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Jane Warren
Portrayed byKate Burton
First appearanceThe Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
Biographical information
ResidenceAllison Park, Pennsylvania
ProfessionScientist (Formerly)
AffiliationMonroe Republic
Family membersBeth - Wife

Dr. Jane Warren is a former colleague of Rachel Matheson.


Pre Blackout

Before The Blackout Jane worked with Rachel, Ben, Grace, John, and Bradley Jaffe on developing the nanotechnology. She was married to her partner Beth, who was diagnosed with cancer and was dying. Jane had Beth have surgery to install generation one nanotechnology inside her and use it to cure her cancer. Jane is one of the twelve people who posses The Pendant, she also has a book that tells everything about The Tower.

Post Blackout

In 2027 Jane is still married to Beth and is living in Allison Park, Pennsylvania. When Rachel Matheson and Aaron Pittman visit her it seems they are old friends.

Jane saves the two from militia attackers and invites them to her house. Her partner Beth is happy to see Rachel, Jane asks Rachel what she is doing in the area. Rachel tells her that she needs to go to the to The Tower and turn the power on.

Jane doesn't understand saying that the Nanites are keeping Danny and Beth alive, she tells her to drop the topic. Later when she finds Rachel looking for her journal she asks why she is doing what she is doing. After reveling that Danny is dead and she says she wouldn't go through with nanotechnology again Jane calls her a liar and attempts to kill her only to be stopped by Beth.

Realizing that Jane knows how to turn the power she tells her to give Rachel what she wants. Jane tells her that if the power is turned on Beth will die. Beth threatens to slash her wrists so Jane won't have anything to worry about if she doesn't give Rachel her journal. Jane gives Rachel her journal and tells her to leave and not to return.

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