Michael 1x07
Portrayed byColin Ford
First appearance"The Children's Crusade"
Biographical information
ResidenceAdena, Ohio
Family membersPeter (Brother)



Michael is Peter's younger brother. 14 years old, he lives in Adena, Ohio. He sets up an ambush on Charlie, Miles, Aaron and Nora, using young Jack as bait, pretending to be hurt on the trail. The "burnt ones" took his brother and Michael wants Peter returned. After the group is checked for brand marks on their wrists, Michael explains how Peter was the leader of a group of orphaned children. Charlie is sympathetic to his plight and says that they will rescue Peter. After all, the militia took her brother too.

Charlie and her group head out following wagon tracks, but Miles quickly realizes they are being followed. It turns out to be Michael and he also has Skip, Lily and another young boy with him and they are along coming along whether Miles likes it or not. Aaron makes a comment about the group being "like a pack of hairless Ewoks." At Martins Ferry, they make camp in an old lighthouse.

Charlie heads out to infiltrate the militia camp to rescue Peter. When she is 2 hours late, Miles decides that it is time to act and Michael goes along with them, wielding his bow and arrow. While Miles and Nora are rescuing Charlie and then Peter, Michael is captured by Lt. Slotnick. With a knife to Michael's throat, Slotnick forces the group to surrender. However, when the lighthouse powers up, Miles and the others overwhelm their captors and free many of the militia conscripts, including Peter. Afterwards, Michael is finally reunited with his brother and the other children from Adena, Ohio