Mia Clayton 1x08
Mia Clayton
First appearance"Ties That Bind"
Biographical information
ProfessionBounty Hunter
AffiliationMonroe Militia
Family membersNora Clayton - Sister(deceased)

mother (deceased) father (unknown)


Mia Clayton is Nora's younger sister. She is played by Alyssa Diaz.



Before the Blackout, Mia lived in Houston, Texas, with her sister, Nora. When the Blackout occured, a man broke in and killed their mother. They then fled to Galveston in search of their father.


Sometime in 2027, Mia is captured by the Monroe Militia and opts to act as bounty hunter and informant in exchange for her and her sister's lives. She stole the pendant from Aaron Pittman and gave it to Will Strausser, and then he gave it to General Monroe. Nora becomes disgusted by this. She cant believe she works for Monroe and leaves her behind.

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