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Memorial Day
Season 2, Episode 21
NUP 163657 0557.jpg
Air date May 14th 2014
Written by David Rambo & Ben Edlund
Directed by John F. Showalter
Production Code 2J7721
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"Declaration of Independence"

Memorial Day is the 21st episode of Season 2 and aired on May 14th 2014.


United by their desire to take the Patriots down, Neville and Monroe form an uneasy alliance. As Rachel comes face-to-face with the nano-tech while searching for Aaron, things don't go according to plan for Miles, Charlie and Gene when they try to steal the Patriots' supply of mustard gas.


With his knife at Connor's throat, Neville has Monroe in a bind. Julia was killed because Neville didn't capture Monroe. Now he is ready to join up with Monroe to kill the President back in D.C. Miles, Scanlon and Charlie surround train yard worker Joe, a friend of Marion, in the woods. No one trusts each other, but Joe knows there is a tanker car filled with mustard gas in the train yard. The town of Willoughby is busy preparing for a Memorial Day concert when Marion makes her way to Truman's office to deliver lunch, knowing she will have a few moments to go through his things. Just before he arrives, she finds a file in the safe containing a photo of Texas General Bill Carver, a calendar with Memorial Day circled and piles of documents in Arabic stamped with the yellow cross — mustard gas.

Rachel is worried: Aaron and Priscilla have been missing for 24 hours, and they need to go find them. Just then, Marion enters the 7-Eleven our heroes are calling home to report her findings. Miles guesses the Patriots intend to assassinate Carver, gas Austin, pin it on California and start their war. Telling Rachel she will have to find Aaron and Priscilla on her own, Miles decides that he, Charlie and Scanlon are going to steal the train containing the mustard gas. That night, Scanlon tells Monroe about the plan; both Monroe and Neville like the idea of driving the mustard gas into the heart of D.C. The next day, Marion returns to the 7-Eleven with Joe and his 18-year-old daughter, Heather, in lieu of the six strong resistance fighters Miles requested. Miles is disgusted, but when Porter explains that Joe's son Dillon was the recruit that Miles shot in Austin, he relents. Marion tells Porter she doesn't want to go back to Willoughby. She is not that good an actress; Truman is going to know something is wrong. Porter assures her she is strong enough to pull it off.

Rachel is alone in the middle of the woods when she hears strains of Starship issuing from a farmhouse with a working bug zapper on the front porch. Aaron cracks the door and begs her to leave, but Rachel pushes her way inside to find the zombified Patriots reading the paper and watching snow on TV. Priscilla, standing barefoot, welcomes Rachel with open arms and urges Aaron to tell her the truth - the nano has taken over Priscilla, who is locked away in her own head. It turns out Priscilla has a rat room where she has been experimenting with creating agreement and order, and she's ready to start experimenting with humans. Furious, Rachel smacks nano-Priscilla across the face. How dare she?! She is a damn science project! Aaron stands by wild-eyed as Priscilla asks, "Why are the ones who made me so afraid of what I am?"

Heather drives a wagonload of produce concealing Charlie, Miles and Porter into the train yard, and Joe sends the chief engineer their way. Miles forces the engineer to crank up the boiler, just as an alarm sounds and shots ring out, one of which takes out the engineer. Now it is up to Joe to get the train moving. Joe prevails, and the train heist is a success. That night, Connor, Monroe, Neville and Scanlon gather in the woods at the rendezvous point where Miles is supposed to meet the train with a wagonload of lye to neutralize the gas. Connor uses his moment alone with Neville to ask about his father's relationship with Miles. Neville thinks their crazy brotherhood makes them both weak, which Connor interprets as meaning that Monroe will never regain his republic as long as Miles is alive. When Miles stops the train to load up the lye, Monroe et al hold him at gunpoint. Monroe is sorry, but he is stealing the train so he can gas D.C. and burn it to the ground. Monroe wants to get going, but Neville is intent on killing Charlie, so Miles steps in front of his pistol. When Neville refuses to back down, Monroe aims at Neville, who squeezes the trigger just as Miles knocks him out cold. The bullet hits the tanker, so Miles checks it, only to discover it is empty...

Truman finds Marion in their bedroom dressing for Willoughby's Memorial Day celebration. She is frightened that she has been discovered, but Truman presents her with a necklace, a symbol of his love for her. Meanwhile Priscilla leaves the farmhouse barefoot, to find more test subjects. Rachel knows they have to stop her, but Aaron is scared, convinced they can't fight the nano, which might as well be God. Rachel knows the nano is a machine they made - and the nano doesn't know everything. They can surprise it and save Priscilla. Meanwhile, the citizens of Willoughby gather in the town hall for a concert. Marion is nervous to see so many Texas Rangers in the house, but Truman doesn't have time to explain as he takes the stage to salute fallen comrades. Then he introduces two special guests: Texas' General Carver and President Jack Davis. No one sees the mustard gas canisters in the attic, connected to the building's ventilation system. But Miles has figured out the Patriots' plan and tries to rally his band of enemies to ride the wagon back to town to thwart the Patriots - or it is all over. Furious, Monroe sees Miles' logic, but Connor and Scanlon don't, so they stay behind.

Back at the farmhouse, Rachel infuriates Priscilla by driving off her new test subjects, then lures her into a pool of water and electrocutes her. Aaron tries to talk the real Priscilla into coming back to life, but it doesn't work, and nano-Priscilla is really mad when she wakes up. Back at the town hall, Davis makes a speech, pledging his allegiance to Carver and the state of Texas, both of which he claims have been targeted by Miles and Monroe working with the state of California. Marion watches as Davis signals Truman, who signals the chemical division soldier, Vanek. She follows Vanek to the attic and, when she sees the gas, realizes the Patriots intend to kill everyone in the hall. That is where Truman finds her. Repeating his pledge of love, Truman stabs Marion in the heart, removes the necklace he gave her and grabs a gas mask, as Vanek gets to work cranking up the mustard gas...



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