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BaseAnnapolis, Maryland (formerly)
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The Rebels are a group of fighters openly resisting the Monroe Republic and its militia, in a long conflict, and whose main goal is to restore the United States of America. The Rebellion uses the American flag as their symbol, and it serves as their seal or tattoo.

Given the destruction of both Philadelphia and Atlanta, the status of the Rebels in Season 2 is unknown.


The Rebels began at least 10 years after the Blackout. ("The Dark Tower") With the fall of the U.S. Government and the rise of the Monroe Republic, patriotic Americans began to desire the restoration of American law and freedoms. A native of the Plains Nation, Wayne Ramsey, is the current leader of the Rebels. Some units use military ranks, mainly the West Chester Pennsylvania chapter.

Since the Monroe Militia obtained working Pendant amplifier, they have been using their helicopter gunships to decimate several Rebel camps. West Chester, Pennsylvania was the first to be destroyed. The camps at Rockville and Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania were also destroyed. The Rebels mounted a fierce defense of their main base in Annapolis, Maryland, but were unable to inflict much damage until Miles Matheson arrived with a missile launcher. Following his death, Danny Matheson became a martyr and a major source of recruits for the Rebel's cause.

After President Foster of the Georgia Federation agreed to aid the Rebels, they received 1,000 guns and 200 Federation troops. While Miles Matheson leads them, Captain Dixon was his minder. With this new-found support, the combined Rebel/Georgia forces were able to take the Militia stronghold of Evansville, but not without losses. Later, a small group led by Jim Hudson led a raid on Jasper to retrieve Miles Matheson.

Given the destruction of both Philadelphia and Atlanta, and Monroe's absence, the status of the Rebels is unknown in season 2.


The Rebels uses guerrilla warfare tactics against the military of the Monroe Republic. They often steal weapons and bomb Militia bases and convoys. These actions are reminiscent of the freedom fighters of the late 18th century who liberated the American colonies from Great Britain. Their heavy use of Improvised Explosive Devices and snipers is more reminiscent of the tactics employed by Viet Cong guerrillas in the Vietnam War, however. Despite the small size of the rebels, it is made up of skilled fighters who are adept with modern weapons.

In order to remain undetected by the militia, members of the Rebels often use codes to communicate. These include small markings on windows (similar to the underground railroad). An example of a verbal code was used by Nora Clayton. "I'm looking for a biography on Joe Biden." (Joe Biden was the American Vice President in 2012 at the time of the Blackout) The Rebels used a code of asking for a biography on Joe Biden to identify themselves to other Rebels.


The Rebels has so far been seen in the Midwest. They are for the most part active west of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They exist in small chapters as to not be detected by Militia forces. The Rebel encampments exist throughout the Monroe Republic, even on the outskirts of major cities, where they look for methods of entry. According to Nora Clayton, their main base is located in an old shopping mall in Annapolis, Maryland. Despite their stated goal, they appear to only exist in the Monroe Republic.

Known Chapters

  • St. Anne, Illinois (Abandoned)
  • Noblesville, Indiana
  • West Chester, Pennsylvania (Destroyed)
  • Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania (Destroyed)
  • Annapolis, Maryland
  • Farmington, Pennsylvania

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