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Sex and Drugs
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date October 29, 2012
Written by David Rambo
Directed by Steve Boyum
Runtime 44:07
Production Code 2J7106
Flashbacks Aaron Pittman
Timeline 2012, 2027
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"Soul Train"
"The Children's Crusade"

"Sex and Drugs" is the sixth episode of Season 1, and overall the sixth produced hour of Revolution. It is was aired on October 29, 2012.


In order to save Nora from her injury, Miles leads the gang on a detour to visit an old acquaintance of his for medical support, but they quickly find themselves in unfriendly territory. Aaron recalls his meek history as he looks back at his life, and Neville delivers Danny to Monroe.


Nora's stab wound is festering, and her life is ebbing away. Since she is too weak to walk, Charlie and Miles steal a Militia wagon and head for the only place Miles thinks he can get help, five hours away. Charlie scoffs when Aaron tells her it will be okay. Overwhelmed with losing Maggie and watching Danny get beat to a pulp, Charlie seems to be losing it. Hope is escaping her. Aaron flashes back to the night of the Blackout: He and his wife Priscilla are celebrating their anniversary in a limo on their way to the airport. Suddenly the power snaps off and the limo abruptly stops in the middle of an intersection. Seconds later, a huge truck crashed into the limo, Priscilla's screams fade into the background as glass flies into the darkness.

Finally, Neville delivers Danny to Monroe. Explaining that he knew Ben personally, Monroe tells Danny that Neville will be held accountable for his death. Danny's intrigued to discover that Monroe knows his mother too, but Monroe sends him away, telling him that as a guest, he can ask for anything he pleases. Happy with his work, Monroe promotes Neville to Major, asking him to head up Intelligence and Interrogation, a job he has coveted for years. Neville is pleased; now he can finally work close to home and spend time with his wife. Miles and crew roll up to a mansion surrounded by half-burnt poppy fields and guarded by soldiers, where Miles demands to see Drexel. When Charlie and Aaron begin unloading Nora, dozens of men cock their rifles. Drexel comes storming outside - how could Miles dare to show his face around here? Clearly, Drexel is not a friend. With a gun in hand, he forces Miles and Aaron to their knees, with plans to shoot Miles first.

Drexel cracks a smile. He's only joking! Can't anyone take a joke anymore? After collecting their weapons, Drexel ushers them into the house. Nora is quickly taken to the doctor downstairs while Drexel offers the rest of them private rooms, baths and wine. The mansion is shockingly luxurious, undoubtedly thanks to Drexel's heroin business. The guy is a loose canon, though, and he leaves the group to attend to a pair of attractive woman waiting for him upstairs. Aaron flashes back to two months after the Blackout: Priscilla is deathly ill, unable to keep anything down. A stranger comes out of the shadows to introduce himself as Sean and offer clean water. He infers Priscilla probably has dysentery caused by drinking contaminated lake water. Miles heads down to the basement, where he donates blood to Nora, who is currently in septic shock. Worried, he gently reaches for her hand as they lay beside one another.

Charlie watches as two women in skimpy dresses fill a bath for her. Submerged in the tub, she's haunted by a series of flashbacks that have come to define her: losing her mother and father; losing Maggie; getting so close, but losing Danny too. Something within her snaps. With firm resolve, Charlie gets out of the bath and begins ripping up the precious postcards she's saved. Back in Philadelphia, Jason (formerly Nate) marches into Monroe's office. Monroe compliments his thorough report. Neville, on the other hand, isn't happy with the report, particularly how soft it is concerning Charlie. Monroe hands Jason the sketch Rachel drew of the Pendant, and Jason tells them Aaron has it. When Jason hears Monroe is sending a man named Strausser after the group, he panics; Strausser rarely leaves survivors. This doesn't ruffle Monroe; all he needs is Miles and the Pendant.

Strausser coldly sharpens a knife and reminisces about his father, a butcher cum artiste, who told him to always use the right tool for the job. Back at the mansion, the group watches over Nora while packing to leave the crazy house, as if escaping Drexel's clutches would be that simple. Drexel walks in to remind Miles of their history: when Miles was in the Militia he eliminated all of Drexel's drug competitors to pad both their pockets with a river of gold. But when Miles abandoned the Militia, Drexel was shunned as well for having worked so closely with a traitor. Now Drexel wants payback. He wants to off an Irish family, the O'Hallorans, who ruined his poppy crop, but he doesn't want Miles to do it. He wants Charlie to do it, since, as an attractive young woman, she will have an easier time getting closer to the head of the family. Miles protests, fearing for Charlie's life, but Charlie agrees to do it. If she doesn't, Drexel will murder them all.

Charlie looks at herself in a mirror. She looks pained and beautiful in the slinky dress Drexel has chosen for her. She will be searched, so he gives her a long needle to pin her hair with, which she'll later stick into Bill O'Halloran's eye. Drexel has an entire story prepared: Charlie will pretend to be one of Drexel's girls, who's sick of being roughed up and is seeking revenge. Drexel punches Charlie in the face for good measure - now she really looks the part. Miles and Aaron are seething, but can't do anything since they're being held at gunpoint. Aaron flashes back; he and Priscilla are attacked by a group of bandits. When Priscilla is captured, Aaron tries to help, but gets beaten up instead. Sean steps in to saves the day, killing the bandits. Though Aaron is a big guy, he can't seem to protect her, and this keen failure is something he feels all the time, even now. A part of him wants to be the man Miles is.

Drexel steps into Miles' room and throws him a pouch filled with coins to pay for Charlie's funeral. Even if she does manage to kill Bill O'Halloran, there's no way she is getting out of his house alive. Aaron refuses to stand by and let this happen: he begs Miles to go after Charlie. Even if Aaron and Nora are killed because of it, Aaron values Charlie's life above his. She is not only Miles' niece, she has become Aaron's family as well. Her life is every bit worth saving. Miles takes care of three of Drexel's men and he's out the door. Meanwhile, Charlie plays her part well enough amongst the O'Halloran guards to earn an audience with Bill.

Charlie walks into Bill's candlelit study, where she finds him playing with a beloved grandson. Once they're alone, she learns Bill used to be a cop before the Blackout, as was most of his family in perpetuity; black-and-white photos line the walls in wooden frames. When Charlie takes down her hair, Bill immediately asks what she's planning to do with the needle. Caught, Charlie sets it on a table, and it eventually rolls under a couch, as Bill tells her the story of his daughter Rebecca. Hoping for a more glamorous life, she ran off to become one of Drexel's girls and wound up dead by his hand. This is why Bill has it in for Drexel.

Meanwhile Aaron is caught by Drexel's men and thrown into a circle of guards. He begs for Nora's life to be spared, but Drexel could care less. An unconscious Nora is dragged into the circle and treated to an adrenaline injection, after which she pops up, wide awake. The malicious Drexel is nothing if not a gamer. Holding out a choice of arms, he plans to have Nora and Aaron shoot one another. Next door, Miles makes his way into the O'Halloran house. While Bill is distracted, Charlie reaches for a knife and holds it over her head, ready to pounce, but Bill's too quick for her and grabs it out of her hand. She clocks him in the head with a kettle and knocks him out. Moments later she is sitting over his body, her eyes filling up with tears as she begs forgiveness for what she's about to do. She raises the knife to strike, but Miles grabs it out of her hand at the last second. They're leaving. Now.

Though Nora and Aaron each refuse to take a gun, Drexel is relentless. Either they play survival of the fittest and someone comes out alive, or Drexel shoots them both right then and there. Aaron flashes back to a conversation he had with Priscilla. Before the Blackout, he was a wealthy man trying to give her everything. But after the power went out, when it counts, he can't give her anything. Priscilla assures him that none of this matters. He's the most important person in her life, and that's enough. Back in the present day, Aaron and Nora both have guns in their hands. Aaron instructs Nora to shoot him. Miles and Charlie need her, while not a soul in this world truly needs him. He tries, but he's not capable of helping the people he loves. Nora refuses, so Aaron cocks the gun, turns it on himself and shoots.

Everyone is in a state of pure disbelief. Drexel kicks Aaron's limp foot, making sure he's dead. A second later, Aaron pops up and shoots Drexel in the chest. Aaron pulls a flask from his breast pocket. Sure enough, it's been dented by a bullet. Aaron grabs Nora and addresses Drexel's men: all he wants to do is leave. Nothing more. Shocked that their leader is dead, Drexel's men let Aaron and Nora go.

They meet up with Charlie and Miles down the road. Miles can hardly believe Aaron shot Drexel, but so it goes. Sometimes people shine in the darkest of times. Aaron has a final flashback to when he abandoned Priscilla, leaving his wedding ring and a note behind at their campsite. "You're better of without me," it reads. "I love you." Priscilla calls and calls, but Aaron doesn't come back. Hidden, he watches her leave the camp with Sean and his friends.

In Philadelphia, Monroe's men lead Danny to a bench on a dark street. Rachel sits, waiting to take her son in her arms. The two long-lost family members can't believe they're finally in each other's presence again. They weep as they embrace one another.



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