Jade Pettyjohn was born in Los Angeles on November 8. From a very young age she showed a sweet charm and intense pull toward the arts. At the young age of seven she began to perform with a children's song and dance troupe throughout Los Angeles County. Her drive and passion for performing light up any stage.

Jade immediately booked a commercial followed by a major co-starring role on the CBS hit show The Mentalist. Inspired by her performance on stage, indie filmmaker, Asa Holey, wrote a short film for her entitled Stranger where she stars as an intense child intent on protecting her father. While shooting the indie feature, Voices In The Dark, she landed a recurring role on Steven Speilberg's United States of Tara. Word of her strength in acting and amazing sense of maturity spread to filmmaker Tom Wosney, who then sought her out for his indie short film S.H.M.I.L.U. More recently, she worked back to back as a sociopath mathematical savant, Tracey Jarred, on NBC's The Cape and then as a kidnap victim on Criminal Minds:Suspect Behavior. She recently shot Prodigal where she stars alongside Academy Nominated director and actor, Kenneth Branagh, as a powerful child with extraordinary abilities determined to protect her family.

This dynamo talent is not only an actress but a singer, dancer and is learning the piano and guitar. She has recorded vocals on a track called Gracefully for Esthero's upcoming album and just recorded her first single Too Young.

Although Jade leads a busy life she maintains strait A's at school, donates time performing on stage for various fund-raisers, hangs with her friends, enjoys listening to music and playing with her dog, a boxer named Dexter.

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