Matheson Family
First appearance"Pilot"
Group information
MembersBen Matheson - Father
Rachel Matheson - Mother
Miles Matheson - Uncle
Charlie Matheson - Sister
Danny Matheson - Brother

The Matheson Family is the protagonist group in Revolution.



Before The Blackout, they lived in an apartment with a balcony in suburban Chicago, Illinois. At some point, Miles Matheson joined the United States Marine Corps, following a family tradition. His grandfather had served in Korea, where he carved the handle of an ornate hunting knife; when Miles' father took it with him to Vietnam and came back safe, the knife became a sort of good luck charm.


After the Blackout, they moved out of the city, settling in what had been a cul-de-sac of a subdivision. After the Militia arrives, everything changes for the Matheson family.



  • The family name Matheson could be a nod to the American science fiction author Richard Matheson, author of I Am Legend.
  • The knife that was passed down to Miles greatly resembles a Ka-Bar combat knife, but with a custom-carved handle.
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