This is a list of characters Who Appeared in Revolution

Main characters

Monroe Militia


Unknown affiliation

  • John Sanborn - a person whom Grace communicates with in the first episode.
  • Grace Beaumont (Maria Howell) - a scientist, who worked with Ben Matheson before the Blackout and lives alone near Chicago.
  • Bradley Jaffe - scientist, militia prisoner and pendant owner.

The Patriots

Major characters

Minor characters

Mentioned characters

Unnamed characters

  • Grace's son who had asthma before the blackout ("Pilot")
  • Grace's second son in the picture.
  • 'Drexel's Girls' -  ("Sex and Drugs")
  • Hutch's Wife (deceased) - a rebel  ("Soul Train")
  • Maggie's second younger son - image on cellphone  ("No Quarter"),flashbacks ("The Plague Dogs")
  • Nora's mother - brief image (deceased 2012 in flashback)  ("Ties That Bind")