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That's why I’m here, Charlie. Win or lose. ‘Cause I had to make it mean something.
— Nora to Charlie Matheson in "No Quarter"

Nora Clayton (1992-2027)

Nora Clayton
Portrayed by Daniella Alonso
Lacey Ellison-2012
First appearance "Chained Heat"
Last appearance Dreamcatcher
Appearances 19
Biographical information
Status Deceased



Nora was born in 1992 in San Antonio. Some time after the Blackout, Nora's house was invaded and her mother was killed as she hid with Mia under a bed. The next day the two began their journey to Galveston to find their father, however he was not there.


Nora had a relationship with Miles Matheson and worked with him in Philadelphia. She would frequent Otto's Lounge where she played cards. She began seeing a man named Frank who left her after finding out everything about her, she was also pregnant and lost the child when fighting off some Militia. She later joined the Rebels, taking missions of bombings of Militia regiments in Cincinnati, Stafford and Noblesville. Monroe Republic Watch List,The Dark Tower, Ties That Bind, No Quarter, Chained Heat

Fifteen years after the Blackout she undertook a mission to steal a powerful sniper rifle. She allowed herself to be captured in the process of stealing Militia gold, and was then put into a group that was transporting a U.S. Army Helicopter through a forest. When one of the other prisoners collapsed, she told him to get back up but he was unable to do so and the Warden shot and killed him. During that night, Nora picked her restraints and was going to kill the Warden in the night and take the weapon, but Miles came to rescue her. They came up with a plan to shoot the Warden and then take the weapon, so Nora built a single use firearm that Charlie used to kill the Warden. Nora and Miles then took care of the other guards. When the guards were dead, Nora took off her over shirt to tend and rub on her pains, when Miles saw a tattoo of an American flag, and figured out why she wanted the gun. At first he was disappointed and slightly angry, but he knew that they needed her and reluctantly did what she said she needed to do. No Quarter, Chained Heat

Nora led Charlie and Miles to the rebel base at the Lone Pine Mall, meeting with Nicholas and discovering that they just participated in a failed attack on a Militia base, losing twelve people and several more were injured. Nora helped Miles explain to Nicholas and the others that they needed to leave before the Militia found them, however they were too late and the Militia attacked. Nora and Charlie put together some explosives and rigged them to the doors in case the Militia got inside. When Miles gave himself up to save the rest of them, Nora and Charlie ran ahead, rigging up a bridge with explosives and rescuing Miles as the Militia passed by. (No Quarter) They reunited with Maggie and Aaron in Lowell, Indiana and were heading through the city when they were chased by some dogs. Miles revealed to Nora that he was leaving as it was too dangerous for him to be with them, Nora telling him that he was able to find any excuse not to get close to anyone. Nora and the others took refuge in a diner when the dogs attacked again and then went with Miles to draw the dogs away. Later she attempted to help Aaron sew up Maggie's artery but she had already lost too much blood and she died. The Plague Dogs

Nora and the group came to Noblesville, Indiana where they discovered that the Militia had repaired a steam train in order to quickly move Danny to Philadelphia. Nora, Miles and Charlie head out to perform reconnaissance on the Militia and locate Danny. Nora finds a bookshop and notices three notches carved into the door's glass, a marker of the rebels. She enters and meets with Hutch who helps her gather supplies to make a bomb and destroy the train. Nora and Hutch change into Militia uniforms and Nora plants the bomb on the train, however when she catches sight of Danny on the train, she changes her mind and goes to remove the bomb, however Hutch stabs her to stop her. She is patched up and continues with the group to Philadelphia to find Danny, even though she needed medical attention. Soul Train

With Nora's wound becoming infected, Miles and the group stole a Militia wagon and headed to see Drexel, an old acquaintance of Miles. When they arrived, Drexel pointed a gun at Miles' head and threatened to kill him, however the gun was not loaded and Drexel was only joking. Miles went with Nora, where Dr. Vidal transferred some blood from Miles to Nora. Aaron and Nora were taken outside, given guns and told to shoot the other. Aaron told Nora to shoot him, but she refused so he pointed his gun at himself and shot. Luckily he hit his flask and survived, pretending to be dead until Drexel let down his guard and came over, where Aaron took the opportunity and shot Drexel dead. Following this he and Nora left and met up with Charlie and Miles on the road. Sex and Drugs

The group came across a group of children living in the ruins of a hospital. Upon learning that one of them had been kidnapped, they then went to rescue one of the kids from the Militia. However, they discovered that Michael and some of the children were following them. Nora checked the area and found Martins Ferry, returning to inform the others. When Charlie went undercover on the Ferry and attempted to escape, Nora went with Miles to rescue her and the other children, helping to kill the militia soldiers and free the captured children. The Children's Crusade

When the group found themselves trapped out of militia territory, Sgt. Strausser called out her name and showed that he had her sister, Mia. Nora helped rescue Mia and then later went with Mia to travel to Texas, because Mia had said their father was living there. On the way they were stopped by Strausser and Mia handed over the pendant she stole from Aaron. Nora was surprised as well as unhappy, so she decided to leave Mia behind for betraying her and went to help Miles and the others despite Mia explaining that she did it so they could be safe together. When moving through tunnels to get to Philadelphia, the group is trapped within and start to lose air. Nora hallucinates that she is being attacked by an alligator, but is calmed by Miles, who also hallucinate, but instead of an animal, saw a militia soldier.. Ties That Bind, Kashmir

Nora and the others are captured in Philadelphia but later freed when Miles threatens to kill Julia Neville, getting Tom Neville to release them. Nora goes inside a militia facility with Miles to rescue Charlie and Danny, handing over some explosives to Aaron to help them escape when the time is right. On the outside they stopped to hear a whirring sound and see one of Monroe's helicopters starting its flight. The group ran away, hiding under trees, but became sick feeling when the realized Monroe had electricity, and consequently, had a military advantage. Nobody's Fault But Mine

After escaping from the helicopters, Charlie and Nora disguise themselves as Militia soldiers in order to smuggle the others out of Philadelphia. She travels with them to the Rebel base in Annapolis and when helicopters showed up to attack, she helped defend the base. Nora leaves with Miles to locate Jim Hudson in Culpepper, however Hudson refuses to help them. When Militia soldiers track Miles down, Nora and Jim help in defending the town and stopping the Militia. When discovering that Monroe has sent a Nuclear bomb to Atlanta, Nora goes with Miles and Charlie to stop it. The Stand, Ghosts, The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia When Miles disappears after Militia messenger speaks with him, Nora and the others go after him and then have to fight Monroe and his men. Nora goes with Miles to kidnap a scientist working on weaponizing Anthrax and get them to work for the Rebels and she tells Miles that she intends to transfer to another unit so she does not have to take part in any morally-dubious activities. A short while later Nora helps Charlie and Jason Neville set the scientist free, having to fight against Georgian sailors and Militia soldiers and Miles decides to help her. Afterwards Nora tells Miles that he isn't such a bad guy, that she is not going to leave and the two have sex. Home, The Love Boat

Nora wants to keep their relationship simple as chances are one of them will have to watch the other die. When the Rebel-Georgian Coalition base is attacked by drones, Nora is trapped in the wreckage and Miles manages to pull her out. She goes with Miles to look for Charlie but in their search Nora is captured by the Militia. She is taken back to Philadelphia and is tortured for information and injected to distort her mind. After she reveals that Rachel is headed for the Tower, John Sanborn is ordered to kill her but he is unable to do so and instead smuggles her out and takes her to Atlanta. She then joins in with the group headed to stop Monroe from getting into the Tower. The Longest Day, Clue

Nora and the others manages to create a diversion among the Militia troops near the Tower entrance and get inside. Inside they have to fight with the dwellers and end up in a standoff with Monroe himself. When they are again attacked by the dwellers and Nora is separated from Miles and captured. Working with Rachel, Charlie and Aaron, she goes down to level 12 to try to get the power back on. In order to get past the guards, Nora builds an explosive device to take them out, however the guards notice the tripwire and Nora has to set it off manually, getting herself shot in the process. Charlie and Miles try to get her to the infirmary but she dies on the way. Children of Men, The Dark Tower

She briefly appears in Aaron's dreamworld in the episode Dreamcatcher.