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Monroe Republic
First appearance "Pilot"
Appearances 18
Group information
Base Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Destroyed)
Members Bass Monroe - President and General
Miles Matheson (former Commanding General)
Randall Flynn (deceased)
Tom Neville (former Major) (previously captain)
Will Strausser - Sergent (killed)
Jason Neville (former militia lieutenant)
Jeremy Baker - Captain (killed)
Jim Hudson- Former Captain
Mia Clayton - Bounty Hunter
Slotnick - Officer (killed)
Alec Penner - Soldier (killed)
Boggs - Recruit
John Faber - Commander (killed)
Fletcher - Soldier (killed)

The Monroe Republic is a nation-state in part of the former United States of America. It has succeeded the northeastern United States and parts of eastern Canada. It is named after its commanding General, Sebastian "Bass" Monroe. He has complete control over cities and other small villages, giving up their crops as a form of tax. The main military force of the Republic is the Monroe Militia.


History of the Monroe Militia

A map of the post-Blackout U.S. territories.

Sometime after the Blackout, Sebastian Monroe and Miles Matheson together established the Monroe Republic as a way to police the ruins of America after being plunged into chaos. Miles assumed the post of Commanding General of the Militia, while Monroe dealt with the political side of things.

Both Miles and Sebastian Monroe personally led their troops during the Trenton campaign, and Miles was wounded in a particularly fierce firefight. This was also when Monroe revealed that they were going to have to ration ammunition, as they were running out.

Eleven years after the Blackout, Miles abandoned the Militia after failing to assassinate Sebastian Monroe and became a fugitive. He felt that Monroe's lust for power had undermined his ability to govern. Lieutenant Tom Neville was then tasked with hunting down Miles' co-conspirators. General Monroe secretly began work on restoring power to the Republic at this time.

At one point, the Georgia Federation and the Plains Nation formed an alliance, which threatened the area of southern Illinois, as there were heavy rebel sympathies in the region. Colonel Faber reported to Monroe that there had been skirmishes around the city of St. Louis, but it is unknown which side currently holds the city.

While life within the Republic's borders tends to be rather unforgiving, the quality of life for the average citizen deteriorates rapidly west of Pittsburgh to third world conditions, as there are many rebel attacks, smugglers bringing people into the Republic illegally, and bandits.

The Monroe Militia is the force that controls the Monroe Republic, it serves as the army, police and secret police of the Republic. It operates with impunity in an area that includes the wreckage of Chicago, Illinois and several other cities. The name suggests that it was organized by Sebastian Monroe, although he was in Port Royal, South Carolina at the time of The Blackout.

The Militia itself appears to mimic of the hierarchy of the United States military. Captain Tom Neville leads a company with several non-commissioned officers and enlisted soldiers rounding out the group.

Captain Neville's status as an insurance adjuster prior to the Blackout would suggest that not all Militia soldiers are trained military personnel. Due to the Monroe Republic's dictatorship status, it is likely that most soldiers are either conscripts (forced against their will to serve) or mercenary volunteers (enlisting for better food and the right to wield power). It is unknown how large the Monroe Republic Militia is currently. However, several subtle hints suggest that it numbers in the thousands.  ("Chained Heat") The Monroe Militia conscripts both men and women and uses them as soldiers in the field  ("Clue"), though the vast majority of troops are male. It is possible that women serve mainly in non-combat roles. It is also unusual that there has been no mention of a cavalry or artillery arm of the Militia, although they presumably have a navy made up of confiscated sail- and steam-powered ships. Miles Matheson personally trained the Militia and was a founding member and General. ("No Quarter")

In addition to standard front line troops, the Militia uses undercover agents for certain missions, such as ferreting out rebels or retrieving important objects. Jason Neville was revealed to be one such agent by Miles Matheson, and Sergeant Wheatley became one in order to infiltrate the West Chester chapter of the Rebellion. Mia Clayton worked for the Militia as well, but did so against her will.

As indicated by a map in Monroe's office, the Monroe Republic controls the northeastern United States, with its northern border at the Great Lakes and the Saint Lawrence River, its western border on the Mississippi River, its eastern border at the Atlantic Ocean, and its southern border at the Ohio, Tug and Roanoke Rivers.

The Monroe Republic consists of the entirety of the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Ohio, Connecticut, West Virgina, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland, most of Virginia and part of North Carolina north of the Roanoke River. The Canadian provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Quebec south of the St. Lawrence River are also part of the Republic.

The capital is located at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The walls around the city are thirty feet high, with machine gun emplacements. The only other entrance is through the old SEPTA tunnels, but they are heavily mined. Monroe's main research and development center is at Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, where he keeps a fleet of at least six UH-1 Iroquois helicopters. It seems Monroe has another base in Boston as mentioned by Neville.

Fifteen years after the Blackout, New York City has become overgrown with vegetation and seemingly abandoned; the Empire State building still stands, however. In Washington D.C., the capitol building has been burned but also remains standing.

At least three Pendants are located within the borders of the Monroe Republic. Number 644.74.1784 is near Madison, Wisconsin; number 564.24.7425 is near Springfield, Illinois; and number 995.34.1163 is in St. Louis.

Given the results of Monroe's purges over the years, combined with a recent wave of defections, the Militia has lost quite a bit of talented leadership. This began when Miles Matheson left, followed by Jim Hudson; more recently, Tom Neville defected to the Georgia Federation and his son to the Rebellion.

All new recruits at some point have the letter "M" branded onto either the right or left wrist. This serves as a means of identification among soldiers, but it can also cause problems, such as when Nate Walker's allegiance is revealed by Miles Matheson.

New conscripts or recruits wear black uniforms with a number on the upper sleeve. The simple design makes them easy to manufacture, and the number allows for easy identification of the recruit.

Enlisted or conscripted soldiers wear dark grey-blue uniforms with a shoulder patch showing the insignia of the Monroe Republic for field duty. The color allows for easy identification of friendly troops on the battlefield, as well as some measure of camouflage. Some troops, possibly Non-Commissioned Officers, wear crude leather armor, although it is not effective against bullets or crossbow bolts. Certain elite soldiers wear pre-Blackout bulletproof vests and military backpacks for some operations. Their use of Humvees and M35 trucks makes them a rapid response force of sorts.

Officers wear a green wool overcoat with leather shoulder pads. It is interesting to note that there are no markings that denote rank anywhere on the uniform.

The standard weapon for Militia troops is the Enfield model 1862 cap-and-ball rifle, but some elite troops have been seen with M-16 assault rifles, and many guards are seen carrying M-4 carbines. The reason for this is that Monroe always keeps the best weapons for himself due to dwindling supplies of modern ammunition. Since Monroe's expanded campaign against the Rebels, however, such weapons are becoming more and more common among the troops. Early on, some troops were seen equipped with crossbows. Officers use pistols of various types, and all troops are issued brass-knuckled swords for close-quarters fights.



Despite Sebastian Monroe having the title of 'President', the Republic appears to be a dictatorship. This is supported by the lack of elections or even the mention of such. Citizens of the Republic's have to pay taxes in the form of either money or crops. Failure to do so often results in prison sentences. Individual rights are greatly curtailed, and the Militia frequently detains people for no reason at all, often without so much as an explanation.

  • Baltimore Act: The Baltimore Act was a law passed in the Monroe Republic sometime after its creation. The law criminalizes the ownership of any firearms by citizens except for any active member of the Monroe Militia. Passed by the Monroe Republic, it was meant to take full of control of the firearms in the areas administered by the government thereby curtailing any chance of violent rebellion. Any violation of the law is punishable by death. Due to the Monroe Republic's ban upon civilian firearms, the Monroe Militia is the only group authorized to carry rifles and sidearms. Therefore, the Militia is the most hierarchical and armed group operating in the greater Chicago area, although that has not stopped various groups from obtaining them, such as the Rebels.
  • Immigration/Defense Act: Article 7, Section 28 of this law allows officials of the Republic to question or even detain any person that they suspect of criminal or subversive behavior.


  • Per the Baltimore Act buying, selling, owning or transporting a firearm is a hangable offence, except for militia personnel. (Pilot, Chained Heat)
  • Heroin is legal to manufacture, sell, and use in the Republic. (Sex and Drugs)

Per the Immigration and Naturalization Defense Act, all Militia personnel are able to search, detain and question anyone who is believed to be involved in criminal or subversive behavior. Militia do however detain people for no reasons at all. (Footnotes, No Quarter)

Foreign Relations

The Monroe Republic has attempted diplomatic relations with the California Commonwealth in the past, but their emissaries seldom return. The Monroe Republic is almost to the point of open war with the Georgia Federation and the Plains Nation, possibly due to resentment of the former's successful economy and the latter's alliance with the former. Miles Matheson also expressed heavy disdain for the nation of Texas, indicating a hostile relationship between the Monroe Republic and Texas. It is unknown if the Monroe Republic is in contact with any nations overseas. While there may be legitimate reasons for the Monroe Republic's isolation from the rest of America, the driving force is Monroe's personal lust for power and his desire to conquer the entire continent.


The Republic uses at least two forms of currency - gold and Militia Trade Dollars but some people use crops to pay taxes. Considering that Militia Trade Dollars are only used within the Monroe Republic, it seems that gold and diamonds are used as a universal currency of sorts. The rate of exchange for the various currencies is unknown at this point. Most of the Republic's economy is based on food crop cultivation but there is also an amount of heroin production. (Chained Heat, Footnotes, Pilot, Sex and Drugs)

The Flag of the Monroe Republic.

The Monroe Militia Symbol


Many villages pay taxes sometimes in the form of crops to the Republic. Failure to pay taxes will result in prison sentences. (Pilot, Chained Heat)

The Symbol of the Republic.


The Monroe Republic eventually was destroyed along with the Georgia Federation After Randall Flynn launched ICBMs at Atlanta, Georgia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from The Tower, destroying the capitol, killing thousands of Militia soldiers, knocking Monroe out of power, and permanently wiping the Monroe Republic out of existence. Thus leaving the East Coast clear for the Patriots to take over.

After the downfall of the the Patriots, the Republic was somehow eventually restored, but it is unknown who the current president is.