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Sylvania Estates, Wisconsin
is a village where the Matheson Family lived sometime after The Blackout


The village consists of at least 7 houses around the remains of a cul-de-sac, surrounded by a large wooden fence. Surrounding the village is a large area consisting mainly of fields for crops and forest. Within the walls more farming takes place as well as pens where animals such as sheep and chickens are kept. This village pays crop taxes to the Monroe Republic. (Pilot)  


The village was settled some time after the Blackout. Over time, Ben Matheson eventually became the de jour leader of the settlement. He was apparently well-liked by the residents, as they came to his defense when the Militia attempted to arrest him. Due to their past and connections to the Blackout, Ben and Rachel took it upon themselves to blend in with the settlement, so as not to draw attention to themselves. Caleb made his own moonshine, which he supplied to community dinners that were held every once in a while. Eventually a team of militia led by Captain Tom Neville arrived to arrest Ben Matheson and Ben was accidentally shot and killed, so the militia took Danny Matheson instead. Several other village residents and some militia troops were also killed. Charlie Matheson, Maggie and Aaron Pittman left the village to locate Charlie's uncle, Miles. (Pilot

Sylvania Estates

Known Residents


One of the villagers had a firearm, which is punishable by death under the Baltimore Act.

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