Roger Allenford
Portrayed byDavid Aaron Baker
First appearanceCome Blow Your Horn
Last appearanceExposition Boulevard
Biographical information
ResidenceGlendon, North Carolina
The White House, Washington D.C.
ProfessionPatriot Commander
AffiliationThe Patriots
Family membersJustine Allenford - wife (Deceased)
Max Allenford - Son

Commander Roger Allenford was Patriot high command and husband of the late Justine Allenford.


Arriving in Cuba

Roger Allenford was one of the surviving U.S. Government to escape to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Allenford then had a meeting where Jack Davis begins to announce that he was going to start a Totalitarian dictatorship in America.

Meeting Tom

Roger was stationed at Glendon, North Carolina when he was visited by Tom Neville . He was unsure about him and questioned his intentions. The two talked about how his wife was now an enemy of the state and how he should bring her in. Tom thought he was a good patriot to which said he was and went with Tom to see his wife. He followed Tom, but threatened to kill him if he didn't let him and Justine escape. Tom told him it probably would not be an option and it would result in both of their deaths. When he arrived he scolded Justine for writing the letter and getting them both in trouble. He said he loved her before shooting her in the chest.


A few days later he had Tom and Jason accompany him on his security detail to Washington D.C. to meet with the President. He did not like bringing Jason along since he recently escaped the Reprograming Center, but did so because Tom threatened to reveal his secret. He later asked Jason where Tom went when the train stopped to pick up Victor Doyle to which Jason responded that he was asking the conductor why they stopped. Roger arrived at D.C. with Doyle and the other Patriots to meet with the President. At a cocktail party he talked with other Patriots and occasionally asked Tom for his briefcase. He later meet's with the President and seemed anxious about the papers he was given. He and Tom later woke Doyle to tell him Bill Harlow was dead and the President needed him. After Doyle's promotion he had Tom deliver flowers to Doyle.


Allenford was apparently killed after a discussion with the President ("Tomorrowland").

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