Jack Davis
Portrayed byCotter Smith
First appearanceThe Dark Tower
Biographical information
Also known asMr. President
ResidenceGuantanamo Bay Cuba (Formerly)
The White House, Washington D.C.
Secretary of Defense
AffiliationThe Patriots
Family membersHilary Davis - Wife (deceased)
Ron Davis - Son

President Jack Davis is the President of the United States of America and leader of The Patriots. He is the de facto dictator of America and also serves as the main antagonist of Season 2. In the Season Two finale, President Davis was arrested for his war crimes and loses his power. In the Revolution (DC Comics series), he was killed by Charlie Matheson, during the fight in Bradbury, Idaho.



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Jack Davis was part of the U.S. Government, who escaped to Cuba.

It was revealed in the episode "Exposition Boulevard" that Davis was the US Secretary of Defense before The Blackout.

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Jack Davis, when he was the U.S. Secretary of Defense


After The Blackout, he and the Patriots retreated to the United States Colony in Guantanamo Bay. He reveals that the President, the Speaker of the House , and most of the senior cabinet members died when Air Force One crashed after it lost power. He proposed a coup to kill the Vice President, the only senior U.S. official left alive after the Blackout. He reveals that he is going to create a "New Order for the Ages" to start a totalitarian dictatorship . Davis introduces DOD consultant Victor Doyle, who makes a scary promise to win hearts and minds.

Return to The White House

President Davis waited for Randall Flynn to accomplish his goal. After Atlanta and Philadelphia were destroyed, he was informed by an aide that Randall had completed his task. He and The Patriots left Cuba and arrived in America. Davis moved back into the White House after Philadelphia and Atlanta were nuked.

Tom's Mission

After Victor Doyle learned of Tom"s plan, he had Tom arrested and a few days later Tom meet with Davis. Davis poured Tom a drink and he told him he needed him to go to Willoughby, Texas to kill Monroe. Tom was the only person he knew that could successfully do this since Tom used to be in the Monroe Militia. He said if Tom did not comply he would have Julia killed slowly. Tom told him he would need his son to help. Davis said Tom was in no position to negotiate, but he would think about it. President Davis ended up letting Jason go with Tom.

Plan For Texas

He later meet with Roger Allenford to talk about their plans for Willoughby. He asked Allenford how plans for the re-education center were going. He said he wanted the center up and running by the end of the month to ensure Texas would be theirs soon. Allenford said that General Carver was unaware of the center and would be easily overthrown. Davis told him not to underestimate General Carver and to have the cadets ready. He also said he wanted Monroe and Miles killed so they wouldn't get in the way; if they were still alive, he would have Allenford and Doyle's families killed for it.


After the Patriots failed to assassinate and overthrow General Bill Carver, it is implied that President Davis shot and killed Roger Allenford for his failures. When Truman is brought into Davis' office at the White House, Davis gets upset at him for his failures. Davis is about to let his bodyguard shoot Truman, but Truman knows what Davis was about to do and told him that he refused to be killed and everything was because of Davis. After this, Davis gives Truman a second chance.

Arriving in Willoughby

In Willoughby, Texas, Davis arrives in the town hall, during the Memorial Day celebration. Davis plans to use the mustard gas to kill General Bill Carver there, and make it look like the California Commonwealth was behind the attack, and that Texas would go to war on the California Commonwealth. During the Memorial Day celebration, General Bill Carver arrives there as a special guest and Davis, also became the special guest. During the speech, President Davis told everyone the Miles Matheson, Sebastian Monroe, and the California Commonwealth has started terrorist attack on both Texas and the U.S., and that the Patriots will support Texas to go to war against the California Commonwealth. After the speech, President Davis and Truman leaves the town hall, while the Patriots release the mustard gas. However, the plans failed when Miles and the others stop the Patriots plans. After that, General Carver and his Texas Rangers, along with President Davis, Truman and the other Patriots, arrive in the hideout. Truman and President Davis realizes this plan will fail. Fearing that President Davis will execute him for his failures, Truman shoots Carver, the Rangers and the Patriot members. Truman then shoots his arm, to make it look like the Miles Matheson, Sebastian Monroe, and the California Commonwealth were behind the murders.

Later, President Davis told everyone that Miles Matheson, Sebastian Monroe, and the California Commonwealth were behind Carver's death and declares war on the California Commonwealth. After this, President Davis leaves Willoughby, Texas, as everyone cheers for him.

Captured and Arrested

Davis is captured by Miles and the others in order to prove to Texas that President Davis was behind the deaths of many people, including Carver. After they exposed President Davis' war crimes to General Blanchard, Jack Davis was arrested for being a war criminal and loses his power.

After he was imprisoned, Davis encountered the Nanites, who took the form of his father and told him to go to Bradbury, Idaho.


In the Revolution (DC Comics series), Davis was in Bradbury with Truman, Neville, and Connor Bennett, who are all presumably possessed by the Nano. During the fight, he was killed by Charlie Matheson.
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Davis' death


Even though he cared about his son Ron, He cared more about starting his own dictatorship. He was cruel, selfish, greedy, hateful, sadistic, brutal, and genocidal, as he done careless and ruthless things to get what he wants. He shows no remorse of killing innocent people. All the terrible things he did was for power. He was a corrupt, murderous, bloodthirsty tyrant, who believes that law and order can only be restored through a brutal authoritarianism, due to the Blackout that has caused an anarchy.


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