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Shit Happens
Season 2, Episode 19
Air date April 30th 2014
Written by Anne Cofell Saunders & David Reed
Directed by John F. Showalter
Production Code 2J7719
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"Austin City Limits"

Shit Happens is the 19th episode of Season 2 and aired on April 30th 2014.


As Miles, Monroe, Charlie and Connor rush to escape Austin, a confrontation with Texas Rangers separates Miles from the group. While out searching for Miles, Charlie is confronted by Tom who demands information on Jason's whereabouts. As a wounded Miles faces increasingly hopeless circumstances, Aaron learns that the nanotech has been busy.


Miles finds a catatonic and bloody Charlie wandering the square in front of the capitol building, so he hustles her into a wagon and drives out of town. Miles tells Charlie that she had no choice other than kill Jason, so she should snap out of it. Now they have to kill Neville before he kills her. When a group of Texas Rangers appears in the distance, Monroe wants to kill them all, but Miles knows that they need Texas on their side. He orders everyone off the wagon and sends them back to camp, then leads the Rangers on a wild goose chase. Unfortunately, Miles wagon hits an old bumper adorned with the sticker "S#!& Happens," which sends him flying. Moments later, he's cornered, so he tries to negotiate. Desperate, Miles tells the Rangers to stand down, or they will die - but they don't, so most of them do. Out of bullets, Miles runs for it, but the last Ranger catches up with him for a swordfight. He manages to slice into Miles' torso, but in the end, Miles prevails, sighing, "I'm having a bad day."

Back at the camp, nano Priscilla has Aaron catering to her curious exploration of human life, now focused on music. Aaron pulls out an old Walkman with a cassette of Starship's "We Built This City." He apologizes for the song, but Priscilla thinks it is most elegant. Aaron begs her to let the real Priscilla go, but now nano Priscilla wants to try pizza... Just then, Monroe, Charlie and Connor return to camp, stunned to learn Miles hasn't beaten them there. As Rachel, Charlie and Monroe immediately start packing for a reconnaissance, a weakened Miles steps into an abandoned house and collapses on the floor. Badly injured and trapped in the basement, Miles is relieved to find a first-aid kit - which contains a single Band-Aid. He really is having a bad day.

Worried, Aaron consults nano Priscilla - can she locate Miles? She can, but she doesn't want to. It turns out the nano appeared to Miles about six months ago as part of their "experiments" on humans, and found his notions "dark" and not worth saving. After cauterizing his wound, Miles head fills with dark notions as he flashes back to the Season 2 premiere, the night of the mysterious burning shed - apparently the site of the nano's so-called experiment.

On the hunt for Miles, Charlie splits off from the pack and is overtaken by Neville, who demands to know what happened to Jason. Stone-faced, Charlie insists she doesn't know. Nevertheless, Neville is positive that Jason is at the Mathesons' camp, so Charlie is going to take him there. Meanwhile, Miles and Rachel converge around the "S#!& Happens" bumper and the site of Miles' massacre of the Rangers, where they find his sword. Rachel wants to retrieve Charlie, but Monroe insists he knows which way Miles went, because he knows him better than Rachel. In fact, they walk right past Miles' location, but since the house is pretty much collapsed, there is no sign of him. Overwhelmed with worry for his best friend, Monroe lays into Rachel, calling her the psychopath at the root of all Miles' problems. To Rachel, Monroe an insecure child, the devil on Miles' shoulder. True to form, Monroe asks Rachel about their "night" in Philadelphia. Pointing out that she was his prisoner, Rachel slaps Monroe, which he answers with a violent kiss. Rachel grabs her shotgun - a definitive threat - and warns Monroe to stay the hell away.

Neville is very unhappy when Charlie leads him to an empty house. Threatening to kill her, Neville pauses to read her face. As Charlie's steely resolve withers under his interrogation, Neville is finally able to deduce Jason is dead. When he threatens to haunt the Mathesons until he finds Jason's murderer, Charlie admits the whole story: she killed Jason and it is killing her - so if Neville wants to kill her, he should just do it. Neville levels his gun at her head and pulls the trigger, but the chamber is empty. As he dissolves into grief, a hysterical Charlie is able to walk back to the camp, where she grabs Connor and holds on for dear life. Still on the hunt, Rachel discovers Miles' jacket, which is covered with too much of his blood. Making a complete 180, Monroe assures Rachel that Miles is too stubborn to die, and she chooses to believe him. Two days later, Charlie tells Connor that she is going back out to hunt for Miles. That is when she explains what happened with Neville. She finally knew she didn't want to die just as he was pulling the trigger - but it was too late. And then, suddenly, she got a second chance, deserved or not. So now she's invested in her future, and no matter what, she wants Miles to be there.

Once again, Aaron begs nano Priscilla to find Miles. After all, being human is about loyalty to friends. Priscilla calmly explains that while he may have created her, Aaron doesn't get to make demands. If he brings up the subject of Miles again, nano Priscilla will have to kill the real Priscilla, and maybe the rest of Aaron's friends. And what she wants now is... pizza. Still trapped in the basement, Miles scrawls "I'm sorry" on the wall, apparently ready to let life end. Once again, he flashes back to the drunken night in the shed when his dead brother Ben appears, presumably the nano's experiment. Miles thinks he's dreaming, but Ben hits to the core: he knows Miles is a drunk who never had the guts to admit screwing Rachel. Does Miles think he's protecting Charlie and Rachel? He is a savage animal. Sooner or later, Charlie and Rachel are going to die, and it will be all Miles' fault. Miles should just abandon Ben's family, just like he did Monroe. Back then, Miles burned down the shed and prepared to leave town... but now - he finds a guitar pick, which reminds him of good times with Rachel, so terribly long ago. Determined to live, Miles improvises a cherry bomb and uses the resulting explosion and fire to collapse the ceiling to his tomb, then starts clawing his way out of the rubble...



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