Parris Island Post-Blackout.

Parris Island is the United States Marine Corps Depot, which is now part of the Georgia Federation.



The Recruit Depot at Parris Island spanned 8,095 acres and was used for the training of enlisted Marines. Miles Matheson and Sebastian Monroe were both sergeants there.


The following information came from the incident report issued by the United States Marine Corps following the blackout, some lines and information have been redacted.

[REDACTED] Fires still burning from crashed aircraft on base. Without operable water mains, crews forced to hand-carry buckets of seawater. Evacuating affected personnel to gymnasium while awaiting further instruction.

Day 8 - 22 enlisted men and women reported AWOL. Reports of civilian riots at the main gate. Awaiting further instruction.

Day 17 - Couriers sent on foot to nearest D.O.D. sites. Awaiting further instruction.

Day 36 - Col. Wilson [REDACTED], pronounced dead by Coroner. Continuity of Command protocols enacted, Major Cowan assuming command of 3rd Battalion. First order is to await further instructions.

Day 57 - Munitions stolen from weapons depot. Sergeants Monroe and Matheson believed to be responsible, and are now AWOL. An additional 17 enlisted men and women AWOL.

Day 59 - Awaiting further instructions.

Day 61 - [REDACTED].

Day 63 - 14 military, 45 civilian casualties after an attempt by civilian forces to raid supplies. [REDACTED] confined to brig per Major Cowan's orders. Charged with murder of civilians. Awaiting further instructions.

Day 67 - [REDACTED] 6 confirmed suicides. 17 enlisted men and women reported AWOL. Awaiting further instructions.

Day 68 - I should have followed them.

Day 70. Over half of the base is AWOL. Why are we still protecting it? Why do we deserve to have a stockpile of food when so many people are suffering and dying outside?

Eight weeks after the power dies, Miles packs a bag. He has decided to walk to Chicago to find Ben Matheson instead of sitting at the base, waiting for orders that will never come. Sebastian insists on coming along. After passing a young couple who were murdered for their food, they spot Jeremy Baker being beaten by two other men. Figuring the pair to be murderers, Miles instantly becomes an arbiter of justice, saving Jeremy's life. "Somebody's gotta do something," he remarks about the lack of law and order, "or else there's gonna be nothing left."


  • Major Cowan
  • Miles Matheson (Formerly)
  • Sebastian Monroe (Formerly)
  • Colonel Wilson (Deceased)
  • 192 total guards and personnel (56 AWOL, 26 deceased)



  • AH-64 Apache attack helicopters are shown parked on the base's flight line. In reality, however, Apaches were never used by the U.S. Marine Corps outside of limited evaluation in the early 80s, and they continue using the AH-1 Cobra to this day.
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