Image.Pricilla Pitman
Priscilla Pittman
Portrayed byMaureen Sebastian
First appearanceSex and Drugs
Biographical information
Family membersAaron Pittman - First husband

Unnamed second husband
Unnamed daughter


Priscilla Pittman was the wife of Aaron Pittman. She is fleeing the Monroe Republic through the Plains Nation on her way to Texas.



Before the Blackout Priscilla married Aaron at the Grand in Chicago. She was with Aaron in Minneapolis, Minnesota, riding in their limo, happy, when The Blackout occurred. They were on their way to a restaurant to celebrate their anniversary when their limousine collided with a semi truck.


Priscilla and Aaron fled Minneapolis to the southeast, eventually making their way to the city of Red Wing. There, she drank water from the lake that had been contaminated with raw sewage and contracted dysentery. As the pair traveled further east, they encountered Sean, who gave Priscilla medicine and saved her life.

Eventually she, Aaron, and Sean joined a larger group of survivors. While they camped outside of Hillsboro, Wisconsin, Aaron grew frustrated over his lack of survival skills. Later, the group was attacked by bandits, and Aaron was savagely beaten while trying to protect his wife, the two only being saved by Sean. This incident ultimately led Aaron to abandon his wife, much to her dismay. Eventually, everyone else in the group died, except for her.

Fifteen years after the Blackout, Priscilla appeared to Aaron in the SEPTA tunnels under Philadelphia as a hallucination."She" asked Aaron why he left, while he insisted that she wasn't real. She had become a fugitive from the Monroe Republic after she killed the man who tried to hurt her daughter.

In La Grange Missouri, she meets Aaron and Rachel who are on their way to the Tower. At first, she seemed distant to Aaron, however this is because she is being held at gunpoint by a bounty hunter. She was wanted for killing a Militia soldier back in the Monroe Republic, even though it was in self-defense. Steve, the bounty hunter, eventually tracked her down in the Plains nation. Aaron, sensing something was wrong, insisted on staying with Priscilla. Together, Aaron and Rachel rescued Priscilla; however Priscilla had by that point  remarried and had children who are now in Texas, which is where she is heading.


  • Aaron Pittman- first husband
  • Unnamed second husband
  • Unnamed daughter- born 2016
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