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Patriot Games
Season 2, Episode 4
Revolution 2x04-9
Air date October 16th 2013
Written by Story by: Anne Cofell Saunders

Teleplay by: Anne Cofell Saunders & Paul Grellong

Directed by Charles Beeson
Production Code 2J7704
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"Love Story"
"One Riot, One Ranger"

"Patriot Games" is the 4th episode of Season 2 and the 24th episode of the series overall and first aired on October 16th 2013.


Monroe and Charlie's relationship changes. Meanwhile wounds between Rachel and Miles begin to heal, yet her curiosity and increased awareness threatens to be her undoing. Tom Neville manipulates patriot power brokers making Machiavelli look bad. Aaron's mind works overtime awake or asleep with mind blowing effectiveness. Rachel and Miles also begin planning a resistance to what they believe might be the Patriot occupation.


Charlie sips a glass of whiskey in a Pottsboro, Texas bar. She gets woozy just as she spies a group of men closing in on her. They drugged her drink! As the attack begins, Monroe breaks down the door and ruthlessly dispatches all the lowlifes in the building, saving Charlie's life. Meanwhile, Rachel wakes up in her bed in Willoughby after being unconscious for three days. She is covered in bandages, but she is alive. Outside, the tension in Willoughby seems to have disappeared, as have Titus' men. In their place is the U.S. Government, establishing order and peace throughout the town. Patriot Director Ed Truman introduces himself to Rachel and informs her of his plan to see much more of her in future.

Injured while trying to break up a fight, Neville is late for work at the refugee camp. Deputy Director Vincent Cooke does not like Neville. Cooke is waiting in the wings for him the next time Neville slips up, ready to put a bullet in his head. Neville takes this in stride; Cooke has no idea the cobra he has stepped on. Later, as both men change out of their uniforms and into civilian clothes, Neville notices a series of odd marks running up Cooke's left arm. Neville has found Cooke's Achilles' heel. That night, in a brothel, Neville pays off a hooker and enters a room where Cooke lays passed out in bed.

Rachel is convinced the Patriots are up to something. Claiming Andover's men are still roaming the perimeter, they put Willoughby on lockdown. With plans to reconnoiter the outside, Miles orders Rachel to stay put. During the town's Halloween party that night, Rachel searches Truman's office and finds a folder with the Eye of Providence on it. Inside is a map with the Willoughby Train Yard clearly circled. Truman suddenly enters and catches Rachel. He angrily escorts her back to her father's home, where Dr. Porter promises it will not happen again. But the damage is done. Rachel knows something is up—and Truman knows that Rachel is a problem.

The Patriots catch a civilian named Bryce Gordon outside Willoughby. As Miles looks on from his hiding place, two Patriots thrash down and kill Bryce. In Willoughby, Dr. Porter begs Rachel to stop making everything her fight. He does not want to lose her again. Truman's aide, Scott, and the Patriots pull up in a wagon with Bryce's body, telling Dr. Porter that the Clansmen got to him. This is why they are telling everyone not to travel beyond the gates. Elsewhere, Charlie comes to by a fire and finds Monroe sitting next to her. Monroe needs Charlie to take him to her mother, but Charlie ignores his appeals. When she tries to attack him, Monroe easily overpowers her, then assures Charlie that she has no choice in the matter.

Aaron has another incident. He falls to the floor and hallucinates that he is traveling through Andover's camp. Suddenly Cynthia wakes him up, fearing the worst. Meanwhile, Miles searches the now-deserted Andover camp. He notices fireflies all around him, lit up with an intrinsic energy source—weird. Miles enters Titus' office, only to find the Clan leader still alive! Titus pulls a gun on Miles and blames him for the death of his beloved wife. He rambles about "that Judas packing my family into a train." What is he talking about? Titus pulls the trigger but it is empty, so Miles attacks. After a scuffle, Miles steps back, having stabbed Titus in the stomach. Andover is dead.

Rachel approaches her old friend Ken , Willoughby's butcher. She tells him her theory on the Patriots, and he promises to stand by her. After all, old friends need to stick together. Ken asks Rachel to walk down to his cellar with him to get more wine, but when she spies the Eye of Providence on a letter she realizes it is a trap. Rachel tries to escape, but Ken knocks her out and drags her deeper into the cellar.

Rachel wakes up, suspended from the ceiling, while Ken digs her grave. He admits to being a Patriot for the last seven years. He is not supposed to hurt her, but he knows she must be stopped. Rachel springs into action, managing to stun Ken. Using her body weight to rip her hand clean from its manacle, Rachel drops to the ground and kills her former friend. The grave now belongs to him. After a quick burial, Rachel grabs all the intel she can.

Cooke wakes up in the brothel to find himself tied to the bed, with Neville sitting ominously at his side. Neville cuts to the chase: he needs a promotion and wants to know Jason's location. When Cooke continues to deny knowledge of Jason 's whereabouts, Neville plunges a syringe into his arm, causing a fatal overdose. Back at the camp, Neville assumes Cooke's role without asking. Allenford checks in, but does not let on her surprise, telling Neville that Cooke was transferred.

Miles sneaks into the Willoughby train yard to make a terrifying discovery: Scott is there with some Patriot soldiers... and Garrett , Andover's second-in-command, who is now in Patriot uniform! They execute two people and place them on horseback. Miles grasps the entire ruse - the Patriots are faking the attacks to win trust from a terrified citizenry. Suddenly, Miles is made, so he takes off for safety. Meanwhile, Aaron begins to hallucinate again, this time while he sleeps. From a high angle, Aaron sees Miles escaping from Scott, Garrett and the Patriots. When two soldiers corner Miles, Aaron somehow sets them on fire. Aaron bolts awake in his own bed... how could... was that real... what has he done? Near the train yard, Miles stares in horror at the two charred bodies as the swarm of fireflies drifts off into the night.

Over whiskey, Miles and Rachel compare notes. Miles has no idea what happened but knows Willoughby is in a state of occupation, and every good occupation needs a resistance. He and Rachel can fix it. Rachel is worried. The last time she tried to fix something, she ended up ruining everything. However, Charlie and Monroe are a mere 10 miles outside Willoughby and headed their way.



Guest Stars


  • Last appearance of Titus Andover.
  • Last appearance of Ken Dawson.
  • First appearance of Edward Truman.
  • The title of this episode is likely a nod to the Tom Clancy novel of the same name from the Jack Ryan series.


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