then planned to instigate a second war between Texas and California to take the rest of the continent. However, in the Season 2 finale, the Patriots' plans are exposed, President Jack Davis was arrested for his war crimes, and Texas declared war on the Patriots. In the Revolution (DC Comics series), the Patriots were all wiped out by Texas. The last Patriots to die were Edward Truman and Jack Davis.

A symbol the patriots use.

Jack Davis.jpg

The tall ships, carrying the remaining U.S. Government arrives in Cuba.

This armband identifies Patriot loyalists

Insignia of the Patriot's chemical warfare division.

The Patriots' origin.

The surviving U.S. Government arrives in Cuba.

The Patriots' propaganda sign, saying to restore the United States.



Patriot soldiers

Soldiers loyal to the Patriots wear olive green uniforms with the flag of the United States on the left shoulder. They are mainly armed with M4 carbines and M9 pistols. It is unknown how large their forces currently are, but their numbers appear to be in the low thousands. They also conscript children into their military, where they are brainwashed into becoming sleeper agents.

Patriot loyalists in Willoughby.

They also make use of old sailing ships, which they used to leave Guantanamo Bay and land at the former U.S.

Jack Davis' dream of becoming the President is about to begin.

Interestingly, some of their important communications are written in Arabic.

More Patriot propaganda.

The Patriots' propaganda poster.



  • According to "Revolution Revealed ," they are not the true United States of America. Wearing the American Flag is just a ruse for them to win the support of the refugees, possibly meaning that Jack Davis is not the President of the United States.
    • This makes them similar to the Allied States of America from the TV series Jericho
    • They are also similar to the Enclave from the Fallout video game series
  • The symbol they use on official documents is very similar to the Illuminati eye inside a pyramid that features in many conspiracy theories.

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