Jeremy Baker
Portrayed byMark Pellegrino
First appearance"No Quarter"
Last appearance"The Longest Day"
Biographical information
ResidencePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
ProfessionMonroe Militia Captain
AffiliationMonroe Republic

This is Miles Matheson, Commanding General of the Monroe Militia; damn founding father of the Republic. Second only to Sebastian Monroe himself; taught me everything I know."
— Jeremy to Charlie Nora And Nicholas in No Quarter

Captain Jeremy Baker was a member of the Monroe Militia and commanded a unit of over fifty men.



Baker had been trying to survive as best he could after The Blackout occurred in 2012. In the immediate aftermath, he started to collect food. He survived until a pair of hungry men attacked him for his supplies. Fortunately, Miles Matheson and Bass Monroe arrived and Miles gunned down Baker's two attackers after realizing who they were. Jeremy thanked them both for saving his life as they dragged him to safety.


Fifteen years later, Baker had became a high-ranking official in the Monroe Militia. Bass Monroe was the president, and Miles Matheson was the military leader. Matheson also trained Baker heavily in combat. He led a unit of over fifty men to a rebel base after captured one. Baker interrogated the prisoner by repeatedly
800px-Jeremy Baker

Jeremy Baker's first appearance.

pulling the trigger of a revolver having only one bullet in it, since bullets are rare in the post-Blackout world. Finally, after firing the last empty chamber before getting to the one with the bullet, the prisoner tells Baker where the base is. He tells his second-in-command to begin the journey before killing the prisoner with the bullet in his revolver.

They arrive at the base, and Baker orders his troops to fire repeatedly on the building. The attack went well, until a sharpshooter with an M40 sniper rifle quickly picked off almost half of Baker's men, forcing them to take cover. Baker plans on running the shooter's ammo empty by having men move from cover to cover, one at a time. When the rebel sniper finally ran out of ammunition, Baker led the charge into the base and met a familiar face inside: Miles Matheson. They engage in a brief swordfight until Matheson quickly gains the upper hand and takes Baker prisoner. He reveals to the fellow Rebels Miles' status as a founding father of the Monroe Republic and Commanding General of the Monroe Militia, after which Matheson knocks him out. He wakes up and Matheson tells him they had made a trade. Matheson will turn himself in if he lets the rebels go. Baker will agree only if they hand over the sniper rifle. Miles agrees and Baker and his troops tie Matheson up and drag him off. The next morning, they begin to walk across a bridge. Baker talks to Matheson about why he had changed until a wired explosive set up by the rebels goes off. The rebels quickly escape with Matheson and detonate another bomb, leveling the entire bridge. With no way to cross, Baker can only watch Matheson escape with the rebels.


Baker is at the Willow Grove power plant in Pennsylvania with Monroe when he encounters Miles attempting to rescue his sister-in-law. Monroe initially orders the troops accompanying them to hold their fire, but after Miles disavows him, Monroe has Baker's men open fire on him with their M-4 carbines. This has no effect, as Miles is easily able to jump out a window and escape unharmed.


One day while in Pennsylvania, Jeremy talks to Monroe about the success of the drone strikes. As his closest remaining friend, he suggests that Monroe have a drink with him and some of the men. As they are walking, they are ambushed. All of the bodyguards are shot dead while Monroe takes cover and Jeremy crouches in the street trying to figure out where the shooter is.

Back in Monroe's office, Monroe invites Jeremy for a drink. He discusses how lucky Jeremy was to still be alive even though he was totally exposed. As Jeremy goes to leave, Monroe's guards stop him. Jeremy looks at Monroe in disbelief, but Monroe reminds him that he has had friends that have tried to kill him before. Realizing he is about to die, Jeremy tells Monroe a cold truth: he might take over the continent, but he will do it alone because he suspects everyone around him is trying to kill him, and that is something he does not wish upon his worst enemy. Monroe leaves his office and shuts the door behind him. Shots are heard and Jeremy is dead.

Sometime later, a major informs Monroe that they caught the would-be assassin. It was a Georgian spy that acted alone. With tears in his eyes, Monroe realizes that Jeremy was right and he regrets his decision to kill his only remaining friend.


Jeremy was unique among the Militia in that he actually believed that they were trying to do the right thing.

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