Martin Shaw
Martin Shaw
Portrayed byWaleed Zuaiter
First appearanceThe Patriot Act
Last appearanceTomorrowland
Biographical information
ResidenceGuantanamo Bay Cuba (formerly)
Willoughby, Texas
Second in Command
AffiliationThe Patriots

Martin Shaw is a member of The Patriots who recruited Gene Porter.



Recruiting Gene

After the cholera outbreak in Willoughby, Texas in 2019, he waited for Gene Porter to return home from cremating and burying the dead townspeople. He offered his condolences for his wife, and gave him cholera vaccines in exchange for Gene's cooperation in working with the Patriots. He later assisted his fellow Patriots in torturing a Texan with Gene's help. Gene was disgusted by the Patriot's true colors, and Shaw reminded him not to step out of line.

Return to Willoughby

After The Patriots arrived in Willoughby he met with Gene who wasn't too happy to see him. Shaw brought Porter to see Dr. Horn who wanted to know about Aaron Pittman. When Aaron escaped, Shaw assisted Horn in the search for Aaron Pittman and Cynthia. He urged Horn to halt the search until the fog lifted, but Horn ignored him. After Aaron escaped, he went with Truman to the abandoned Willoughby high school and found Horn's charred corpse along with what was left of the other deceased Patriots. Angered, he and Truman decided to take matters into their own hands and had wagons full of oranges delivered to the town, where he and other Patriots had some of them injected with typhus.


Later, Truman orders Shaw to find Tom Neville. When Shaw finds Tom near the house, Tom brings him in for a drink. Shaw pulls his gun on Tom, but his leg gets caught in a bear trap placed by Tom. After Tom interrogates Shaw, Tom discovers that his wife, Julia is dead. Enraged, Tom kills him.

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