Julia Neville
Portrayed byKim Raver
First appearance"Chained Heat" (mentioned)
Last appearance"Tomorrowland"
Biographical information
Also known asJulia Doyle
ResidencePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
AffiliationMonroe Militia (formerly)

Georgia Federation (formerly)
The Patriots

Family members*Tom Neville - Husband

Julia Neville was the wife of Tom Neville and the mother of Jason Neville.


Julia married Tom some years before the blackout. About six weeks after the blackout, Julia wanted her, Tom and Jason to leave the city, but Tom was against it as it was too dangerous. When Tom went downstairs to investigate a noise and found their neighbor Rob stealing from them, he started to beat him and Julia cried for him to stop. She would spend a lot of time without her husband when he joined the Monroe Militia and at times would cook him venison meat. She came to greet him and Jason when they returned after a year of tracking down Ben Matheson. Julia discovered that Rose, her housekeeper, knew that Stephen Faber was a rebel and made Rose tell Tom about it. Later she told Tom that Monroe was not capable of making the decisions to keep the Republic safe and said that he should be the one in charge. Soul Train Pilot Chained Heat Ties That Bind

Julia was kidnapped from her home by Miles Matheson and taken to her husband to be used so Miles could get his family and friends back. Julia told Tom not to give Miles anything but Tom could not let anything happen to her. Julia was having tea with friends when Tom came rushing in, Julia knew that something was wrong and told her friends to leave. Tom told her that Monroe would find out that he was tricked into giving away information to the Rebels and that they should flee. They left the Monroe Republic where she developed hypothermia and almost died and Tom knew that only one place he could possibly get her the help she needed - Atlanta. He took her there where she recovered and stayed while he served with the Georgian Army. Nobody's Fault But Mine The Song Remains The Same The Love Boat The Dark Tower

Julia left Atlanta shortly before the city was nuked with her friend Teresa and they took refuge in a house in Sandersville, Georgia. Believing her husband to be dead and needing food, Julia, now calling herself Rebecca, married a man called Victor Doyle, a member of the Patriots. Some time later she boarded a train with him to head to Washington D.C. where she saw her husband the two consummated their reunion. Julia told Tom how she had survived, before she saw her son Jason again. Julia told Tom that they could have everything they wanted, but had to remain where they were. [[Born In

The USA Everyone Says I Love You

She made her way to the White House and had Tom procure poison to kill the Chief of Staff Bill Harlow so that her new husband would be promoted and she in turn could get him to promote Tom. When Tom hesitated to put the poison into Harlow's drink she scolded him for it and said that she promised him a better life and that she would not go back to being a simple housewife. Tom told her that he loved her but if she ever talked to him like that again he would remind her who he was. Julia warned Tom that if he broke into Victor's office to try to get some information to help him get promoted that she would not be able to help him if he was caught. When Victor's office was broken into, she confronted Tom who told her that it wasn't him. They went to find Jason who told them that Victor was the one behind the re-education centers. Three Amigos Mis Dos Padres

Julia met with Tom near the reflecting pool in Washington D.C. to discuss what happened to Jason. Tom told Julia that she needed to look through Victor's office to find out where Jason was being held. Julia tried to get Victor to tell him if the person who had broken into his office had been caught and where they were being held, but Victor didn't reveal much information so after he fell asleep she entered his office and found that Jason was being held in the Kenilworth Prison. She told Tom that she would leave the kitchen door of Colonel Henderson's house open so Tom could come in and force Victor to take them to Jason. Victor however caught on and captured Tom, telling him and Julia that they would never see one another again. Captain Trips


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