1x02 KillingJacob
Portrayed byC. Thomas Howell
First appearance"Chained Heat"
Last appearance"Chained Heat"
Biographical information
ProfessionBounty hunter
AffiliationMonroe Republic

Jacob is a bounty hunter who briefly tracked Miles Matheson.


At some point after leaving Chicago, Illinois, Jacob attacked Miles Matheson, attempting to collect a bounty for Miles ordered by Bass Monroe. Miles eventually gained the upper hand and knocked him unconscious. He was about to kill him when Charlie Matheson intervened, begging Miles to spare him. Miles begrudgingly agreed and locked him in a boxcar.

Jacob was able to break out of the boxcar, at the expense of breaking his left hand. He gathered a group of men and found Miles, who was trying to find Nora Clayton. He had his men take Charlie, Maggie and Aaron hostage so he could take Miles without a fight and eventually Miles surrendered. Shortly after taking him prisoner, Miles managed to once again gain the upper hand. He dispatched Jacob's gang and caught Jacob himself. Miles questioned him as to Nora's whereabouts and then broke his neck, killing him.

Miles Matheson finishes the job

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