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Do you want to know the reason why I keep this? Because somewhere inside are the only pictures of my kids. Birthdays, first steps, their whole lives... And I don't have a single photo to hold in my hands. I spend hours staring at this stupid thing, because it's getting harder and harder to remember their faces. So I'm sorry... But there's no way of knowing who we'll see and who we won't see again... Not any more.
— Maggie to Aaron Pittman in "Chained Heat"

Maggie Foster.jpg
Maggie Foster
Portrayed by Anna Lise Phillips
First appearance "Pilot"
Last appearance "The Plague Dogs"
Appearances 4
Biographical information
Status Deceased
Also known as Maggie
Residence England
Profession Doctor
Affiliation Matheson family
Family members Elliot Foster
Callum Foster

Maggie Foster was a British doctor and Ben Matheson's girlfriend.



Maggie worked as a medical doctor. She had two children, one named Elliot, and was presumably a single mother. She lived in England.


On the night of the Blackout, Maggie is in Seattle, Washington for a medical conference. She's video chatting with her children and their babysitter whilst getting ready. She tells her children to go to bed and that she's not going to read to them.

After the Blackout, Maggie walks across the northern United States and arrives on the east coast. There, she talks to a fisherman, asking if there are any ships that could take her to England. The man says that there's no way to get to England as the sailing ships have either been broken up for wood or confiscated by the Militia.

a view to die for

She continues traveling up and down the east coast, searching for a boat to take her home, but she eventually gives up and wanders around, ending up by a lake in Wisconsin, about to drink poison when Ben Matheson finds her and invites her to dinner.

She becomes a medical doctor for the people who live with her in Sylvania Estates, Wisconsin. She falls in love with Ben whose wife left him to collaborate with Monroe. One day, Ben's daughter Charlie comes back carrying Ben's son Danny who suffered another asthma attack. Maggie gives him medicine while Ben scolds Charlie about him, telling her to keep an eye on Danny. Charlie says she has fantasies of traveling the world which Ben forbids, saying the world is a dangerous place now. Maggie also says that there are a lot of thugs out there.

Charlie does not like Maggie for taking the place of her mother and storms out of the house. A squad of Militia are ordered to arrest Ben and his brother Miles. While trying to calm down Danny who did not want the Militia to take his father, a militia soldier tries to shoot Danny with his musket but hits Ben instead. This turns into a bloody fight, which results in several of the village residents being killed. The head of the Militia group takes Danny when he leaves. Maggie tries to tend to Ben's mortal wound but proves useless as he dies telling Charlie to find Miles. Charlie packs while Maggie says she does not want Charlie to leave. Charlie completely ignores her so Maggie decides to accompany her to Chicago for Ben and Danny's sakes.

Maggie, Charlie and Aaron Pittman rest near a creek. When Charlie returns from a short absence, Maggie demands to know where she was, but Charlie says she was just getting water.

Maggie, Charlie and Aaron decide to rest for the night inside an abandoned plane when they reach O'Hare International Airport. Thugs ambush them during the night, planning to rape Maggie and Charlie and kill Aaron. When they take Charlie away, Maggie points one of them in the direction of her bag, and they find alcohol. Drinking it, they discover it's poisoned. Maggie then strangles the thug which survives. Charlie's rescued by Nate Walker who begins to travel with them, despite Maggie not trusting him.


Maggie, Charlie, Aaron and Nate arrive at a bar where they ask for Miles Matheson. The bartender claims not to know Miles, but flirts with Maggie. When Charlie reveals Ben's death and that she was his daughter, the bartender reveals that he is Miles.

Maggie, Aaron and Nate wait whilst Charlie talks to Miles. She returns in tears, demanding they leave, but Nate confronts Miles. Miles reveals that Nate is Militia and he flees. They try to convince Miles to help them rescue Danny, but he refuses and tells them to leave. Maggie insists they do.

When the Militia arrive for Miles, Charlie, Maggie and Aaron return to help him. Maggie fights alongside Miles and Charlie. Maggie heals Miles' wound as he agrees to help them.

Just outside Chicago

After arriving in an old train yard, Maggie asks Charlie if she's alright. Charlie says she's fine and asks where Miles is. They find him getting ready to execute a man who's unconscious. Miles says he has to kill him because he was a bounty hunter and would follow them wherever they went. However, Charlie manages to change Miles' mind. Miles has Aaron help him lock the bounty hunter up in a boxcar.

Pontiac, Illinois

Maggie, Miles, Aaron and Charlie arrive in Pontiac where Miles hopes to find Nora in a gambling hall, hoping she would be of help to them in their mission to find and rescue Danny. Whilst Miles checks out the gambling room, Maggie, Charlie and Aaron are captured by Jacob's men who bring them to Miles. They are all held at knife point. They threaten to kill them if Miles does not surrender himself, but Miles "confesses" that he was only following them because of his feelings for Maggie. However, he surrenders when they almost kill Charlie. As they're escorted out, Miles gets Jacob to tell him about Nora and then annihilates them all. They travel through the woods until Miles leaves them, irritated that they're slowing him down. In the morning, Maggie and Aaron wake up to discover that Charlie left after him.

Maggie and Aaron discuss their motivations with each other: Aaron discusses his drive to find out what the cause of the Blackout was and Maggie reveals she still carries her iPhone with photos of her children. Aaron shows Maggie the Pendant that Ben gave him before his death and explains that they need to find Grace Beaumont.

Maggie and Aaron find Grace's house empty and Maggie's cautious. They discover computer parts and Aaron tries to uncover what Grace was doing.

The switch turns on briefly and Aaron discovers a CD player playing in the window. Maggie's able to view the photos of her children. However, the power shuts down soon after. Maggie asks Aaron how it was possible, but he doesn't know.


She and Aaron arrive in Lowell, Indiana, and are met by Miles, Charlie, and Nora. They continue to go after Danny, and end up at an amusement park. They are met by a group of attack dogs and decide to hide in a diner.

Nora and Aaron try to stop Maggie's bleeding

Charlie asks where Maggie is and Nora says that she was behind her. However, she is outside being attacked by a thug and is stabbed in the leg. After Miles carries her into the diner, she tells the group the thug has severed an artery and she is bleeding out. While Nora and Miles leave the diner to find the thug to get him to call off his dogs, Maggie insists the group is wasting time and should leave without her since Danny is only 24 hours away from there. Aaron declines and says they are doing this together. Right when Aaron and Charlie try to stitch up the severed artery, Charlie is kidnapped. Nate and Miles go rescue her. Maggie remembers reading "The Wizard of Oz" to her children. She dies in the diner and is buried by the group.


Ben Matheson

(See Article Ben Matheson)

Maggie encountered Ben sometime after his wife left him and his children to collaborate with Monroe. She shares his concerns with the kids traveling from their village. Maggie cared for Ben so much that she chose to travel with Charlie to aid her and to help rescue Ben's son, Danny.

Charlie Matheson

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Maggie and Charlie have different outlooks on the world. Charlie is quick to trust a stranger whereas Maggie is suspicious and advises not to tell anyone exactly where they intend to go. The fact that Maggie is Charlie's father's girlfriend further widens the gap between them as Charlie is still dealing with the "loss" of her mother and sees Maggie as an attempt by her father to replace her. However, Charlie seems to have softened up to Maggie during the course of their journey together. Minutes before her death, Charlie admits to her that she is grateful for all the times Maggie has put up with her and is later grief-stricken when Maggie passes away.

Miles Matheson

(See Article Miles Matheson)

When the group arrives at a bar in Chicago to find Miles, Maggie asks the bartender (Miles) if he can help her. He replies that he hopes so and continues to make another flirtatious comment. Further a day later when they encounter a bounty hunter who questions Miles why he is traveling with them, Miles replies he's trying to sleep with Maggie. Though that is clearly an attempt by Miles to show he is not a threat to the bounty hunters.