Ray Kinsey
First appearance"The Plague Dogs"
Last appearance"The Plague Dogs"
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Ray and his daughter, Lilah took refuge at the carnival in Lowell, Indiana after the blackout. Ray stockpiled food and medicines for him and his daughter, but raiders attacked and Ray was unable to fight all of them off.

They took all his supplies but he and Lilah survived. After Lilah stepped on a nail and got tetanus, Ray had no option but to watch her die of thirst as he no longer had the medicines she needed.

Over the years Ray trained several attack dogs and when Maggie killed one of the dogs that was attacking Aaron, Ray sent the dogs to attack the group, kidnapping Maggie and attempting to kill her. Maggie managed to stop him but he stabbed her in the leg with a Bowie knife and punctured an artery. Ray later kidnapped Charlie and positioned her in front of a crossbow and rigged a wire to the trigger and then to the door. He left her and attacked Nate and Miles, Nate gaining the upper hand and stabbing Ray through the chest, killing him. (The Plague Dogs)


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