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Love Story
Season 2, Episode 3
Revolution 2x03-5.jpg
Air date October 9th 2013
Written by David Rambo
Directed by Helen Shaver
Production Code 2J7703
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"There Will Be Blood"
"Patriot Games"

"Love Story" is the 3rd episode of Season 2 and first aired on October 9th 2013.


Rachel makes a valiant attempt to rescue Miles and to escape with an ailing tribesman's wife., while Tom and Jason are caught off-guard, assaulted by violent refugees. Charlie and Adam are at odds over what to do with Monroe. Legions of tribesmen threaten all of Willoughby.


At the Andover camp, Titus reveals that the emaciated woman in the bed is his diabetic wife, Jessica . Her renal failure has poisoned her blood, and the best solution in Titus' eyes is to give her constant transfusions of fresh O-negative blood from his prisoners. As his men strap Miles to a gurney and stick a needle in his arm, Titus thanks Miles for his sacrifice. But as soon as Titus and his men leave, Rachel sneaks through the ventilation duct to save the day. Miles wants to take Jessica back to Willoughby to use as leverage to negotiate with Titus. Miles and Rachel escape to freedom but not before releasing Sara Wilkerson and fighting off Titus' men. When Titus learns his wife is gone, wrath festers in his eyes.

Aaron tells Cynthia the whole story of the nanites and how they saved his life. She is convinced that a higher power performed a miracle and saved Aaron for a reason, but he assures her the act was purely random. Miles and Rachel roll into town fresh off their escape. Unfortunately, Titus and his tribesmen are not far behind, and their numbers are staggering. Deputy Martin looks on in terror as Titus and his men surround the town, but Miles has one last trick up his sleeve. Titus and Miles trade threats and ultimately arrive at a stalemate: If Titus makes a move, Miles will kill his wife, and if Miles kills his wife, Titus will definitely make a move. The two agree to "have a chat," but only after Titus first sees that Jessica is okay.

Neville and Jason are given American flag badges - they are Patriots now. Neville tells his son that they will do as they are told for now; once they are in, they can kill the top brass as revenge for his wife's death. But it is not long before two assailants knock them out and take them to an undisclosed location. When Jason revives, he quickly grabs one of their guns, but Neville tells him to drop it: this is simply a vetting process. United States Deputy Director Vince Cooke steps out of the darkness to greet Neville, who introduces himself as Edgar Crane. But Cooke is not stupid. He already knows Neville and Jason's true identities. Their cover is blown.

Charlie and Adam walk through the countryside tracking Monroe. Charlie cannot understand why Adam begs her not kill the former general. Monroe killed his partner, so why wouldn't Adam want him dead? Adam tells Charlie that the U.S. Government has his father, and they are willing to make a trade for Monroe. Suddenly, Monroe steps out of the trees and knocks out Adam. Charlie stops dead in her tracks, ready for the worst, but Monroe just wants to show her a wanted poster. The U.S. Government is looking for Monroe–-and Rachel. Charlie is shocked. What do they want with her mom?!

In private, Garrett and Titus discuss their plans; oddly, it seems as if Garrett is the one giving orders. Titus says the deal is off - he is not going to work for the U.S. Government any longer. Garrett and the Government paid Titus to scare Willoughby, not gut it, but at this point all Titus wants is Jessica. Meanwhile, Jessica begs Rachel not to give her back to Titus. She cannot stand to be in his presence one second longer. Miles knows that Jessica is their only bargaining chip, so he carries on undeterred, demanding Titus let the entire town go free. Then, and only then, will they set Jessica free. Little does Miles know, Jessica has just slit her wrists...

Deputy Director Cooke knows Neville is an enemy combatant who by all accounts should be executed. Neville fights for his life, blaming Monroe for dropping the bombs and killing his wife. All he is living for is revenge. Cooke prepares to shoot Neville anyway, but at the very last moment, Secretary Allenford steps in to spare Neville. She does not know if he is telling the truth, but the Patriots can make good use of his unique skills. As for Jason, they have special plans for him too... as long as that does not bother Neville. Neville sells out his own son, saying it doesn't matter.

After learning of Jessica's suicide, Miles orders Rachel to smile and act as if Jessica is still alive. He does not want to tip off Titus' men that something is up. As the townspeople begin to evacuate, Titus orders one of his men, Scarface , to covertly check on his wife. When Scarface sees that Jessica is dead, Willoughby's fate is sealed. Rachel defies her father and refuses to leave Miles and get on the last wagon out of town - but Aaron does not. Moments after rolling through the gates, Titus' men shoot the driver dead and attack the town. While Aaron hides the surviving occupants of the wagon in a barn, Titus weeps over Jessica's corpse. Garrett appears to throw a bag over his head. Titus should have listened to him...

After dumping a bucket of water on Adam's head, Charlie shoves her mother's warrant in his face and demands answers. Adam explains that she is simply wanted by the Patriots, and their bounty is all the incentive he needs. When Adam admits he lied about his father's imprisonment, Monroe knocks him out again. Monroe tells Charlie they need to warn Rachel; the Eye of Providence stamp on the warrant matches a ring worn by Randall. Charlie wants nothing to do with Monroe. She will return to Willoughby on her own, and if Monroe wants to stop her, he will have to shoot her.

Miles and Rachel run into an alley where they are quickly surrounded. An all-out battle ensues as they fight for their lives. Rachel takes two arrows in the chest, and Miles is about to be axed to death when gunshots ring out, taking down the clansmen in the nick of time. The Patriots have arrived! Miles watches in skeptical confusion as the U.S. flag is raised high above Willoughby.



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