The Monroe Militia is the main military force of the Monroe Republic.



The Militia have the Monroe Republic symbol branded onto their wrist to identify them as members. The Monroe Republic maintains a very large army responsible for conducting external conflicts with neighboring states as well as local policing actions, collecting taxes, quelling rebellions and enlisting more Militia personnel. People can join on their own, but the Militia will forcibly conscript young children, training and brainwashing them to become members of the Militia. Areas have local garrisons to patrol and gather taxes, but there are other groups such as Monroe's personal guard and tracking parties who perform special tasks.


Sometime after the Blackout, Sebastian Monroe and Miles Matheson together established the Monroe Republic, using the Militia as a way to police the ruins of America after being plunged into chaos. With the help of Jeremy Baker, Miles assumed the post of Commanding General of the Militia, while Monroe dealt with the political side of things.

Both Miles and Sebastian Monroe personally led their troops during the Trenton campaign, and Miles was wounded in a particularly fierce firefight. This was also when Monroe revealed that they were going to have to ration ammunition, as they were running out.

Eleven years after the Blackout, Miles abandoned the Militia after failing to assassinate Monroe and became a fugitive. He felt that Monroe's lust for power had undermined his ability to govern. Lieutenant Tom Neville was then tasked with hunting down Miles' co-conspirators. General Monroe secretly began work on restoring power to the Militia at this time.

At one point, the Georgia Federation and the Plains Nation formed an alliance, which threatened the area of southern Illinois, as there were heavy rebel sympathies in the region. Colonel Faber reported to Monroe that there had been skirmishes around the city of St. Louis, and reported that 100 militia were lost.

Personnel and Equipment

The Militia itself appears to mimic of the hierarchy of the United States military. Captain Tom Neville led a company with several non-commissioned officers and enlisted soldiers rounding out the group.

It is unknown how large the Monroe Militia was before the fall of the Republic. However, several subtle hints suggest that it numbered in the thousands.  ("Chained Heat") The Monroe Militia conscripts both men and women and uses them as soldiers in the field  ("Clue"), though the vast majority of troops are male. It is possible that women serve mainly in non-combat roles. It is also unusual that there has been no mention of a cavalry or artillery arm of the Militia, although they have a navy made up of confiscated sail- and steam-powered ships.


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