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The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
Season 1, Episode 14
Revolution 1x14-6.jpg
Air date April 22, 2013
Runtime 42:44
Production Code 2J7114
Flashbacks Miles


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"The Song Remains the Same"

"The Night the Lights went Out in Georgia" is the 14th episode of Season 1, it aired on April 22, 2013


Paranoia strikes Monroe deeply as Neville disappears and Neville’s son Jason makes a big decision. Meanwhile, the familial bond between Miles and Charlie grows stronger. Elsewhere, Miles experiences romantic attraction toward both Rachel and Nora . And Rachel sets off on her dangerous quest to infiltrate the Tower and restore power to the world before Monroe can ignite a Nuclear Bomb.


Upon learning that Neville and his wife fled Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Monroe becomes infuriated to discover Jason Neville is still alive. The onslaught of revelations - how long had Neville been lying to him? - leaves Monroe questioning everything and everyone. In a fit of rage, he literally shoots the messenger, Captain Burke, in the head. Elsewhere, a dying resistance fighter slumps into camp on horseback and delivers a note to Miles before dying. Monroe has snuck his nuclear bomb over the border into Atlanta, and Miles thinks he is just crazy enough to set it off. Together with Charlie Matheson and Nora Clayton, Miles decides to head for Georgia to halt a potential nuclear holocaust. It will be Charlie's first time outside of the Monroe Republic...

Once over the border and into Georgia, Miles Matheson knows his group will have to disguise themselves as soldiers if they hope to pass through the city gates into Atlanta. At a border outpost in the woods, the group finds a cabin full of dead Georgian troops. Monroe's men already got to them, and they took their spare uniforms with them. Miles, Charlie and Nora will have to take the clothes off the dead soldiers. As they are doing this, Miles sees a familiar knife on a nearby table. He flashes back seven years, when he gave a fellow soldier and protege, Alec Penner, the very same knife, a Matheson family heirloom. Now, Alec seems to be back - and leaving messages for his former mentor.

Rachel  leads Aaron  to her friend Jane's home, since she knows more about The Tower than anyone else. But Aaron gets nervous when the path to Jane's location is through uncharted and ominous, territory. His suspicions are confirmed when the two get jumped by two Militia soldiers. Just as Rachel is about to be raped by one of Monroe's men, both soldiers suddenly turn red and short of breath. Their skin smolders as they collapse to the ground, dead, terrifying Rachel and Aaron. Suddenly, Jane appears out of nowhere, with a blinking handheld device in her hand. Whatever just happened, she saved their lives.

Aaron wants to know what the hell happened, but Jane merely invites him and Rachel to her house for sandwiches, where Rachel is delighted to see Jane's wife, Beth, after so long. Once alone, Rachel asks Jane to help turn on the power at The Tower and destroy the nanites. "Even though they're keeping your son alive?" Jane asks. When Rachel pulls out the capsule she cut out of Danny's corpse, Jane begins to weep. The nanites are not just keeping the power off - they have other uses too. Because of the nanites, Jane's beloved wife Beth has been able to survive stage four cancer for 16 years. If Rachel turns on the power, she will short-circuit the nanites, killing Beth. Jane strongly "suggests" that Rachel drop the matter - now.

Disguised as soldiers, Charlie, Miles and Nora sneak into Atlanta. The group searches around Atlantic Station, Atlanta's most bustling commercial district, for the bomb. Miles has just located the nuke when Alec attacks him in an alley. As he rains down punches on the older Miles, an arrow suddenly hits Alec in the shoulder, and Charlie rushes in to stop the fight. Alec breaks off the tail of the arrow and grabs the nuke before losing himself in the crowd. Miles and Charlie sprint after him. When Miles finds him, Alec grabs a soldier's gun and takes him hostage. Miles tries to talk Alec down, but Alec shoots the cop and throws him and the gun in Miles' path before running away. As Miles attempts to revive the officer, Atlanta police descend on him, assuming Miles committed the murder of one of their own.

Nora and Charlie know they will never find Alec - or the bomb - without Miles. Unfortunately, the Atlanta police have arrested him. Charlie plans Miles' escape, but as she is looking for a way into the jail, Alec sneaks up behind her and pushes her against the wall. Alec begins breaking down Charlie's will, ridiculing her for naively following Miles. He was once in her shoes, until he found out who Miles truly was; when Alec realizes Charlie is Rachel Matheson's daughter, he encourages her to find out what Miles did to her mother. Suddenly, Monroe helicopters drops hundreds of fliers from the sky, and Alec runs away. Picking up a flier, Charlie sees Monroe's warning of a "nuclear event."

Miles is taken to see the Georgia Federation's President, Kelly Foster, at the top of a massive Atlanta skyscraper. She has received word that Monroe intends to detonate a nuclear bomb unless she surrenders by midnight. Miles pleads for his release so he can stop the detonation, but President Foster is still harboring ill will towards Miles for past bad blood - both personal and professional. Miles assures her if she does not let him stop Alec and the bomb, they will be in the same dust cloud anyway. It is unknown how Miles wins his release. Later that night as sirens wail, Miles meets up with Nora and Charlie amidst a sea of panicking Georgians. The city has devolved into chaos, but they are determined to stop that bomb from detonating...

In a flashback, nine years after the blackout, Miles welcomes Alec back home after he returns from a mission. Alec's mission was a failure, and Miles is well aware the Monroe Republic cannot afford to engage in a war with Texas. Since the Texans in question saw Alec's face, Miles has agreed to send him back to Texas as a means of avoiding war. Alec is distraught by the betrayal and begs for his life, knowing Miles' decision is death for him. Miles coldly sits back as Alec is dragged out of his office, to an uncertain but unpleasant fate.

Late that night, Jane catches Rachel searching through her files in hopes of uncovering the key to turning the power back on. Jane implores Rachel to drop her quest - after all, the nanites kept Danny Matheson alive just as they did Beth. Rachel did terrible things in an effort to keep Danny alive, and now that he is dead, none of it mattered. If she could do it all over again, she would sacrifice Danny. Unable to believe this and willing to do anything to save Beth , Jane advances menacingly with her blinking device. But Beth has heard everything. Incredulous that Jane has always known how to turn the power back on, Beth threatens to slit her wrists if Jane does not give Rachel the knowledge she needs to destroy the nanites. Jane hands Rachel a thick notebook, telling her, "Get out. And don't come back."

Miles notices Alec climbing a nearby fire escape with the bomb and chases after him with Nora and Charlie. Inside the building, Miles finds a resigned Alec sitting next to the bomb. Alec fully intends to blow himself up along with the whole city of Atlanta. It is his job - and the job comes first, at least that is what Miles taught him. Miles assures Alec he was wrong, but the damage has already been done. As he is berating Miles for effectively destroying his life - and everything Miles taught him to believe - Alec's radio goes off. Monroe orders Alec to execute his mission.

Miles tackles Alec and the two engage in a brutal fight. If Alec gets to that bomb, they are all dead. As the two wrestle on the floor, Miles implores Alec not to carry out his mission, but Alec claims Miles has done this to him. With no choice, Miles takes the knife he once gave Alec and kills the closest thing to a son he has ever known. Back in Philadelphia, Monroe is furious when Alec does not respond to his orders. Later on, as Miles quietly broods, Charlie asks Miles about what he did to her mother. She just wants to know the truth. Miles says the truth is people count on him, and they get hurt - and that is because he does not even think twice about hurting people... that is just who he is. Disgusted with himself, Miles tells Charlie to get the hell away from him.

President Foster orders Miles to return the bomb to her office, where she asks him for the radioactive material from the device. Miles refuses to hand it over, assuming she will just nuke Monroe. President Kelly tells Miles of her money, her navy, her allies, and her plans to attack Monroe's Southern border. She wants Miles and the Rebels to strike at the Republic from the inside. But Miles does not have that kind of manpower. Outside, President Foster shows Miles a battalion of 200 men with 1,000 weapons. Is Miles ready to be a general again?


Guest Stars


  • First appearance of President Kelly Foster.
  • First (and last) appearance of Dr. Jane Warren.
  • First (and last) appearance of Alec Penner.
  • This episode was replaced on April 15 by a Brian Williams-anchored news special on the Boston Marathon Bombing.
  • The new air date was April 22.
  • The title of the episode could be a reference to Reba McEntire's The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia.