Plains Nation
First appearance"Soul Train"
Group information
MembersCurt Thompson (Deceased)
Dale Thompson (Deceased)
Brett Thompson (Deceased)
Lee Blackmore
Jackie Blackmore
Phillip Blackmore

The Plains Nation is a nation-state located west of the Monroe Republic. It is the largest nation in post-Blackout North America.

15 years after the Blackout they have formed an alliance with the Georgia Federation in a planned assault on the Monroe Republic. ("Soul Train") They have launched several skirmishes against Monroe Militia soldiers around the city of St. Louis, Missouri.A native of the Plains Nation, Wayne Ramsey, currently leads a guerrilla resistance movement in the Monroe Republic, assassinating high-ranking Militia officers and bombing barracks. He currently leads the Rebels. One of the Pendants, number 274.23.8235 is located near Denver. Maggie Foster would have had to cross this territory during her travels from Seattle, Washington to Wisconsin. Rachel Matheson and Aaron Pittman passed through La Grange, Missouri, a small town on the border with the Monroe Republic on their way to the Tower.[1] The Tower itself is in Colorado. In Season 2, the Patriots begins to take over the Plains Nation and began wiping out all the war clans and tribes. Duncan Page was one of the victims.

The Plains Nation spans most of the northern Midwest of the former United States and slightly into southern Canada. It borders the Monroe Republic and Georgia Federation to the East, the nation of Texas to the south and the Wasteland to the south and west, and borders the The California Commonwealth at the northwest corner. The Plains Nation consists of the former U.S. states of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Montana, and Colorado. It also contains parts of northern Idaho, most of Wyoming, northern and eastern Utah to the Great Salt Lake, northern Oklahoma, and northern Arkansas. La Grange, Missouri, being a border town, is a bit on the wild side, as bounty hunters are able to come and go as they please. The town appears to have a mostly agrarian economy as well, along with a small market for salvaged pre-Blackout items. Tonganoxie, Kansas is part of the Thompson Tribal Lands. It serves as a seasonal encampment for massive tent cities, similar to those used by the Mongol hordes. While there, Aaron stole some jerky out of desperation from Curt Thompson. It is unknown if he was the leader of said region. Fort Hanson, near the city of Burlington Colorado, was completely abandoned until it was visited by Miles Matheson's group, mostly due to it belonging to a particularly aggressive tribe. They were known to slit their enemies' throats in the shape of an X. The city of St. Louis, Missouri is seemingly abandoned, and the Gateway Arch has broken at the top but somehow remains standing. The city itself is a battleground between the Monroe Militia and the troops of the Plains Nation. It is referred to as a "barren dustbowl" by Aaron Pittman.

It appears that the Plains Nation is actually a collection of smaller groups and autonomous regions. This would indicate a lack of central government with a reliance on local leaders to enforce laws and benefit the population. The military of the Plains Nation appears to be unorganized and decentralized, as each group fights more for its tribe than its nation, but John Faber reported that the Plains Nation has joined an alliance with the Georgia Federation against the Monroe Republic. Weapons consist of basic firearms such as revolvers and pump-action shotguns. Horses are also much more common among their troops.

The people of the Plains Nation are largely nomadic, living in massive tent cities and moving with the tolerable weather. The people in the Plains Nation live in tribes, similar to those of the Native Americans, although their tents are similar to those used by the Mongol hordes. They stick to a largely hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and food shortages are common. They are also superstitious, as a little girl warned Aaron Pittman not to wear red because it attracts massive plains rats. Aaron also noted in his journal that some tribes believe in firebirds; while it is unknown what exactly they are, he believes them to be the remnants of pre-Blackout fracking operations.


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