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Miles Matheson
Portrayed by Billy Burke (adult)

Casey Jon Deidrick (teen)
Perry Cox (child)

First appearance "Pilot"
Last appearance "Declaration of Independence"
Appearances 42
Biographical information
Status Deceased
Also known as Stu Redman, Chuck Cobb
Residence Jasper, Indiana (formerly)
Profession Rebel leader
Tavern owner (formerly)

Commanding General of the Monroe Militia (formerly)
US Marine Sergeant (formerly)

Affiliation Matheson family

Monroe Militia (Formerly)
US Marine Corps (Formerly)

Family members

"So we can keep kicking our asses for what? Got your own problems pal; your own men are shooting at you"

Miles Matheson is a former Marine and warrior who has been living a reclusive life in Chicago, Illinois. He is the former Commanding General of the Monroe Militia, the brother of Ben Matheson, the adoptive uncle and biological father of Charlie as well as the uncle of Danny Matheson.



Born in 1981, Miles was friends with Sebastian Monroe since childhood. At some point, they came up with what was to become the insignia for the Monroe Militia; an encircled M, which stood for Monroe and Matheson. They both enlisted in the Marine Corps when they became adults.

Miles Matheson was a US Marine sergeant stationed at Parris Island, South Carolina. On the night that will be known as The Blackout, Miles had been drinking at a bar along with a friend of his, Sebastian "Bass" Monroe.

They were driving on the interstate when Miles's brother, Ben, calls. Ben talks hysterically, saying all of the electricity is about to go out and it was never turning back on. They get cut off and the car suddenly stops. To their surprise, they witness the Blackout, as every car stalled on the highway. He asks a stunned Monroe what was happening to which he replies unscrupulously.

Without a car to drive, the pair walks to Parris Island at which time, they realize that the power at the base is out as well. Approaching the entrance of the base, a soldier asks for their rank and name to which they answer.


Eight weeks after the Blackout, Miles decides to leave Parris Island and informs Monroe of his intentions to find his brother and his family, as he surmises that no orders are coming from the Government as to what the military is to do. Monroe remarks that the journey to Chicago is close to a thousand miles away but decides to go with him.

Six months after the Blackout, Miles and Monroe are venturing up road in an unknown part of the country. (It is unknown if they had made it to Chicago by this time or if they were still en-route there.) They happen upon a couple that was murdered by scavengers looking for food. Miles despairs about how quickly the country went to ruin and laments that no one is coming to help or restore order. Further up the road, they come across two men beating a third brutally, presumably to rob him of his food and supplies. Miles draws his gun and shoots both of the scavengers supporting his actions by stating that with no law enforcement or jails, "someone has to do something." Miles and Monroe take the man they rescued along with them.

At some point, Miles and Monroe formed the Monroe Republic. He was Commanding General of the Monroe Militia whom he trained to be bloodthirsty and vicious. Seven years after the Blackout, he ordered Rachel Matheson to abandon her husband and children and become a prisoner of the Militia. At some point, he earned the nickname 'The Butcher of Baltimore' for his actions while leading the Militia.

Eleven years after the Blackout, he abandoned the Monroe Republic, but not before trying to kill his old friend, Sebastian Monroe. While Miles was unable to pull the trigger, he was able to walk directly into Monroe's office, past every sentry and guard in Independence Hall, unopposed. When he left the city, gate guard Private Jacob Wren opened the city gate for him. Before this, he held secret meetings with his co-conspirators in the back room of a brothel in Philadelphia.

His actions caused him to be deemed a terrorist and traitor to the Republic, and many died in the purges that followed. The Militia offered 25 pounds of gold or 500,000 Militia trade dollars for his capture, but only if he was brought in alive.


Miles hid out for many years and by the year 2027 owned a bar in Chicago. No one knew much about his past except that he had reputation of being a professional killer. He seemed to be a shell of his former self by this point, drinking heavily to wash away the memories of unspeakable acts.

When Charlie, Maggie, and Aaron walk into his bar, Maggie asks if Miles can help them. He flirts with Maggie and denies who he is. He admits his identity to the group once hearing of his brother's death. Charlie tells him that she is his niece. He starts to take her to a backroom, saying he will only speak to her when a boy traveling with them, Nate Walker, objects and pulls a knife on Miles. Miles easily takes the knife away and forces it against Walker's neck. He than walks with Charlie to the backroom. Charlie explains that the militia have taken her brother, Danny, and her father told her that Miles would know why the lights went out. Miles instead says he doesn't know and he was not going with her. Charlie begins to cry and says they were family; Miles simply says he doesn't even know her. She storms out and he follows. Upon seeing Charlie's state, Walker confronts Miles in Charlie's defense again. Miles again disarms him and pulls down his sleeve, revealing the brand of the militia insignia on Walker's arm. Walker escapes Miles' grasps and quickly exits the bar to Charlie's shock. Charlie and crew once more plead with Miles to go with them to rescue Danny to which Miles again refuses. Angered by the events of the day, he throws the three out of the bar.

Walker later returns with a group whose objective is to arrest Miles on Monroe's orders. After refusing to be captured, Miles makes a valiant stand, killing several of the militia despite being heavily outnumbered. He eventually loses the numbers game and is surrounded. All looks bleak until Charlie, Aaron, and Maggie come to his rescue and help him fight back against the militia. After the militia is defeated, Miles realizes his location has been exposed, he reluctantly agrees to travel with the group to find his nephew.

Finding Nora

As Aaron, Maggie, and Charlie are talking, Miles is dueling against a bounty hunter, Jacob, who was hired by the Monroe Militia to capture him and bring him back to Monroe. He disarms him and knocks him unconscious. He is about to kill him when Charlie intervenes and asks Miles to spare the man's life, which he reluctantly agrees to. Aaron and Miles proceed to lock the man in a boxcar of the train the battle took place near. The group arrives at Pontiac, Illinois, where Miles intends to get info on Nora's location. He heads into a room, where Jacob appears again, with a gang of men. He refuses to go with them until it is revealed that Aaron, Maggie, and Charlie have been captured. Jacob threatens Charlie's life, to which Miles surrenders. When they get outside, Miles begins to systematically disarm and kill the bounty hunter's gang which scares Jacob off. Miles catches him a short distance away where he interrogates him as to Nora's whereabouts. Jacob divulges that Nora is most likely dead as she was arrested and placed in a work camp at Fort Chanceworth. Miles then dispatches the bounty hunter by snapping his neck.

Later on, the group is in a field, where Miles announces he will be gone for two weeks to look for Nora. Charlie disagrees, though Miles takes no note of this, and tells them to meet him in Lola, Indiana in two weeks. He departs. He later finds Charlie standing near an abandoned slide and swing set, where he is upset that she came to find him. She tearfully explains that she feels responsible for Danny's capture and she needs to set things right by saving him to which Miles relents and lets her join him.

Miles and Charlie finally track down Nora who has been placed in a chain gang by the Monroe Militia, and they are being forced to drag a UH-1 Huey helicopter on a sled. That night, Miles and Charlie free Nora who reveals that she allowed herself to be captured on purpose for a job. Her intent is to acquire a sniper rifle that one of the guard possesses.

The next day, the three take down the chain gang's captors and recover the sniper rifle. Miles congratulates Charlie who killed two men on her own and was instrumental in the success of the mission. She however, rebuffs his praise, stating that killing people is a big deal to her. Miles discovers an American flag tattoo on Nora's back which is a sign of the rebels who are trying to reestablish the United States. He questions her about it and she informs him that they acquired the rifle to provide more firepower to the resistance and not to sell on the black market. Miles and Charlie have no choice but to accompany Nora back to her rebel base.

Meeting the Rebels

Charlie, Miles and Nora arrive at the Rebel base, an abandoned restaurant, where they are greeted by Nicholas. Strangely, Miles gives his name as Stu Redman. Inside the restaurant, the rebels have set up a crude field hospital, filled with a dozen badly wounded people. While Charlie helps treat the wounded, Miles and Nora discuss Nora's reasons for joining the Rebels. Miles believes she is in love with Nicholas, but Nora wants him to drop the subject. Suddenly, a Militia squadron attacks the base.

Miles sends Trevor, the Rebels' best shooter, up to the roof with Nora's sniper rifle to fend off the Militia while Miles and Nicholas try to dig a tunnel so that they can escape. Night falls and Trevor fires his last bullets, at the same time the tunnel Miles and Nicholas have been digging collapses. Running out of options, Miles wants to keep digging but Charlie wants to fight. Miles argues that the Militia cannot be stopped, and Charlie replies that that is the way her father thought, and she always believed him to be a coward. Miles is angry that Charlie would be so disrespectful towards her own father, his brother. Suddenly, Militia soldiers storm the building; but Charlie, Miles and Nora defeat them, with Miles taking Jeremy Baker, the Militia squadron's commanding officer, hostage.

The Rebels take refuge within the basement, and Miles intends to use Jeremy as leverage so that the Militia will leave them in peace. Jeremy says that he used to know Miles and reveals to the Rebels that Miles was one of the Monroe Republic's founding fathers. Charlie demands an explanation from Miles, who admits he taught the Militia everything he knows. That is why her father had always told her to run from the Militia, because Miles created them.

Eventually, the sun rises and the Militia continues their attack. Nicholas wants to fight but Miles believes half the rebels will die. He has a better idea: he will trade himself for Jeremy. Charlie disagrees, but Miles surrenders himself. Jeremy and the Militia depart with Miles. Jeremy tells Miles that Monroe believes Miles knows something about the Blackout and how to reverse it. He also says that ever since Miles left, Monroe has been angrier than ever. The squad crosses a bridge, just when there is an explosion. In that moment, Charlie and Nora rescue Miles among the chaos and escape. The trio decide to continue their journey. and Miles says he will understand if Charlie hates him. However, Charlie says she doesn't hate him. Although she doesn't understand his reasons, his actions saved the Rebels, so there must still be some good in him.("No Quarter")

A New Promise

Charlie, Miles, and Nora ambush a Militia soldier, interrogating him for information about the squad holding Danny captive. The soldier reveals that he saw a nearby patrol yesterday, giving Charlie hopes that they might be able to reach Danny soon. After Miles knocks the soldier out, Charlie asks about Miles's reputation among the Militia, but Miles refuses to talk about it, saying that he will abandon Charlie if she keeps pressing the subject. Eventually, the trio reunites with Maggie and Aaron at Lowell, Indiana.

Walking across the city in nighttime, the group is ambushed by dogs. They manage to temporarily escape, but Aaron is wounded in the leg. Miles tells Nora he plans to leave so that the Militia can leave the group, but Nora tries to convince him to stay for Charlie's sake. Charlie overhears the conversation.

The group continues to walk, and Miles discovers that Nate has been following them. After a short fight, the group takes Nate captive, with Charlie believing Nate knows something about Tom Neville, the Militia squad's commander, or Danny. As the group continues walking, Maggie tells Miles that after the blackout she tried to commit suicide when she realized she would never see her children again, but Ben and his family gave her a new purpose in life. Maggie tells Miles to give Charlie a chance, saying that she can save her just like she saved her.

After Maggie's death, Miles comforts Charlie.

Suddenly, they are attacked by more dogs, forcing them to take refuge within a diner. Unfortunately, Maggie is stabbed in the leg by Ray Kinsey, the dogs' owner. Miles and Nora leave to find Kinsey, while Charlie and Aaron tend to Maggie's wound. As Miles and Nora return, they realize Charlie has been kidnapped by Ray Kinsey, the dogs' owner. Miles allows Nate to come with him to save Charlie while Nora stays to help Maggie. Miles and Nate track Kinsey down to his house. After a short confrontation, they kill Kinsey and save Charlie. Using Kinsey's whistle, Miles calls the dogs off, allowing the trio to return to the diner. However, Maggie has lost too much blood and dies. Seeing how devastated Charlie is, Miles hugs her, promising never to abandon her.("The Plague Dogs")

Neville's Train

The group buries Maggie's body. After a while, Miles insists they must continue. Charlie wants to say goodbye, but Miles tells her that mourning will not help her find Danny. Eventually, the group reaches Noblesville, Indiana, where a working steam train is located. According to Miles and Nora, a train would give Monroe an advantage. Taking refuge in an abandoned workshop, the group discusses what to do about the train.

Charlie figures out that the train will leave tomorrow. Also, since the train is bound for Philadelphia, Miles believes Neville will put Danny on the train. Charlie and Miles decide to look for Danny, but leave their weapons behind in order to keep a low profile. During her recon, Charlie is attacked by Neville, but Miles saves her. While Charlie runs to safety, Miles and Neville briefly fight, with Neville questioning Miles' reasons for leaving the Militia.

Miles berates Charlie for getting emotional and ruining the operation. He even says that if Danny is killed, then she will be to blame. Charlie is exasperated by Miles' attitude, remembering a time when he used to be a happy and kind uncle. She asks what happened to that man and Miles replies he is dead.

The duo returns to the workshop, where Aaron informs them about Nora's plan to destroy the train. Knowing that they must find Danny fast, Charlie and Miles interrogate Nate about the train. However, Nate escapes. Running out of options, Charlie, Miles and Aaron go to the bank where Danny is being kept. Unfortunately, the vault is empty and the train is about to leave ahead of schedule.

The group goes to the station, finding an injured Nora, who had tried to stop the train. She tells them the bomb is a hollowed-out log. Riding horses, Charlie and Miles reach the train. Miles tries to find the bomb and Charlie enters the train to find Danny. After beating down the engineer, Miles gets rid of the bomb and reunites with Charlie, who fails in rescuing Danny.

The group reunites, and Miles comforts Charlie, saying that the man she wants her to be is not dead, but he cannot be that man any more, not until Bass Monroe is dead. However, Charlie agrees with Miles' advice that mourning will not help her find Danny. She decides to go to Philadelphia.("Soul Train")


In Columbia, Ohio, Nora's injury starts to get infected, so Miles, Charlie, and Aaron take her to the house of an old friend, Drexel. However, Drexel, who for years has been in a feud with Bill O'Halloran, forces Charlie to kill him. At the last minute, Miles stops her from doing so. In retaliation, Drexel orders Aaron and Nora (now recovering) to shoot each other. Aaron refuses and apparently shoots himself in the chest. But he actually shot his metal whiskey flask in his chest pocket, and shoots and kills Drexel.

After Drexel's death, Miles, Charlie, Aaron, and Nora travel to Adena, Ohio, where they encounter a large group of children battling the Militia. A 14 year old boy, Michael, says his brother Peter has been taken by the Militia. Having already seen Peter on a wagon, Miles and Charlie make a plan to save him. Charlie poses as a teenager and is taken by the Militia aboard a conscription ship, where kids are turned into Militia soldiers. Miles and Nora manage to save Charlie and Peter, but are surrounded by Militia soldiers threatening to kill Micheal. Aaron meanwhile is hiding in a nearby lighthouse with 3 children when his Pendant turns on, activating the light beam for 4 or 5 seconds. This is enough time to distract the soldiers, who are attacked by Miles, Charlie, and Nora. Peter and Micheal are saved and they reunite with the other children. Miles demands to know what happened with Aaron and the lighthouse. He shows him the Pendant, and Miles wants to destroy it so that Monroe doesn't get it. When Charlie asks what happened, Aaron explains that Ben gave the Pendant to him, telling him to give it to Grace Beaumont in Lowell, Indiana.

The group makes it to Freeport, Pennsylvania, 290 miles from Philadelphia. But Militia Sergeant Will Strausser is holding Nora's sister Mia captive, and will let her go if Miles surrenders and brings the Pendant. But Mia is saved by Miles. Mia tells Nora that she found their father in San Antonio, Texas, and wants her to come see him. Nora eventually agrees and says goodbye to Miles, Charlie, and Aaron. The group continues their travel to Philadelphia, until Aaron says the Pendant isn't in his pocket. It turns out that Mia is working for the Militia and stole the Pendant. Strausser attacks Miles but he is saved by Nora. Miles, Nora, Charlie, and Aaron jump into the nearby river.


Miles and the group make it to Philadelphia, where Nora teams up with local Rebel leader Sergeant Wheatley and 4 other Rebels. They go through the tunnels but a mine explosion seals off the main air supply, causing the group to have hallucinate. Miles hallucinates about encountering Monroe, who suggests that he come back to the Militia. Eventually, they make it to a doorway, and Sergeant Wheatley, revealed to be working for the Militia, kills the 4 rebels and takes Miles prisoner. Charlie manages to kill Wheatley, but before dying he shoots her, only grazing her. Miles eventually wakes Charlie up and they, along with Aaron and Nora, make it to downtown Philadelphia.

Battle With Monroe

Miles leaves Charlie, Aaron, and Nora at an old friend's house while he goes to find Danny. But Charlie, Aaron, and Nora are captured by the Militia, and Miles is forced to threaten Tom Neville and his wife Julia unless he releases his friends. Neville brings Miles Aaron and Nora, and tells him that Charlie and Danny are at the power plant north of the city. Before being locked in his bedroom with Julia, Neville threatens to kill Miles one day. Miles, Aaron, and Nora make it to the plant, and they save Charlie, Danny, and Rachel Matheson, revealed to be alive. Before leaving, Miles comes face to face with Monroe, who lowers his weapon and tells him he forgives him for trying to kill him, and begs him to come back to the Republic. Miles says Monroe is long gone, and that he no longer means anything to him. Enraged, Monroe engages in a sword fight with Miles, who jumps out the window. Miles reunites with Charlie, Danny, Rachel, Aaron, and Nora and they run off. But in the distance, they see Monroe helicopters fly into the air; Rachel had previously finished the Pendant Amplifier.

Plains Nation

Miles encounters John Sanborn he tells him the Militia went to far with Nora and decided to drive her out of Philly he then gives Miles a Pendant to power an amplifier for a helicopter Miles then boards the copter with Charlie, Nora, Tom, Jason, Hudson, and Sanborn and tries to fly the helicopter to The Tower but runs out of fuel and lands in the middle of Plains Nation.

The Tower

Miles, Aaron, Nora, Jason, Tom and Charlie all reach the tower after Rachel, Monroe, Randall and other Militia men. Aaron opens the door with a 64 key passcode and Miles, Aaron, Nora and Charlie run in. Miles orders Aaron to close the door before Jason and Tom can get in. They sneak around the tower looking around, soon they come across other people that are in the tower with magnetic guns. They run and try not to get hit with the guns because if they do they will die instantly. Miles finds a door and leads Aaron, Nora and Charlie through. Miles locks the door behind and finds a vent which he and the others crawl through. While climbing out of the vent Miles finds a person holding the magnetic gun then he takes advantage of him and takes the gun. Monroe than shows up with a gun similar to his and Miles and Monroe begin there fight to the death, this time with no holding back.

Miles, Monroe, and Nora are attacked by a group of people and together the three fight back and escape through a door that leads to the sewers of the tower. Miles tells Monroe to go first and the three carefully cross the rough sewers however a member of the group comes out and shoots the bridge there standing on and the three fall into the water while Nora is able to get out of the water Miles and Monroe are swept out of the Tower. Waking up on the lake shore Miles finds Monroe on top of him and the two Duke it out a brutal fight until a Militia soldier shoots at him Monroe tells the soldier but the soldier shoots again and runs and Miles leaves him as well. While walking back to the Tower Monroe attacks Miles and they both fight again Miles and Monroe get into a brief argument then both hear one of Monroe's Helicopters and make a run for it the chopper starts firing on both former commanders of the militia while Miles is able to escape, Monroe gets captured by his own men. Later that night Miles goes to the tent to where Monroe is held and releases him stating there still brothers Miles then betrays Monroe saying "Monroe's escaping" and is able to make a run to the tower.





Miles has strong, albeit slightly warped, morals, believing that the right thing should be done regardless of how it is accomplished. He values life and will go out of his way to help people, provided he gets something out of it, and despite his attitude of using people to achieve his goals he does not believe in it, preferring to help those that he cares about rather than kill them. He has no problem in hurting or killing those that threaten those that he cares for.

Skills and Abilities

Miles is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, especially in swordfighting techniques, a very useful skill in a post-Blackout world. He is very intuitive with military tactics and predicting the moves of the Militia. He can also pilot a helicopter and is a proficient marksman.


  • Rachel Matheson - At an earlier point in time Miles and Rachel had an affair. They had a falling out after Miles forced Rachel to abandon her family to help him turn the power back on so that he can use bigger and better weapons. After Miles left the Monroe Militia he had no idea that Monroe was still holding Rachel prisoner. Miles and Rachel reconciled by sharing a passionate kiss before she left with Aaron Pittman to turn the power back on.
  • Nora Clayton - Miles met Nora when she was a bounty hunter and she worked for the Monroe Militia. Bass likened them "Bonnie & Clyde". Nora and Miles broke up for unknown reasons, but it could have been after Miles tried to assassinate Monroe and left the Militia. They started up again when Miles was traveling with his niece Charlie Matheson to rescue her brother Danny Matheson. However, Nora suspected that Miles was still in love with Rachel, but Nora didn't seem bitter about it. Nora died in The Tower in Miles' arms after being hit with shrapnel from one of her homemade bombs.
  • Emma Bennett - Emma and Miles were high school sweet hearts and were once engaged before Miles decided to join the Marines. Emma cheated on Miles with his best friend, Bass Monroe and they had an illegitimate child together, which she was not allowed to tell anyone. She and Miles broke up for unknown reasons (it is unknown whether or not Miles knew about Emma and Bass). Emma dies in their hometown after being shot by a Georgian Commander who was aiming for Monroe who was in turn using Emma as a shield. Miles shot the Georgian Commander out of vengeance for Emma's death.
  • Charlie Matheson - Miles' niece. Before the Black Out, the last time Miles saw Charlie, she was four-years-old and he took her for a ride in his truck and sang very loudly and comically, making Charlie laugh. Miles met Charlie again in Chicago where he had changed dramatically to a morose, bitter alcoholic. At first, Miles was very frustrated by Charlie's merciful and noble character, once almost bailing on the whole rescue mission, but after Maggie's death, swore to the crying Charlie that he would never leave her. After that Miles became very protective of Charlie, coming close as a surrogate father. Later on in the comics, Rachel Matheson confirmed that Miles is actually her biological father.
  • Bass Monroe - Miles' childhood friend and surrogate brother. Miles and Bass were inseparable, going as far as joining the Marines together and after the Black Out forming the Monroe Militia and the Monroe Republic. Miles always was Bass's rock, preventing Bass from committing suicide after Bass's family was killed by a drunk driver. For 11 years, Miles helped run the Republic with an iron fist, but after Bass murdered a rebel's family (his wife and small children), Miles realized what a monster he and Bass had become. However, when faced with actually assassinating his best friend, Miles couldn't pull the trigger and so ran off, becoming an enemy of the state. Bass claims that he doesn't even care about the Republic, only about having Miles's back "and you tried to kill me for it!" Miles helps Monroe escape Neville's camp in "The Tower" claiming that "We're brothers" no matter what.
  • Ben Matheson - Miles's younger brother. In the show, Ben and Miles have little interaction. The last time Miles and Ben spoke was during a phone call where Ben warned Miles about the coming Blackout. When Miles was a general in the Monroe Militia, he ordered Ben to come and help them turn the power back on, but Rachel came instead. It is unclear if Ben knew about Rachel and Miles' affair. When Charlie called her father a coward, Miles defended him and said, "Don't ever talk about your father like that again. Do you understand?" 


  • Miles' blood type is O -.  ("Sex and Drugs") People with blood type O are often referred to as universal donors
  • According to a Militia watch list, Miles is 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 170 pounds. 
  • He apparently has either read the book or seen the miniseries The Stand by Stephen King, as he uses the name of one of the protagonists as an alias.
  • Apparently, he strongly dislikes Texas.
  • "Miles" is Latin for "soldier".