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Portrayed byDerek Webster
First appearance"No Quarter"
Last appearance"The Song Remains the Same"
Biographical information
Also known asPadre
ProfessionCatholic Priest
resistance fighter

Christ forgives; I'm not Christ
— Nicholas to Miles Matheson in No Quarter

Nicholas was a member of the Rebels and one of its leaders



Nicholas was a Catholic priest until some point when he became part of the Rebels.

He led an attack on a Militia base at Chatsworth, which turned out to be a Militia ambush. He took the survivors back to the base at St. Anne and then, under advice from Nora and Miles, told the remaining members to leave; they came under attack from the Militia before they could do so.

When Jeremy Baker tells Nicholas along with Charlie Matheson and Nora Clayton found out that Miles was the one who started the Militia, he threatened to kill him. ("No Quarter") He apparently is close to his comrades, especially Nora Clayton, as Miles asked if there was anything going on between them. When the Militia attacked the base at St. Anne, he and Miles attempted to dig an escape tunnel, but it ultimately collapsed.

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Nicholas, first appears in "No Quarter".

He was later at a Rebel camp in Rockville when it came under attack by Monroe's new helicopter gunships. After that, he retreated with the survivors to Annapolis, Maryland, where he was informed that there was another airstrike inbound. When the helicopters attacked, he fired on them with an M-4 carbine, but to no effect. Later, he was one of several Rebels to attend Danny Matheson's funeral.

Later, he was with the rest of the Rebels at their base in Farmington, Pennsylvania, being trained in the basics of fencing by Miles and Jim Hudson. When they captured Major Tom Neville, he requested that Nicholas hear his confession. While Nicholas doubted that God would take Neville back, he agreed to do so. This was just a ruse, however, and Tom killed him by stabbing him in the heart after a split second of remorse.

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