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First appearanceTies That Bind (Mentioned Only)
Born in the U.S.A. (Full Appearance)
Group information
BaseCapitol Building (Texas), Austin, Texas
MembersBill Carver (President)
Frank Blanchard
John Franklin Fry (Deceased)
Malcolm Dove
Gene Porter
Mason (deceased)
Texas Capital Building

The Texas Capitol Building

Texas, officially known as the Republic of Texas (also referred to as the Texas Republic or Great/Sovereign Nation of Texas), is a Republic in the North American continent.



Texas has had a history of rebellions and governing itself before it became part of the United States. It is the only post-Blackout nation to have been a country before. Nora and Mia's father once owned a home in Galveston, but it was abandoned after the Blackout.


After the Blackout, Texas became an independent republic again, with General Frank Blanchard serving as President. He almost died in a botched assassination attempt by Miles Matheson 's protege, Alec Penner. He survived, however, and identified his would-be murderer. This almost caused a war between Texas and the Monroe Republic that, according to Miles, the Monroe Republic would have lost. To prevent this, Miles gave them Alec, who was then held prisoner for the next six years. Sometime later, General Blanchard retired and was succeeded by Bill Carver.


At some point during or after 2027, the town of Willoughby, Texas comes under attack by a War Clan from the Plains Nation.  It was revealed that the Patriots paid Titus Andover a lot of diamonds for his help in scaring Willoughby. After the Patriots had "defeated" the Andover Clan, Ed Truman sent a letter to Austin telling Texas about the event. Afterwards, General Carver sent John Franklin Fry, the Secretary of the Interior and Texas Ranger, and 4 other rangers to Willoughby to investigate the Patriots. Monroe killed Fry in hopes of instigating a war with the Patriots, but his efforts were foiled by Gene Porter. Monroe was then captured and executed by the Texas Rangers. At that moment, Texas formed diplomatic ties with the Patriots, with Carver signing a nonaggression pact, thus allowing the Patriots to remain in Willoughby as "a Guantanamo Bay deep in the heart of Texas." This led to an alliance between Texas and the Patriots. Following the "execution" of Monroe, the Patriots sent cadets to Austin to assassinate key members of the Texas government and frame California for the murders, hoping to instigate a war similar to the one between the Monroe Republic and Georgia. First, a male cadet with California papers on him assassinated Senator Wymann, leading to half the Senate demanding war. Then a girl disguised as a prostitute attempted to assassinate General Blanchard, but he survived. At a graduation ceremony for the most recent members of the Texas Rangers, Dillon Matthews was to shoot General Carver, but was stopped by Miles.

On Memorial Day, General Carver was invited to Willoughby to celebrate a joint holiday to remember both fallen Patriots and Texas Rangers. However, he was unaware of the Patriot's plan to kill everyone using mustard gas. When Miles once again stopped the Patriots, Truman personally shot Carver and his guards, then shot himself in the arm to convince Texas that California had killed them. When the news reached Austin, Texas declared war. However, when the Patriots' true nature was discovered, Texas declared war on the Patriots, in order to wipe them out. President Jack Davis was arrested and Truman was now a wanted fugitive for murder, and the diplomatic ties and the relations between Texas and the Patriots have broken apart. Miles mentions that Texas will outnumber the Patriots 4 to 1, and the war would be over by the end of summer, with the counterattack starting in Willoughby. As Texas declares war on the Patriots, it implies that Texas will launch an invasion on the East Coast of the U.S., thus overthrowing the Patriots' dictatorship. General Frank Blanchard now becomes the President of Texas again. In the Revolution (DC Comics series), the Texas Rangers managed to exterminate all of the Patriots and invade Washington D.C. After the Patriot-Texas War, Texas remained independent and free of Patriot influence.


After the Blackout, Texas expanded to eventually consist of the former states of Texas and parts of Arkansas, Oklahoma, western Louisiana, southern Kansas as well as parts of northern Mexico.  Texas is the only nation in post-Blackout America with borders similar to pre-Blackout states that run in straight lines. One of the Pendants, number 192.16.377, is located near Wichita Falls.


Aaron Pittman made note of several post-Blackout superstitions in his journal. Among them is the belief by some Texans in Wintalefs, creatures that are supposedly half dog, half chicken. They are rumored to cluck like chickens in order to attract prey, but apparently necklaces made of quartz and mountain mint keep them at bay.

Mexico is revealed to still exist in Season 2, Episode  (Three Amigos)  It's border is unknown, but has lost much territory to California, the Wasteland, and Texas.

Previous residents include: Rachel Matheson, Gene and Charlotte Porter, Nora and Mia Clayton, and their father.

800px-Flag of Texas

Flag of Texas


According to Bonnie Webster , Texan politicians have a press corps in Austin including the use of late 19th century dry plate cameras. The Austin Star Times is a newspaper in Austin, Texas, which is also still the capitol of Texas. The central government of Texas consists of a president, formerly General Carver, and a senate based in Austin. In fact, Texas is the only post-Blackout nation to mention having any form of legislature. The central government regulates the military (the President more often being referred to as General rather than Mr. President) while local townships regulate day-to-day operations. The Republic allows its citizens to bear arms without many restrictions. Texas has also established a fire department in Austin. Miles once referred to Texas as "an 800 pound gorilla in a Stetson" and Monroe stated that when it comes to acts of congress, the Texas senate is not know to take mulligans.  

In the episode Dead Man Walking, it is show that Texas has a court system and that execution by lethal injection is a form of capitol punishment. This shows that of the American republics post-Blackout, Texas is the most like the former United States, with an executive, legislative, and judicial branch of government.  

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The Seal of Texas


The Texas Rangers are still active and serve as the main military of Texas. They use horses as transportation and appear to have a standardized uniform of sorts; some also wear pre-Blackout bulletproof vests. Their weapons vary greatly, from various sidearms and rifles to double-barrel shotguns they also carry a Bowie knife as a melee weapon. 70% of the rangers are stationed at the Texas-Mexican Border, for reasons unknown, before the Patriots came and tried to instigate a war between Texas and California. When Texas learned the truth, war was declared on the Patriots. After declaring war on the Patriots, Texas launches an attack against them. According to Miles, the Rangers outnumber the Patriots 4 to 1, and the war would be over by the end of summer, with the counterattack starting in Willoughby. The Patriot-Texas war ended with the extermination of the Patriots.

Foreign Relations

Like the other American republics, Texas has a long history of conflict with its neighbors. The Monroe Republic, envious of Texas' vast strength, made numerous attempts to sabotage the regional power, only to fail and make pitiful concessions to placate tensions. After the bombing of Atlanta, many former Georgia Federation soldiers and citizens were welcomed as refugees by Texas, suggesting the nations previously had warm relations in trade and security. Texas had little communication with the practically non-existent governing structure of the Plains Nation; consequently their northern territory was plagued by raids from warring tribes and slavers based on the Plains. Texas competed economically and militarily with Mexico, deploying troops near the border and establishing a barrier with their southern neighbor.

Upon their initial emergence, Texas supported the effort of the Patriots to restore the United States to both suppress the chaos occurring on the East Coast and have a powerful ally in opposing California and Mexico. Before the Patriot-Texas war, Texas wanted to start diplomatic relations with the Patriots, implying that they wanted to fuel their economy with trade, and were influenced by the United States' great power, since they were once part of the U.S. as well.
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Texas forms peaceful diplomatic relations with the Patriots.

Texas also wanted to ally with the Patriots to restore America in order to rebuild peace, prosperity, and law and order, due to the anarchy caused by the collapse of the Georgia Federation and the Monroe Republic.
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Texas and the Patriots, before their relations ended.

Due to the lack of resources and the harsh environment, Texas had no interest occupying the Wasteland of the American Southwest. This helped deter an all-out war against their most threatening adversary, California, when the Patriots framed California for the attacks on the Texas government.
Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 5.15.30 PM

The end of the Patriot/Texas relations.

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