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The Dark Tower
Season 1, Episode 20
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Air date June 3, 2013
Production Code 2J7120
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"Children of Men"
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"The Dark Tower" is the 20th and final episode of the first season, and aired on June 3rd 2013 on NBC.


The Rebels infiltrate the tower; Miles faces a situation that tests his character and leadership ability; Aaron's knowledge comes in handy. Will Aaron succeed in turning on the power and bring electricity back to the Earth or will the world go up in flames?


After a brief montage, the episode starts up with Monroe and Miles facing off, both aiming their coilguns at each other. However they are interrupted by the guards of the Tower, who cause Miles and Bass to join forces to escape. They successfully make it to an exit which turns out to be part of the water main system. While attempting to cross it, they fall into it when a Tower guard shoots at the pipes. This leads to Miles and Monroe being washed out of the complex while Nora is left hanging onto a ledge. Deep in the Tower, Randall Flynn breaks a portrait of former U.S. President George W. Bush and recovers a spare keycard.

A Dweller uses her keycard to access the Nest (living quarters), where Grace and Rachel are arguing over the risks of shutting down the nanites, which Rachel claims are replicating out of control. Referring to Miles, Monroe and Nora, Jenkins announces that their "friends are gone"; if Rachel tries to access Level 12 to turn the power on, he will kill her. After taking control of Monroe's encampment, Neville tells loyalist Major Franklin that he is free to leave, then shoots him in cold blood. When the gunshots bring Jason and another guard running, Neville claims Franklin took a shot at him first.

Miles wakes up on the shore of a river only to find Monroe waiting for him ready to continue their fight. Both former best friends duke it out until a Militia soldier fires on them. Monroe orders the soldier to hold fire and announces himself but the soldier fires on him and runs into the woods. Monroe turns back only to find that Miles has left him. Monroe flashes back to ten years after The Blackout when Miles and Monroe are in a bar having celebrating Miles' birthday when a bomb explodes, severely injuring them both.

After poking around The Tower's computers, Aaron grows very upset. Grace confirms that he wrote the code that the Department of Defense bought to use for The Tower's operating system. She suggests that Ben Matheson didn't meet Aaron by chance. Outside, Neville has stacked a pile of C-4 against The Tower's door. Jason is stunned to learn that his father is trying to prevent Rachel Matheson from turning the power back on at all costs. Jason comments that Neville switched sides from the Georgia Federation to the Monroe Republic in less than ten seconds. Neville begs for Jason's help, knowing that Jason hates him, but they need to work together or they will die. Jason agrees but he still wants Charlie and Rachel alive. A militia scout informs Neville that Monroe is in the nearby woods

Rachel tells Grace about Danny Matheson, born three months early with undeveloped lungs. She loved him instantly and fought so hard for his life that she never stopped. Now her intention is to stop the Militia and set things right, so Danny didn't die for nothing. That's why she is appealing to Grace, who also lost a child. After all, the odds of things going wrong are one in a billion. When Grace stands firm, Rachel chloroforms her, grabs her keycard, and locks her in a room, then joins Charlie and Aaron, who have been in on the plan from the start.

Miles flashes back 10 years after the Blackout; he wakes in a bed in Independence Hall after the bar bomb. Nora is glad that he's alright and Monroe tell him the Rebels planted the bomb. Monroe brings Miles to the window to watch five coffins being loaded into a wagon. Not only did Monroe kill the bomber, but he killed his family, with the intention of making an example of them. Back at The Tower, Aaron tells Rachel and Charlie that he built a back door into his code - and it is open. Furthermore, he thinks the Blackout was not an accident. Someone did it on purpose. That is when Nora shows up to say she has no idea where Miles is. And in that moment, she knows Rachel loves Miles - and he loves her back. Miles will choose Rachel every time.

In the woods, Miles is attacked by Monroe and they get into a brief fight and Monroe wants Miles to fight him, but Miles says if they fight again they will end up kicking their asses. Miles tells Monroe he has his own problems, then Monroe reminds Miles about how he tried to kill him and started all of this. Miles tells him that the reason why he tried to kill him is that because he killed so many innocent people, including the Rebel's wife and kids, but Monroe tells him that he did it for Miles so that he could protect him from many people, who Monroe thinks they're dangerous, after the Blackout had made everyone aggressive, and that nothing is going to happen to him. Then, one of Monroe's Helicopters flies over the two and starts firing and they make a run for it. Miles escapes, but Monroe gets captured. In the Tower, Nora and Rachel talk about what happened to Miles and how Rachel loves him. The four see the group and Nora concocts a plan. Back outside, Monroe is brought inside Neville's tent and looks up to Neville, who says "General, there's been a change in management" and gives him an evil smile.

Monroe wonders how Tom got to The Tower and replies that Miles flew him here. Monroe says he is going to have Neville and his wife killed. Neville tells Monroe he has turned foolish and demented. Monroe tells Neville to shoot him. Neville responds that he does not shoot people in the face as Monroe does. Jason then comes into the tent and Monroe is surprised to see Jason alive (as Neville lied to Monroe before about Jason being dead) and Jason reports to Neville that something is going on in the tower and then leads him to the Tower, leaving Monroe in the tent.

Rachel, Nora, Charlie, and Aaron make it to the stairwell, leading to Level 12. However, they are unable to access it, being beaten to it by the Dwellers and Dan. During this time, Neville enters the tower. Nora sets up an explosive trap, set off via tripwire, to kill the Dwellers. However, Dan spots it and bypasses it, while telling Rachel, "Nice try..". Nora then sets off the trap using a fire extinguisher, killing Dan and the Dwellers, though she is mortally wounded.

Back outside the tower, Miles enters the tent where Monroe is held and releases him. Miles tells Bass why he tried to kill him and states "You're asking the wrong question, ask me why I couldn't?" Miles then states that they are still brothers and this is never going to change. Miles tells Monroe to run, and then shouts "Monroe's escaping" and is able to make a run to the tower and sneak inside. Grace wakes up and tries to find Rachel, but is confronted by Neville and his Militia and asks "Don't I know you". Charlie and Aaron try to help Nora, while Rachel spots Militia coming. Charlie wants to first save Nora, and then go turn the lights on, but Nora tells Charlie that Rachel is right and Nora has to do it for the Rebels. Charlie asks "How many more people have to die from this?". Rachel tells Charlie they're doing this for Danny, but Charlie says that Danny is dead and he's never coming back. Then Charlie tell her mother that she is right here and alive. Rachel then tells Charlie to lock the door and asks Aaron to come with her and. Nora tells him to go and Aaron says goodbye to Nora.

Charlie then stays with Nora and Nora screams. The militia soldier hears the screams and busts in and fights Charlie, but is then suddenly stabbed in the neck by Miles. Nora then informs Miles that Rachel and Aaron went to Level 12 and tells him to go, but Miles is never leaving Nora so he scoops her into his arms and they go to Level 12 bringing Nora with them, but Nora then suddenly dies. Miles cries and gives her one last kiss. Neville, Jason, Grace, and the militia, and gang finally reach Level 12 and Neville and the militia catch Rachel and Aaron. Neville then informs them to come with them. Then a few seconds later, Miles, Charlie, and Neville and soldiers engages in a shoot out.

Rachel then makes a run for it and is able to swipe her keycard then lets Aaron Charlie and Miles in safely. Rachel asks for Nora, but Charlie tells her she's dead. Aaron enters the code successfully until it says "Authorize Execution". Outside the doors Neville tells a soldier to find a way to get through the doors, then he stares at Jason saying "Unless you got a problem with that". Back inside the doors, Aaron ask Rachel "what if Grace is right it could end the world", but Rachel then tells him to do it anyway. Aaron enters the code and presses the button.

The lights slowly turn back on across the world. Julia Neville, Priscilla Pittman and Kelly Foster witness the lights turn back on. Back in Atlanta, Georgia Foster sees the light go on as a Georgian soldier comes in to her office. She orders him to throw everything they got at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Back at the tower Aaron states "It worked". Outside of the tower, Monroe is out in an open plains, where a crazy wild unnatural lightning storm starts.

Back inside, Rachel, Charlie, Aaron, and Miles hear gunshots who are revealed to be caused by Randall Flynn, who is launching nuclear missiles at Philadelphia and Atlanta. Rachel tries to talk Randall out of his plan, but he presses on. Miles unsuccessfully tries to shoot the bulletproof glass. Randall shoots the button that could destroy the missiles. Randall states that he doesn't give two craps about Monroe, the only reason he went to Monroe is to wipe out Georgia, then he would wipe out Monroe, so the East Coast would be clear. Randall tells Rachel "I'm a patriot Rachel" and then shoots himself in the head.

With Randall dead, all that Rachel, Aaron, Charlie and Miles can do is watch in horror as the missiles get closer to their destinations. An unseen man turns the lamp on and off as another man comes into his room stating "Sir, Randall Flynn finally did it. It's time to go home, Mr. President". The camera zooms out, where it is revealed that United States of America has a colony in Guantanamo Bay Cuba and the President of the United States has been hiding for the past 15 years, waiting for Randall Flynn to fulfill his mission as the episode draws to a close.



Guest Stars



  • Nora Clayton
  • Randall Flynn