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The Device
First appearance"The Children's Crusade"
RelatedThe Blackout
The Pendant

The Device is an invention inadvertently created by a group of people including Grace Beaumont, Ben Matheson, Rachel Matheson, Bradley Jaffe and possibly User 8397/37 that inhibits all forms of electricity. It is presumed that a form of the Device caused The Blackout.



The Device was originally created for the purpose of creating a low-cost energy source. Assistant Secretary of the Department of Defense, Randall Flynn met with Ben Matheson to discuss the Device. Ben told Flynn that they failed in their endeavor, by creating a machine that inhibits electricity instead of creating it. A demonstration was given by Ben and Grace Beaumont by turning off all electricity in the room, then turning it back on. Flynn, impressed, asked if the Device can be replicated on a larger scale. Ben replied that it could.


There is a location that is controlled by Randall where the large-scale device for energy inhibition was constructed. It appears there they have plenty of electricity to light up the place. The Device may be somewhere on or near the east coast of the United States, since the Blackout seems to have started and spread in a "ripple" from somewhere near Virginia. It is possible that the Device is located in The Tower.

Monroe has Rachel engaged in building a pendant-amplification device which would extend the area within which electrical flow is temporarily restored. This appears to be a miniaturized version of the device, only working in reverse. Schematics indicate this smaller, portable device is called a "Nest" and that it utilizes a virus (presumably computer type). One was possibly destroyed when the Huey helicopter that was carrying it was shot down by Danny Matheson, but Randall has made more since then, using one to power four Humvees and a M35 2 1/2 ton truck.

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